January 30, 2014

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Juan Wauters, the creative force behind Queens' joyful garage-pop weirdos the Beets, celebrates the release of his debut solo album, N.A.P. North American Poetry, on Captured Tracks, this Monday, February 3rd at Other Music. Folkier and more personal than his stuff with the band, Wauters solo is no less original and engaging, and we hope you'll join us for this special record release performance.



Free Admission | Limited Capacity

Speedy Ortiz had a big year in 2013 with the release of their great Major Arcana album, and they are stopping by Other Music to celebrate their follow-up on Carpark, the Real Hair EP, with a special in-store performance. Come by for a free show, pick up the new EP, and hang with the band before they leave on their European tour.


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Music Hall of Williamsburg:  66 N. 6th St. Brooklyn

Don Giovanni Records' annual showcase is just around the corner, the great New Jersey label hosting three evenings of performances: Thursday, February 6 at Death by Audio, and then Friday and Saturday, the 7th and 8th, at Music Hall of Williamsburg. We're giving away a pair of two-day passes good for both nights of the Music Hall performances, which will feature Laura Stevenson, Shellshag, Upset, Nude Beach (!!!), and Worriers on Friday, and Screaming Females, California X, Brick Mower, Priests, and Black Wine on Saturday. Email for your chance to win!



Terminal 5: 610 W. 56th St. NYC

From their odd, winking deconstruction of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories to the billowy textures and mutated grooves of their proper Psychic full-length, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington's Darkside project offered some of the most mesmerizing yet head-scratching re-appropriations of pop music that we heard last year. The duo will be performing at Terminal 5 on Saturday, February 8th and Other Music is giving away a pair of tickets to this sold out show! Email for your chance to win.



85 N. 4th St. Brooklyn, NY | 10am-6pm

On Saturday, February 8th and Sunday, February 9th, Other Music will be heading to Brooklyn to participate in a special-pint sized edition of the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair! The fair, which is usually held every May and October outside at the East River State Park (the next one is confirmed for May 10th -- mark your calendars!) is taking things indoors for the weekend with 10-plus record labels and collectors set up inside the Flea's Winter Market alongside 175 vendors from the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg. You can find all this goodness inside their spectacular -- not to mention warm -- space at 85 N. 4th St. between Wythe and Berry on the 2nd floor. The fair will go from 10am-6pm both days and is a free event. Check out their Facebook page  for the full vendor listing. DJs for the weekend, including a few familiar faces from OM, will be announced shortly.

this week's update

The Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4

Type Records delivers another crown jewel in the catalogue of both their own discography and that of the Head Technician with this superlative collection of the most recent volumes of Pye Corner Audio's Black Mill Tapes. Volume Three was initially self-released as a digital download via PCA's Bandcamp site prior to his Sleep Games album on Ghost Box, while Volume Four is a brand new set; both are seeing their first physical manifestation here, and together they provide what might be, along with the aforementioned Sleep Games, PCA's finest offering yet. Those familiar with the sounds of the Head Technician will find themselves in familiar territory, but the foggy, brimstone-scented synthetics and pulsating electronic rhythm excursions simultaneously pack a harder punch and a more spectral ethereality. This is essentially the PCA sound at its most distilled and concentrated, a perfect entry point for neophytes and a splendid continuation for the committed heads; fans of the darker, more haunted strains of synthwave and knackered analog science will find much to love here. The vinyl is limited, while the CD release thankfully collects all four volumes of The Black Mill Tapes in one concise parcel of retro-futurist doom. Consider this a seance in a box... a velvet-lined Pandora's box filled with Turkish delight. [IQ]

$26.99 LPx2

Too True
(Sub Pop)

Too True, the third full-length from Dum Dum Girls, is arguably their most sophisticated release yet. Inspired by surrealism and French poetry, frontwoman Dee Dee Penny has steered her band's '60s girl-group influenced lo-fi daze into a more exquisite and mature direction, where she pays homage to rock 'n' roll heroes ranging from the Cure to Patti Smith. Working with legendary producer Richard Gottehrer and the Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner, Dee Dee channels inspiration from the likes of Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith, creating memorable tracks that showcase these '80s influences in highlights such as the shimmering goth-pop single, "Lonely Boys and Girls Club," to the upbeat, new wave jangle of "Rimbaud Eyes." With the protective layer of heavy reverb so prevalent on previous Dum Dum recordings now lifted, we've never heard her voice so clear and upfront in the mix. It all makes for a great new sound that suits Dee Dee perfectly, Too True showcasing and unifying the band's myriad influences in 30-minutes of wonderful pop bliss. [ACo]

