August 28, 2015

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Other Music: 15 E. 4th St. New York, NY
Free // All Ages // Limited Capacity
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Yo La Tengo return with Stuff Like That There, a follow-up of sorts to their much-loved Fakebook from 1991. Like Fakebook, this upcoming album is a wonderfully diverse mix of cover songs, reworkings of Yo La Tengo tracks, and a few new originals too, with Ira, Georgia and James reunited with former member Dave Schram and performing again as a quartet. Other Music is hosting a special record release party tonight, with Yo La Tengo coming by to DJ cover tunes, sign records, and say hello to their friends and fans. Customers who purchase Yo La Tengo's new album from us this evening will also be entered for a chance to win two guest list spots to Songs Like These Here: a night of YLT-themed piano karaoke featuring Joe McGinity, Tuesday, September 8, at Sid Gold's Request Room in Manhattan. We hope you'll come and join in on the fun!!

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Yo La Tengo
Beach House (Win limited LP)
Bitchin Bajas & Natural Information Society
Clara Mondshine
Royal Headache
Visible Cloaks
Willis Earl Beal
Liquid Liquid (4 Vinyl Reissues)
Singers & Players
MusicNOW: 10 Years (OM Exclusive!)
The Weeknd
Slow Meadow
Rastafari (Various Artists)
Mike Krol (Win a Prize Pack)



Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Danger Doom
Michael Angelo (2CD edition)




Union Pool: 484 Union Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Facebook Event Page  // Free, 21+ w/ID

This year's Summer Thunder concert series draws to a close this weekend but the weekly party goes out with an amazing season ender, with Steve Gunn and Spacin' performing in Union Pool's backyard this Saturday afternoon. The show is FREE, with cold drinks flowing and El Diablo Tacos serving up tasty treats from their truck. Thanks to everyone who spent their Saturday afternoons with us, along with all the great performers and DJs, making it the best Summer Thunder season yet!!



Ace Hotel New York: 20 W. 29th St. NYC
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It's hard to believe that Other Music's three-month-long Summer Monday residency at Ace Hotel wraps up this Monday, August 31. For this summer's final installment you'll find Ning Nong in the DJ booth of the hotel's gorgeous lobby bar playing a great assortment of exotica, post-punk, shoegaze and lots of other auditory delights from 8 p.m. to midnight. Stop by and join us!



Baby's All Right: 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 

Swedish psychedelic rockers Dungen are back with a new album, Allas Sak, which hits stores on September 25! The group will be performing throughout the US during October, which includes a stop in Brooklyn at Baby's All Right with Quilt on Thursday, 10/15, and we're giving away a pair of tickets. Email for your chance to win, and as a bonus, the winner will also get a limited clear red vinyl pressing of their new LP!!

this week's update

Stuff Like That There

With founding members Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley and longtime bassist James McNew reunited with original guitarist Dave Schramm and playing as a quartet, Yo La Tengo mark their 30th year as a band with their 14th proper full-length. Following a similar semi-unplugged blueprint as their wonderful Fakebook album from 1990 (also recorded with Schramm), Stuff Like That There features a mix of covers, new originals, and remakes of previously released YLT songs. Though the selection of covers here probably contain more well-known tunes than those on Fakebook, Stuff Like That There is not without some great obscurities, be it "Automatic Doom" by the Special Pillow, Great Plains' "Before We Stopped to Think," or a hushed, melancholic re-imagining of Antietam's "Naples."  Yo La Tengo regularly rework their older tunes live, and their light touch here sounds great on new versions of "All Your Secrets," "The Ballad of Red Buckets," and longtime live barnburner "Deeper into Movies" -- and the two new originals ("Rickety" and "Awhileaway") nicely keep in the same wistful spirit as the rest of the album. (Read More)

$19.99 LP
$13.99 CD

Depression Cherry
(Sub Pop)

Email for a chance to win an extremely limited LP copy of Depression Cherry pressed on white vinyl!

