NOVEMBER 13, 2015

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Sheer Agony
Panda Bear
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Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp
Bing & Ruth (Win LPR tickets)
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Mark McGuire
Deafheaven (Now on LP)

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Webster Hall: 125 E. 11th St. New York, NY  

Having recently released his excellent second full-length, Lantern, Scottish electronic producer Hudson Mohawke is currently on tour in the US and on Wednesday, November 18, will be performing at NYC's Webster Hall with special guest, The-Dream. We're giving away a pair of tickets to this great show, and you can enter to win by emailing



Output: 74 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Tickets Available at Other Music and On-line Here and Here

Other Music is giving away a pair of tickets to this fantastic night at Output for house lovers. Next Friday, November 20, American house music greats DJ Sneak and Doc Martin headline a bill alongside Output residents DJ Three and San Francisco's Nikola Baytala. Don't miss! Email for your chance to win a pair of tickets.

this week's update

The Miraculous
(Other Music Recording Co.)

A classically-trained pianist and singer and the daughter of iconic Swedish sound artist C.M. von Hausswolff, Anna von Hausswolff always had an original approach that combined powerful, haunting vocal melodies with lovely, swooning arrangements. But it was with her embrace of the pipe organ on 2012's Ceremony that Anna really found her muse. The Miraculous takes the sound that made Ceremony such a breakthrough for her to new heights, as she continues to drift away from pop and to incorporate elements of black metal, doom and drone, working with a powerful band including two guitars and a churning rhythm section, to create something that's wholly original. Advance press has been incredible, with high praise pouring in from the New York Times, Wire, Mojo, Stereogum, Q Magazine, and so many more. We try not to rave too much about our own records, so we'll leave it at that, but suffice it to say we are not alone in thinking that Anna is a very special artist, and The Miraculous is an incredible album. (Read More & Listen)

$21.99 LPx2
$11.99 CD ON SALE

Garden of Delete

With the technically advanced tools of sound production and manipulation, Daniel Lopatine's Oneohtrix Point Never discography has always channeled the radical spirit of experimental originators to offer modern abstract pastiches that have pushed the boundaries of ambient terrain. OPN's new album, Garden of Delete, is an evolution in this chain. Yet even with recognizable expansion of Lopatine's scope into the soulful territory traversed by contemporaries like Burial and Flying Lotus, with splashes and shadings of R&B and jazz fusion, the unpredictability and whimsy are manifest. Lopatine forages, collects and patches in, never allowing you to get too familiar with any one work before he switches channels. He taps into sonic pipelines, filling buckets and pouring them out to watch how the streams form, touching the waters and creating ripples of his own conformity. (Read More & Listen)

$25.99 2LP
$14.99 CD ON SALE

Skid Row
(Break World)

Indie outsider James Ferraro returns after two years with his 'conceptual' album, Skid Row. Much like his previous work, this is a cerebral and emotive sound collage of slow-burning R&B, distorted quite storm, bedroom hip-hop, late-night karaoke ballads, auto-tune crooning, Speak & Spell narration, and news broadcast segments tied together with the kind of vivid social commentary we've come to expect from Ferraro. His use of his own voice, along with pointed samples, warm and fuzzy atmosphere, thrift store drum machines, lonesome guitar, GarageBand presets, and yard sale keyboards, all come together to make a deeply haunting mix that brings to mind older Dam-Funk or Ariel Pink, Dean Blunt and um, oddly even Drake (minus the manicured high-end sheen). He's always been an uneasy listen yet there is something to his odd and heady style of vaporware soul that, once you give it a chance, is hard to escape. It's the best music-as-social-critique-album I've heard all year. (Read More)

$25.99 2LP (VINYL OUT ON 12/11)
$15.99 CD

(Couple Skate)

An out-of-nowhere surprise from a Montreal group celebrating their debut full-length in fine style -- a chiming, restless, and shimmering display of low-key ascot-wearing pop -- Sheer Agony's Masterpiece may very well live up to its name. Bridging the Can-Con period-specific AM radio details of a band like Sloan against the sort of groups that attract a preciousness of fanbase (the Kinks, the Soft Boys, Television Personalities), studious guitar heroics along the lines of Television, and the deadpan personalities that color outsider artists from Jonathan Richman through Parquet Courts, the group has come up with a carefully-constructed universe of known signposts and sophisticated expression. (Read More & Listen)

$10.99 CD

Crosswords EP

Panda Bear has released yet another great addition to his Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper collection with the Crosswords EP, featuring three completely new songs and two re-workings. The title track contains some subtle differences from the album version; Noah Lennox re-mastered the EP's "Crosswords" with a bit more clarity and heavier beat presence this time around. It's by no means a remix, but rather a fuller rendering of the album standout. Like many of Lennox's Tomboy highlights, the track employs Beach Boys-y harmonies and a hypnotizing rhythm to create an enveloping ambiance. The rest of the songs ride the same wave, remaining in the same vein of Grim Reaper's drowsier tracks. Lennox has blessed us with four releases in 2015, but not one is superfluous; his encounter with the grim reaper has rendered the musician more prolific and consistent than ever. (Read More)