$13.99 CD
$16.99 LP

(Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune)

Darren Cunningham's journey as Actress officially began in 2008 when he released his debut album, Hazyville, on his own Werk Disc imprint. He's since issued two full-lengths on Honest Jon's, and with his latest, Ghettoville, he comes full circle with what is reported to be his final album recorded under the Actress moniker. The music Cunningham creates is an exercise in microtones, loops, deconstructed reedits, and chopping & screwing, all presented as a study in sound for mood-setting motifs. Though he's been based in London, Actress fits into the global sonic world also inhabited by the likes of Burial, Zomby, Andy Stott, Hieroglyphic Being, Flying Lotus, and Theo Parrish. Taking equal inspiration from Detroit's mechanized rhythms and robo-funk, Berlin's industrial head-bangers, Kraut psychedelia, Chicago's relentless EQ-heavy style of mixing and jack house energy, and London's brand of stark, urban fallout themes, he is able to craft a sonic space that's more cerebral and melancholy than hands-in-the-air. There's a deep love of techno, soul, disco/boogie, hip-hop, house, ambient, process, and minimalism presented throughout Cunningham's compositions, either in the original source material or the outcome of his heavily mutated reconfigurations. These elements are woven together, with each genre being stripped, clipped and stitched into subtle and simple-feeling textiles, at times skeletal and barren, with moments of heavy headphone bangers and the occasional open-air dancefloor filler. Even so, he never seems to be too concerned about the dance-ability of his tracks. [DG] Read More

The limited, deluxe-edition box set features Ghettoville on triple vinyl and CD, Hazyville on double white-vinyl LP and remastered CD, accompanied by a 40-page art book by William Stein.

$14.99 CD
$34.99 LPx3
$104.99 Deluxe Box Set

Orange Cloud Nine
(Golf Channel)

Now here's a weird one -- a 16-track compilation of strange outsider musician Spike Wolter's obscure recordings from the '80s. Spike was based out of Holland and recorded music in isolation in his home studio, using basic equipment. Influenced by sounds as wide-reaching as TV commercials, Afro pop and Steely Dan, he created a sonic universe all his own and privately pressed two totally off-kilter Balearic pop albums back in the day. Thanks to Golf Channel we have a definitive collection of these masterful works all in one pretty package. The set opens with "The Golden Eye," a minimalist take on dark downtown funk with pulsating synth and a sexy beat, and it plays sort of like an overlooked b-side that coulda ended up on Personal Space. Later in the album, tracks like "Can You See Me" and "Your Time Has Come" utilize luscious acoustic guitar with multi-tracked vocals for an effect closer to yacht-rock loners Nick Nicely and Leon Lowman, or even the Cleaners from Venus. Throughout this wonderful collection, simple and lush pop moves are built from earnest crooning, lots of interesting guitar work, and off-the-shelf drum samples for beats. All killer, no filler, and an early contender for reissue of the year! [RN]

$16.99 CD
$21.99 LP+MP3

7 Days of Funk
(Stones Throw)

On paper, the pairing of LA synth-boogie wizard Dam-Funk and infamous Cali rapper and spliff-huffing, renaissance troublemaker Snoop Dogg seems both baffling and perfectly logical; listening to said collaboration as 7 Days of Funk, it's a wonder that this dynamic duo didn't get together sooner. Dam's bumping, squealing, shimmying keys and Snoop's permastoned vocals are a match made in G-Funk heaven, stripped of pretension and bouncing down the Pacific Coast Highway in a hydraulic Caddy, picking up Steve Arrington, Tha Dogg Pound, and all manner of P-Funk All-Stars along the way. Short and sweet, this is nothing but a loose-bootied party in a tight, tidy little parcel. Three cheers to Stones Throw for helping to make this happen; it's easily the best thing Snoop's done in album format since his mid-'90s salad days, and I'm hoping that this collab proves to be more than just a one-off good time, because Snoop and Dam are bringing out the best in one another. It's kitschy in all the right places, but equally respectful to the Church of Funk. Get holy on this mother and board the ship, 'cause we're about to set sail! [IQ]