For their highly anticipated new release, Beach House return with another excellent album of their now signature blend of lush arrangements and ethereal tones. Here, the Baltimore duo rein in the beautifully expansive sound of Bloom by taking an insular sonic turn that often references '90s shoe gaze, especially the atmospherics of Slowdive. While not the game changer that either Teen Dream or Bloom were, Depression Cherry is a quietly seductive album that paints a portrait of a supremely talented band, now fully formed, deciding to return to their roots and turn back inwards as they craft music at the height of their powers. (Read More & Listen)

$13.99 CD

(Drag City)

Both Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas have been building their own personal Dream Houses for several years now, so it's fitting that the two Chicago collectives have joined forces for this gorgeous collaborative LP. Steeped in the minimalist moves of La Monte Young, Terry Riley and Henry Flynt, Automaginary kicks off with "On No Fade," a deep, sidelong drone that drifts along beautifully for 20-plus minutes. The second side is made up of shorter pieces, but the sparks between the two groups continue to fly, as they navigate the lively, Riley-esque pulses of "Anemometer" and the free-flowing, almost jazzy cadences of the title track. Extremely strong stuff. (Read More)

$21.99 LP

Luna Africana
(Fifth Dimension)

Originally released in 1981 on Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication imprint, Luna Africana was the first release attributed to Clara Mondshine, the nom de plume of Walter Bachauer, a journalist, composer and radio director who worked for RIAS Berlin in the '70s and '80s. Reissued for its first time ever, Luna Africana's layers of analog synthesizers spiral into infinity while the motorik beat acts as a kind of track you ride along. The record as a whole is a cosmic journey as you would expect, cryptic and mind-bending, yet enchanting and familiar. Fifth Dimension's reissue is intended to be played 45 RPM, but many swear that that the epoch of the record is better (and more cosmic) when experienced at 33 RPM. I won't say which way I prefer, but the difference is dramatic. It feels as though I am traveling through space with two completely different friends. (Read More)

$17.99 CD

orphaned deejay selek 2006 - 2008

As if to make up for his 10-year absence, we've been inundated with new/old Aphex releases over the last year. The orphaned deejay selek EP sees Richard James returning to his AFX guise. The time frame in the title seems to indicate that these are archival works, and it's apparent that most of the cuts would have slotted nicely into the Analord series. From the relentless, acid-y pulse of opener "Serge Fenix Rendered 2," to the head-spinning drum patterns on "Oberheim Blacet1b," to the psychedelic drug-chug of "Simple Slamming b 2," it's all solid stuff. Lean, mean and far creepier than Syro, this EP is worth your money, time and brain cells. (Read More)

$18.99 LP
$13.99 CD

(What's Your Rupture?)

Finally! Royal Headache's new album High arrives as the ultimate cure for the end-of-summer blues! With pumped-up riffs, nonstop energetic momentum, and chorus after catchy chorus, it's almost unfair how hard they nailed it on this one. Hailing from Australia, Royal Headache runs with a current crop of devastatingly practiced and diverse, solid bands like Total Control, Dick Diver, Deaf Wish, etc., and they represent their own tiny niche corner by providing the pop supplement to the post-punk feel of the aforementioned. Put this thing right up next to classics from Buzzcocks, Cocksparrer, Elvis Costello, the Marked Men, and Exploding Hearts in terms of its power-popping longevity and timelessness. (Read More & Listen)

$18.99 LP
$12.99 CD

Visible Cloaks
(Musique Plastique)

By FAR one of my favorite releases last year was a fantastic cassette tape of music composed and performed by Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile, which was released by Cameron Stallones' Sun Ark label, and which we unfortunately only had in very limited quantities for a hot minute. Thankfully, brand new Portland-based label/record store Musique Plastique has seen fit to give it a proper LP release -- formerly going by the name Cloaks, the duo has changed the name of the outfit to Visible Cloaks, solicited great new artwork for the release, beautifully remastered the sound, and added a good amount of brand new material. I've been coming back to the tape quite often since we got it in last year, and honestly it sounds even better in this new configuration, with a clarity and immediateness that renders these playful soundscapes even more vivid than before. This new edition is comprised of a mere 300 copies, so I highly suggest you act now. (Read More & Listen)