$14.99 LP
$8.99 CD


2001's Ship-Scope, Shinichi Atobe's legendary 12" on the Basic Channel subsidiary Chain Reaction, has long been the subject of rumors and mythologizing. Submerged in a dreamlike, aquatic sphere, its enigmatic producer soon drifted into obscurity until Demdike Stare offered 2014's Butterfly Effect, a full-length album of vividly cracking, deconstructive bliss. Being longtime fans of the Japanese master, DDS now continue to honor his legacy with the reissue of this initial, mysterious EP. There's still little to nothing known about Shinichi Atobe, but Ship-Scope remains a substantial statement of deeply pulsating harmonies and textural ambient grooves. This one's for all the shoegaze techno-heads out there who missed it when it first came around: get it while it lasts!

$19.99 12"

Ambient 3: Day of Radiance

On the heels of the recent re-release of three essential Laraaji tapes by Leaving Records, Glitterbeat offers the reissue of the musician's initial, Brian Eno-produced 1980 milestone record Day of Radiance. Unlike the three earlier reissued tapes, which were home-recorded and therefore more immediate in both execution and impact, Day of Radiance finds Laraaji in the studio with Eno. As the third part in the latter's infamous Ambient series, Laraaji's contribution is the odd one out, not so much an ambient statement as a hammering, radiating opus in fabulous sonic Technicolor. This is by all means an astonishing release, with Laraaji exhibiting his by now well-known synthesis of reverberating zither textures, pounding rhythms, and Eastern harmonies. (Read More)

$27.99 LP
$15.99 CD

The Island
(Trouble in Mind)

Chris Forsyth has been dazzling listeners for the past few years with his virtuosic six-string skills. For his latest effort, he's teamed up with electronics wizard Koen Holtkamp (one half of Mountains) for a striking LP, a follow-up to their first collaborative work, 2011's Early Astral. The Island's four tracks cover a lot of ground, but the musicians' rapport is evident throughout, whether drifting through the dusty "Long Beach Idyll," or navigating the almost dubby landscapes of "Sun Blind." The standout, however, is the closing "Cosmic Richard," which coasts along gorgeously for close to 10 minutes, hinting at the kosmische magic of Harmonia, but ultimately ending up as something pretty unclassifiable. And pretty perfect, too. (Read More & Listen)

$17.99 LP+MP3
$14.99 CD

City Lake
(RVNG Intl)

Email for a chance to win tickets to see Bing & Ruth this Tuesday, 11/17, at Le Poisson Rouge!

Last year's outstanding Tomorrow Was the Golden Age found pianist and composer David Moore's Bing & Ruth ensemble breaking ground with their minimalism-inspired, post-classical ambient interludes. In 2010 the Brooklyn-based musicians had already released the extremely limited City Lake album, which the always-probing folks of RVNG now reissue in an expanded version. Shaking up a microtonal cocktail of strings, woodwinds, and treated acoustic instruments, the 11-piece ensemble crafts a series of bright pieces in which the human voice repeatedly gets a prominent role. Missing the textural heaviness of Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, this earlier record nevertheless also feels grander in scope, thus being a strikingly coherent statement in its own right. (Read More & Listen)

$22.99 2LP
$13.99 CD

(Hit + Run)

Before Bakersfield, CA producer Charles E. Dickerson joined Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label roster, he self-released his debut album as a USB memory stick. Now some five years later, the L.A.-based Hit & Run collective has made Paramatma available on vinyl for the first time. It's a thick mix of booming bass, staggering, swirling synth, assaulting sonic alarms, snappy snares, crunchy claps, some 8-bit sonic grinding, and is overall grittier than his beautiful Golden Skies album from 2014. This was a young producer who was hungry, agitated, and urgently wanting to get his sound and world views across -- definitely in line with other Low-End Theory producers like Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah, Ras G, or FlyLo, and maybe the most unapologetic and political of the bunch. Limited release on heavyweight colored vinyl. (Read More)

$25.99 2LP

World Music / Perception

This past summer Leaving Records released Perception, their second cassette from Cali producer Ahnnu. Now they have pressed the vinyl version as a double pack, tacking on his first release for the label, 2013's World Music, also only previously available on tape. Similar to fellow producers from the scene, names like Teebs, Daedalus, and Leaving label head Matthewdavid, Ahnnu works with small clusters of loops pulled from jazz, world music, ambient, soundtracks, library music and the like, mixing it all with his own playing of acoustic and electronic instruments. Although this is more on the experimental, ambient side of the Cali bedroom-producer contingent, it's not without a few rhythmic jams, with it all coming together as a special, distinct alternative to the soul-by-the-pound beat bangers littering the scene. (Read More & Listen)