$11.99 CD
$16.99 LP

Where Shine New Lights

Over some ten-odd albums, Tara Jane O'Neil has slowly been refining her signature brand of heart-wrenching emotive folk-gaze guitar work to dizzying heights. Where Shine New Lights is O'Neil's first solo LP since 2009's masterful A Ways Away, and it also marks her transition from K Records to the legendary Kranky label. The album opens with a wordless drone piece, reminiscent of label mates Grouper or Windy & Carl, and seamlessly shifts into a slow, lilting blues progression akin to Christina Carter and her infamous work with Charalambides. But by the third track, "This Morning Glory," we realize this is going to be a song-based record, however buried the lyrical moments. The songs keep a restrained pace and unfold slowly, with hand percussion added, Tibetan singing bowls, multi-tracked harmonium and soft, shaking tambourines. On album highlight "Elemental Finding," she begs the listener to "Take a look at yourself in the water," over glassy instrumentation, hazy finger-picked guitar, and muted piano. It's truly gorgeous, and it's a really beautiful thing to have her newest record on Kranky, as she's been a major missing voice in the conversation of blissed-out contemporary artists working with drone textures. [RN]

$13.99 CD
$14.99 LP

Feedback Works 1969-1970
(Alga Marghen)

Eliane Radigue is a French electronic composer and one of several visionary artists who paved the way in the early 1950s with her forward-thinking and mind-melting drone explorations. Over the past few years we've all witnessed the rise of boutique reissue labels specializing in this kind of thing: old school composers, weird retrospectives of obscure geniuses, "new age" oddities and so forth; however, Alga Marghen trumps them ALL by making these totally groundbreaking, seminal works widely available on heavy duty vinyl. First, we have proper re-presses of Feedback Works and Vice Versa, etc., splitting them up onto separate LPs and truly enhancing the deep listening quality of both.

On Feedback Works, we're treated to long, unwavering static drone interspersed with heavy undertones which really live up to the name; this is heady stuff, made using only feedback sources and cut tape. Unlike some of her contemporaries (Cianni, Oram, Spiegel), this set is not for the faint of heart, not melodic, not pretty, but sonically engaging and dense, closer to early Oliveros. [RN]

$29.99 LP

Vice Versa, Etc.
(Alga Marghen)

Vice Versa, etc. is even more feedback work from Radigue, and was originally released as part of a collective sound-based installation in Paris, 1970. Natural feedback is projected onto magnetic tape and captured live, showcasing what she refers to as 'Endless Musics' -- a concept of "time in music" being suspended, slowed down, and manipulated. These pieces are meant as layers in a sonic blanket, and could be played simultaneously or one at a time, forward or backwards. [RN]

$25.99 LP

Opus 17
(Alga Marghen)

The real kicker, however, is the newly released Opus 17, which is comprised of Radigue's last recordings using her signature feedback manipulation technique of the '70s. On this set we're treated to some heavy melodic pieces like "Marquette," which displays her crude piano cut-ups. Moments like this are totally insane, ahead-of-their-time revelations that land somewhere between the Caretaker and The Disintegration Loops. All three vinyl sets are 100% essential pieces of the avant puzzle, and all of these recordings pre-date her first "official" release on Lovely Music, Ltd. in 1983. A true legend and still a major voice of modern composition, I can't recommend these records enough. [RN]

$49.99 LPx2

Kinder in der Wildnis
(Bureau B)

With only a few recordings which are for the most part hard to track down, the good folks of Bureau B did us a huge service by issuing German guitarist Günter Schickert's 1979 album Überfällig in 2012, and now Kinder in der Wildnis, a previously even more hard-to-find cassette-only release from 1983. A regular of Berlin's legendary Zodiak Club in the late 1960s, Schickert's music connects to a particular brand of Berlin experimentalism best exemplified by bands such as Kluster and early Tangerine Dream, with mostly lengthy pieces filled with complex layers of rhythmic and harmonic arrangements. Leaning towards the outer fringes of the German rock and electronic music scene, Schickert pioneered an innovative guitar technique in which sounds build on top of one another, resulting in thick hypnotic textures of echo. This method was masterfully performed on Samtvogel, his debut album from 1974, which is a close musical companion to the innovations of Manuel Göttsching's seminal Inventions for Electric Guitar from the same year.