$21.99 LP

(Tender Loving Empire)

Willis Earl Beal returns with another collection of slow-burning bedroom blues. These are passionate and dark tales of losing love and support yet keeping faith and hope alive, with an independent spirit that continues to push forward. Accompanied by a lonesome synth, he whispers, pleads and sighs his way through these emotional tracks. Musically he barely moves beyond drones, and a few songs, such as "Like a Box," are led by just the thump of a bass and a hi-hat. Beal is a unique artist in today's overpopulated landscape, and Noctunes is that perfect late-night journey of deeply vulnerable soul music. (Read More & Listen)

$24.99 2LP+MP3
$12.99 CD

Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra
(Superior Viaduct)

Superior Viaduct does the listening public another great service by reissuing long unavailable works by the seminal New York City band, Liquid Liquid. Emerging from the New York underground of the early '80s, Liquid Liquid were contemporaries and label mates of influential artists such as Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth, trafficking in their own arty and rhythmically focused sound that bridged the primitivism of no wave with the nascent yet decentralized boiling pot that was the downtown dance scene. The true unearthing from Superior Viaduct's Liquid Liquid reissue campaign, however, is this compilation of two impossibly rare self-released 7" records from Liquid Idiot and Idiot Orchestra, two pre-Liquid Liquid bands that show the group's origin within the notorious no wave scene of the late '70s. While Liquid Liquid's 12" records have floated around for years as dubious bootlegs, this material has remained frustratingly unavailable to all but a lucky few, until now. (Read More & Listen)

$16.99 LP

Liquid Liquid
(Superior Viaduct)

Liquid Liquid is the group's debut 12" and shows them offering up a fully formed and dubbed-out, dystopian dance landscape, that adds a groove to the harsh and visceral sound crafted by their peers/forefathers in the no wave scene. "Groupmegroup" is Liquid Liquid at their most dub sounding, while "Rubbermiro" features original Sonic Youth drummer (and member of contemporary downtown band Konk) Richard Edson, and provides a literal template for the later revisionism of groups such as the Rapture. (Read More)

$15.99 12"

Successive Reflexes
(Superior Viaduct)

Successive Reflexes, the group's second 12", released the same year as their debut, finds Liquid Liquid tightening their sound and gaining understanding of how to use a studio. The A-side of the record features two similar rhythmic studies, "Lock Groove (In)" and "Lock Groove (Out)," that set the tone for this release which sees the band honing their practice and working towards more meditative goals in place of the sturm und drang of their debut. While a growth from their self-titled release, the relative serenity of this record can't begin to prepare listeners for the colossal leap the group would take on their next release, their groundbreaking and definitive statement, Optimo. (Read More & Listen)

$15.99 12"

(Superior Viaduct)

Arguably the highlight of Liquid Liquid's work, Optimo contains their most well known track, "Cavern," which would go on to reach the dubious fame of eclipsing the group themselves when the song was covered note-for-note in the studio by Sugar Hill's house band for Melle Mel's smash hip-hop hit, "White Lines." While it should have been considered a crowning achievement for the group, the track also had the misfortune of causing financial ruin for New York's seminal 99 Records (who released all of Liquid Liquid's 12"s) via the endless legal proceedings. Even so, the power of "Cavern" is undeniable, as are the others from this flawless EP, including the cowbell-led stomper "Optimo." Grab this record to understand the peak of rock musicians exploring dance music, as well as the origins of contemporary labels such as DFA. (Read More & Listen)

$15.99 12"

War of Worlds
(On-U Sound)

