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Presidents’ letter September/October

Michelle Kingdom was our August speaker.  I will give you a recap of what I took home from her lecture. Michelle’s embroideries are “Psychological Narratives” with allegorical symbolism. She works small. Some pieces are as small as 4”X4.” Though she was encouraged to work large in art school, working large didn’t stir her soul. Michelle was fortunate to be raised in a multigenerational community in Los Angeles where she even knew her great grandparents. She was within walking distance of everyone.  She heard all their stories, learned to stitch from her elders. She easily contrasts her coming of age with the “new world” of children growing up with little or no relationships with extended family and a limited sense of community and history.  Michelle’s works are intricate and thoughtful. She has many and varied influences from the literary as well as the artistic world.  Michelle’s literary influences consist of are Virginia Woolf, Leo Tolstoy, also included was Carson McCuller’s depiction of spiritual isolation of misfits and outcasts in a small town of the U.S. South.  Virginia Woolf: her use of interior monologue, sensitivity and delicacy of style, and evocation of place and mood.  Leo Tolstoy: mystical doctrine and ethical doctrine of inner light.  Illuminated manuscripts also influence her works; they are small pictorial stories and a portable means for the spreading of ideas and religious belief.  Michelle mentioned Pierre Bonnard and his thoughtful, melancholic and moody introspective paintings of his wife Marthe in the bath which Michelle referred to as “outsider art.” I came home with new inspiration, knowing now that small is good.  Stitchery is and can be as respected as drawing with any other instrument.  Whether pen, pencil or brush, a needle is and can be a chosen implement for creating line and imagery. 

We thank Barbara Weitekamp for presenting a Gel Transfer Printing workshop.  We used Opollo Premium transparency film for use with ink jet printers and Golden Matt Medium. We copied images on an ordinary inkjet printer, and voila we had a transparency which could be burnished onto any surface.  This was a fun workshop and fodder for many ways to use this new technique. 

We thank Georgia Harvey-Freedman for arranging an artist tour of the Santa Monica Studios with three artists at the Santa Monica Airport for our next meeting.  
The three artists we are going to visit are:
Melinda Smith Altschuler

Gwen Samuels (

Joan Wolf (

Please RSVP to Mary Beth at   
We will have our meet and greet at 9:30. And then onward to get an intimate look at the way other artists create in their own space.  Bring your lunch.   

A Call for a new Location Committee.

As you all know, we are in the process of looking for a new permanent space for our meetings and workshops.  We are thankful to Rosemary Cohen for generously offering her Atelier de Paris this last year.  I hope our members have taken advantage of the wonderful selection of silk fabric, paints and dyes in her store.  We need to find a place which is centrally located for all of our members, from Ventura County to Orange County.  Schools, Churches, Firehouses, Community Centers are just a few options which can be looked into.  Please volunteer to spearhead this new committee.  Meredith Strauss, our former liaison to Woodbury University said that Woodbury is not available for the time being.  If we could find a new place with a sink and running water, we would be in heaven.  

Next Meeting is October 15th
Coffee and Visit at 9:30am
Meeting starts at 10am

Santa Monica Art Studios
3026 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 310.397.7449
Santa Monica Art Studios - Arena1 Gallery

I want you to mark your calendars for our next meeting - October 15th.  We will be meeting at the Arena1 galleries at the Santa Monica Art Studios:

Through the efforts of our Georgia Freeman-Harvey, we have arranged to meet with 3 artists in their studios.  They will tell about themselves and their journey and show their work.  It will be an informal setting with opportunities to ask questions or make comments.  The artists will also join us for lunch.
Those participating are listed below.  Take a moment to visit their websites and prepare to get excited!
Melinda Smith Altshuler

Gwen Samuels

Joan Wolf
SAA will provide morning goodies and coffee.  Members are to bring their own lunches.
Please take a minute to RSVP so we can make this day a success!
Mary Beth Schwartzenberger
"Branching Out"
exhibit artwork
Smadar Knobler
"Ancient Bristlecone Pine
The Tree That's Alive"
2016 Board Members:
Celeste Covas
Leone Keegan
Vice President of Communications
Smadar Knobler