With the above-mentioned Überfällig, Schickert successfully explored uncharted territory linking Krautrock to American minimalism, while the current reissue, Kinder in der Wildnis, makes a connection with some of the more exploratory sensibilities of the Neue Deutsche Welle. A collection of "songs" recorded between 1981 and '83, it's perhaps a less cohesive statement than its predecessor, but Schickert nevertheless stays true to form in creating mesmerizing layers of reverb over dragging beats. Tribal, murky, and often downright weird, this lo-fi experimental album might not be to everyone's taste, but it is definitely impressive in its adventurous technicality and rhythmic prowess. Let's hope Bureau B will soon release Samtvogel, as we can't wait to offer more music by this maverick musician. [NVT]

$17.99 CD
$21.99 LP

Roaring Lion
(Pressure Sounds)

Roaring Lion continues the fabulous work of the Pressure Sounds label in digging deep to find the lost treasures of the Black Ark archives. Here we have a collection of rare dub plates, many tracks of which countless Perry heads have undoubtedly memorized, but turned upside down, delayed out into infinity and lovingly re-worked. Rumor has it all of these cuts came from one lost master tape where Lee was feeling particularly whacked out. We get his take on Althea & Donna staple "Going to Negril," which trades the original's simplicity for a new mix overwrought with delay, space echo and straight up noise; his version is called "Loco Negril" and is supremely psychedelic. Another highlight of this set is a previously unreleased Upsetter's vocal track, "Rocky Road Dub," with a classic roots vibe sent straight through the phaser, and a steady beat pulsating as elements seamlessly drop in and out. Those are only two of 16 (!) major discoveries on this collection which leans heavily on the heady psychedelic dub end of things. Mind-melting! [RN]

$15.99 CD
$18.99 LPx2

Haiti Direct: Big Band, Mini Jazz & Twoubadou Sounds, 1960-1978

As someone who has long been an enthusiast and collector of tropical grooves from across the globe, this new compilation of Haitian music from the fine folks at Strut Records has me salivating with delight. Haiti Direct is a treasure trove of beautiful, butt-shaking performers who worked the Haitian dance-band and orchestra circuit throughout the 1970s and '80s, assembled by the scholars at Sofrito. The music collected here gives a staggering and delightful view into the oft under-looked yet wholly innovative fusions of multiple styles that these musicians explored, blending highly melodic and intricate guitar and organ arrangements with bumping psychedelic funk, robust horns, and passionate vocals. It's a fresh take on sounds explored and reissued ad infinitum via the African dance-band scene, and this stellar collection is long overdue. All killer and no filler, Haiti Direct is sure to set you off on a fresh crate-digging excursion, not to mention providing you with a bit of heat and sweat during the frigid bite of the polar vortex. This one gets my absolute highest recommendation, folks!! [IQ]

$17.99 CD
$26.99 LPx2+CD


Like their name implies, Hospitality's music is comfortable and inviting, their sweetly melancholic indie pop hugging your ears like a favorite well-worn sweater. The Brooklyn trio's sophomore full-length, Trouble, still retains that familiarity while eschewing some of the jangling baroque elements of their eponymous 2012 debut for a darker, more nuanced sound. It's the kind of maturing that allows singer Amber Papini to trade her twee, book-smart persona of earlier efforts for something more sultry and grown up (though Papini's signature Anglo annunciations remain fully intact). Opening with the byzantine "Nightingale," we find the band offering a lush "classic" rocker that takes flight amidst layers of Mellotron, piano, guitar and synthesizer, followed by "Going Out," in which they drive down a California canyon road channeling the soft rock/slow disco sounds of late-night 1970s FM radio.

Though Trouble may be more polished than their debut, it's by no means a vanilla outing; the catchy, herky-jerky "I Miss Your Bones" is far more ragged than the charming Belle and Sebastian-esque pop that the group built their reputation on. There's also a heavier presence of synthesizers through much of the record (check the pulsing "Inauguration" and the nocturnal electro-pop of "Last Words") before much of the latter half turns downbeat and often acoustic-driven. It's here that the group climaxes with the lovely, lilting folk of "Sunship," in which a bed of woodwinds and horn appear like daybreak and gently point the listener towards catharsis. While Trouble goes in many directions, its different moods and textures are perfectly sequenced, making for a cohesive album from a talented band who've greatly upped their creative game. [GH]

$13.99 CD
$19.99 LP+MP3

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$15.99 CDx2
$19.99 LP+MP3+CD

Night Time, My Time


$11.99 CD
$26.99 LP

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