Another great reissue from the vaults of Adrian Sherwood/On-U Sound appears, and it happens to be one of my favorites: War of Words by Singers & Players. First released in 1981 on downtown NYC's legendary 99 Records, On-U re-released the album in the UK a year later. Singers & Players were a collective of artists based in London's squat scene whose participants hailed from other On-U projects, along with members of Roots Radics and the Arabs, plus, for this outing, vocals from Bim Sherman, Jah Woosh and Prince Far I, and backing vocals from the Slits' Ari Up. Each track has an extended section of 'dub' where Sherwood and the band get creative and expand upon the song's sonic parameters. It's a true classic of '80s reggae embraced by punks, dubheads, and skinheads, and it's now available again for a new generation of music lovers. (Read More)

$21.99 LP+MP3

MusicNOW: 10 Years

Other Music Exclusive! Released digitally back in March, this great live compilation celebrates 10 years of Cincinnati's MusicNOW Festival, founded by the National's Bryce Desnner. These 16 tracks feature live MusicNOW performances recorded over the past decade from Sounds of the South (a super-group featuring Justin Vernon, Sharon Van Etten, Matthew E. White, and Megafaun), Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens, Robin Pecknold, Dirty Projectors, Tinariwen, the Books with Clogs, Owen Pallett, Colin Stetson, Tim Hecker, My Brightest Diamond, and more. The CD is officially out on September 11, but we've got it available now, exclusively at Other Music. (Read More & Listen)

$13.99 CD

The Expanding Flower Planet

This former Dirty Projectors collaborator finally releases her long-awaited debut! On The Expanding Flower Planet, Deradoorian envelops the listener with her breathy, soaring vocals, while percussion, synth and low-key guitars dance around her melodies in repetition. It's a wonderful trip, starting with the lush sway of "A Beautiful Woman" right up through the trembling warmth of album closer "Grow." All at once transportive and psychedelic, there's always something left undiscovered after each listen. This is new and incomparable -- the expanding flower planet is real and Deradoorian will take you there.

$18.99 LP
$13.99 CD

The Beauty Behind the Madness
(Republic / XO)

Canadian/Ethiopian R&B singer/songwriter Abel Tesfaye returns with his fifth full-length as the Weeknd, his second since signing to Republic Records. While a lot has changed in the five years since his three mixtape suite, Trilogy, plenty of his magnetic tropes are still in place and taken to new heights. Like his previous album, Kiss Land, The Beauty Behind the Darkness finds his sound broadening and deepening with a brighter shine and bigger production punch. Living up to its explicit content warning, The Beauty Behind the Madness is definitely not for everyone, but if you like your R&B sexy, seductive, sometimes absurd, but with top-notch production values, you won't find anyone better at it right now than the Weeknd. (Read More & Listen)

$16.99 CD

Slow Meadow
(Hammock Music)

Slow Meadow is the brainchild of one Matt Kidd who wrote and arranged all of the music. True to his chosen moniker, this is slow-moving stuff with lots of plaintive piano, soundtrack-worthy strings and shimmering atmospheres, and while it's easy for one's attention to drift over the course of its 60-minute running time, there's plenty of rich detail for keen ears. Fans of Stars of the Lid or that band's offshoot project A Winged Victory for the Sullen will find much to admire here, as will followers of the 12K label (the album was mastered by 12K's Taylor Deupree). (Read More & Listen)

$15.99 CD

Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83
(Soul Jazz)

This great new collection from Soul Jazz outlines some of the major players and voices that follow the Rastafarian lifestyle and have kept the vibrantly spiritual ideology alive through song. Across 23 tracks we get a cross section of styles, from calypso to groundation, reggae proper to more jazz-influenced moments. This is a much-needed introduction to the roots of Jamaican music, moving away from Studio One productions and hiking deep into the hills and countryside of the isle, making for one of the best compilations that Soul Jazz has released in some time. (Read More)

$31.99 2LP
$23.99 CD


The third full-length (and first for Merge) from this Los Angeles-by-way-of-Milwaukee garage punk finds Mike Krol sharpening his lo-fi power-pop chops and delivering a frantic (if all-too-short) set that fans from Ty Segall to the late-great Jay Reatard will want to grip post-haste. (Read More & Listen)

Email for your chance to win a Mike Krol prize pack that includes a Turkey test pressing, a Merge Records slipmat designed by Mike Krol, a Turkey poster and a Merge tote bag. Contest ends Tuesday, September 11.