$21.99 2LP

Thought Has Wings

Belgian producer Ssaliva has always offered a quirky view of modern music, and like his other project Cupp Cave, you never know what to expect. This reissue of his 2011 tape for Leaving Records, Thought Has Wings, moves through new wave, ambient, lo-fi jams, basement funk, and hypnagogic pop. All hazy and dreamlike, the 10 tracks blur into a psychedelic journey through a kaleidoscope -- colorful and textural, swirling and warped, but with a underlying groove that keeps your toes tapping.  Always a head-scratcher no matter where he seems to go, just know that you'll always be in for an enjoyable ride. Includes a bonus remix of the track "Moonblood" featuring Brainfeeder MC Jeremiah Jae. (Read More  & Listen)


Revenge of the Underdog (Reissue)
(On-U Sound)

Following War of Words, Singers & Players' Revenge of the Underdog was also released in 1982, this one possessing a tighter, more vibrant and liquidy brand of hard-grooving dub music. With Bim Sherman, Prince Far I, and Jah Whoosh handling the vocals and a band that included members of the Slits, Glaxo Babies, and Roots Radics, the vibes are deep and heavy. The trio of vocals provides a range of emotions from sweet crooning to gravely prophesying, while Adrian Sherwood keeps the tracks shifting and moving, vibrating and thumping. Another winner that doesn't need much else to be said except: essential for any and all collections. (Read More)

$21.99 LP

War of Version EP
(On-U Sound)

Recorded between 1981 and 1982, Singers & Players' War of Version gathers alternate versions of songs, all previously unreleased, with two vocal cuts from Jah Whoosh and Prince Far I sitting next to dubs by Adrian Sherwood of tracks culled from S&P's War of Words long-player. The On-U Sound world is deep and expansive, and rich and intriguing, and it's great to have the opportunity to experience and/or revisit this great music with fresh ears.

$15.99 10"

Early Risers
(Mexican Summer)

Six-man electrical jams from a loose conglomerate of NYC-area rockers. Soldiers of Fortune started off with a couple of face-melting shows at Tonic featuring lead guitarist Marc Moore, who tragically passed away not long after the group formed. Over 10 years later, they are back at it with their sophomore album, a way station of shaggy rock ideas put forth by a core group of Jesper Eklow (Endless Boogie), Matt Sweeney (Chavez), Brad Truax (Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, Home, Interpol), Kid Millions (Oneida, Man Forever), Barry London (Oneida) and Mike Bones, as a celebration of their fallen comrade and of loud rock itself. Guest appearances by Stephen Malkmus, Ethan Miller (Comets on Fire, Howlin' Rain, Heron Oblivion), Dan Melchior, and Cass McCombs make this the most star-studded Soldiers tour of duty to date. (Read More)

$21.99 LP+MP3
$9.99 CD

also available

Beyond Belief
(Dead Oceans)

 "Beyond Belief, his second full-length for Dead Oceans, finds McGuire now well on the way of his own trip. Fantastical liner note tales written to accompany and set the stage for his mostly-wordless songs delight and confound. Throughout nine tracks we find an unrelenting drive to refine, build upon, focus and maximize the effect of an already remarkably prolific body of work. Though deservedly known for his virtuosic multitracked guitar playing, McGuire in fact plays every bass / synth / piano note, and every beat on the album himself, his vocals more prominent than ever before. 26 months in the making, the passion going into Beyond Belief is self-evident, and the effect is overwhelming."

$18.99 2LP
$13.99 CD

now on vinyl

New Bermuda

"George Clarke (vocals), Kerry McCoy (guitar), Dan Tracy (drums), Stephen Lee Clark (bass), and Shiv Mehra (guitar) recorded New Bermuda live to tape at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA and Atomic Garden Recording in East Palo Alto, CA in April 2015. It was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley who has worked with the band on their previous releases. Clarke says that he came up with the idea of New Bermuda to describe a new destination in life, a nebulous point of arrival, and an unknown future where things get swallowed up and dragged into darkness. The album artwork for New Bermuda is an oil painting, dense in brush strokes of darker tones and deep blues, by Allison Schulnik. The layout was designed by art director Nick Steinhardt." (Regular vinyl now available. 2LP deluxe edition out on 12/11.)

$21.99 2LP
$15.99 CD

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$24.99 LP
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Montage of Heck (Film)

$25.99 BLU-RAY
$25.99 DVD

Montage of Heck

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Night of Your Ascension
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