$16.99 LP+MP3
$9.99 CD

back in print

Press Color
(Light in the Attic)

Light in the Attic offers a newly remastered double-LP pressing of Lizzy Mercier Descloux's classic solo debut record. A year after moving to New York (where she took up residence in an empty Soho loft with Patti Smith and ZE Records co-founder Michel Esteban) and recording the jittery Rosa Yemen EP, Descloux released her first solo album in 1979. With its fusion of funk, disco, film music inspiration and small doses of nervous no wave energy, Press Color is a defining record from a very fertile era of music coming out of the downtown scene. This double-LP reissue is pressed on blue vinyl and is housed in a gatefold tip-on jacket, and comes with an 18" x 24" poster, plus liner notes from Vivien Goldman. Bonus tracks include Rosa Yemen's six-song EP, "Morning High" (a duet with Descloux and Patti Smith recorded in 1995 with Bill Laswell), and more. (Read More)

$27.99 2LP
$17.99 CD

The Mouse & The Mask

I have to admit that when this was first released 10 years ago, I was a bit skeptical of all the hoopla behind this collaboration between MF Doom and Dangermouse. Obviously it wasn't that their talent was weakening, but what set me off was the prospect of incorporating sounds and voices from the Adult Swim cartoon and puppet series. However, any hesitation was washed away upon first listen. First of all, Doom sounded excellent, contentedly on point, funny, and a virtuoso of wordplay/double-meaning-inspired imagery, and Dangermouse, post-Gorillaz, had indeed found the perfect vocalist for his soulful sampledelic beats. And yes, the voices of the characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost, and various others from that cable network all bring some great humor to the project, while the real life personalities of Ghostface, Talib Kweli, and Cee-Lo Green stop by, adding appropriate and refreshing verse and chorus. An efficient and apparently effortless exercise in musical imagination, it still sounds great and is the perfect concept album. (Read More)

$16.99 CD

Michael Angelo (Guinn Sessions) + Sorcerer's Dream

For all the impossibly rare private press folk and psych albums out there, Michael Angelo's LP from 1977 might be the best of the bunch, up there with Zerfas, Bachs, Third Estate and Anonymous. The Kansas City songwriter's self-titled record is a truly special mix of wonderfully arranged psych-pop and flowery folk-rock, and the man is blessed with a great voice. Imagine if Donovan (there's some definite '60s Anglo worship going on here) had been born in the US and walked in on Bobb Trimble jammin' on some tunes. It's that good. Dreamy, sublime, and a must-own if '60s/'70s psych is your thing. The bonus disc includes follow-up album Sorcerer's Dream, seeing its first ever reissue on CD.

$17.99 2CD

also available

The Unexplained
(Fifth Dimension)

$24.99 LP

Blue Buddha

$16.99 CD

Bryce Dessner: Music for Wood and Strings (Brassland)

$14.99 CD

Poison Season

$23.99 2LP (CLEAR VINYL)
$13.99 CD

(Drag City)

$22.99 LP

Hermits on Holiday

$16.99 LP
$13.99 CD

Pickpocket's Locket
(Paper Bag)

$19.99 LP
$11.99 CD

You Disgust Me
(Mass Appeal)

$13.99 CD

Moon Gas
(Captain High)

$24.99 LP

Jungle Obsession
(Fifth Dimension)

$17.99 CD

A Sucked Orange/Scrag
(Dirter Promotions)

$24.99 2CD

Fooling Around EP
(Blackest Ever Black)

$18.99 12"

Something to Do
(What's Your Rupture?)

$17.99 LP

4th Annual Report
(What's Your Rupture?)

$17.99 LP

Space Is the Place (Limited Edition)
(Harte Recordings)

$64.99 BOOK+CD+DVD

The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons

$18.99 CD

out on vinyl tuesday, 9/8

Champion Versions EP

$14.99 CD 12"

The Patty Patty Sound EP

$14.99 12"

Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos EP

$14.99 12"

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