Barbara Weitekamp
Diane Ricks

Marie-Laure Ilie

Workshop and Speakers
Mary Beth Schwartzenberger

Newsletter Editor
Mia Bloom
(818) 359-0262
Mary Beth Schwartzenberger
Celeste Covas
Exhibition Committee
Smadar Knobler
Dassi Pintar
Linda Stone

Field Trips
Cicely Gilman
PAYPAL…….....$   836
TOTAL               $

Submitted by
Barbara Weitekamp,

"Branching Out"
exhibit artwork
Smadar Knobler
"Leaf Art Iris Effect"
Dear Artists:
Reminder: dates for drop off of artwork for Heritage & Community are as follows:
Saturday, September 24, 12:00-4:00pm
Sunday, September 25, 12:00-4:00

Work being dropped-off
To save time "Artwork Drop off Form" can be found online at:

$35.00 entry fee.  
****Work needs to be matted, framed and wired on the back 3” from the top to the highest reach of the slack in the wire.  Oil paintings do not require matting, but should be framed and wired on the back as the above instructions.  Unframed pieces need Gallery Director approval.  
Opening night for Heritage & Community is Saturday, October 15, 2016 6:00-9:30pm
Thank you,
Angie Phillips, Director
Cynthia Alvarez, Assistant Director
SAA “Branching Out” Exhibition, Show and Boutique
at the Branch Gallery.

Here is some important information for our upcoming:
Dates to remember:

Branch Gallery Show: Nov. 12 – Dec. 3, 2016
Deadline for submitting your images is Oct. 1.
Delivery of work Friday, November 4. (if this is not possible, please call Aneesa Shami cell at (913)526-8262 to make other arrangements.)
Pick up of art work Sunday Dec. 4th – Friday Dec. 9th
Opening  Reception is Saturday, November 12, 2016 (time to be announced)

What to submit:
Each artist can submit their “CHALLENGE” piece size 36” x 60”, and also 3 or 4 other pieces that are not bigger than 3’ x 3’.
All Images need to be e-mailed to Smadar Knobler no later then Oct. 1st.

Please be sure to send images with at least 300dpi and jpg format. Please contact Celeste, Smadar, Linda or Mary Beth if you need help in formatting your images.
Entry Fee is $30 paid to SAA using PAYPAL.

Boutique Items:
There will be a small section of the gallery set for a "boutique."  If you have any functional objects--scarves, jewelry, clothing, etc—they can be sold in the boutique.
Inventory List requested by Aneesa at the Branch Gallery:
Along with the loan agreement forms, artists must submit an inventory list of their boutique items. This is a list each artist will have to make personally and bring in to the gallery when they drop off their work. In the past, artists have filled out a spreadsheet for us, listing each item, its corresponding tag, price, description, etc. This way Aneesa can keep track of what is sold. Again, this inventory list will exist with the loan agreement forms. Artists can make a note that there is an attached inventory list on "Loan Agreement-Form Two (object information)" for the boutique items. According to Aneesa, she can accommodate quite a bit. She would rather have "too much" than not enough.

Loan Agreement:
At the very end of this newsletter, you’ll find the Loan Agreement attachment for submitting your work. Please print it and fill it out. This can be e-mailed it to Aneesa Shami or hand delivered when you drop off your work. If you plan on having someone else drop off your work please indicate it on the LOAN AGREEMENT.
Aneesa Shami
Gallery Manager
Branch Gallery
1031 W. Manchester Blvd #3
Inglewood, CA 90301
cell at (913)526-8262
We’re looking forward to having a very successful exhibition & show,
The Exhibition committee,
Dassi Pintar, Linda Stone, and Smadar Knobler



Branch Gallery

1031 W. Manchester Blvd, #3

Inglewood, CA 90301


Loan Agreement - Form One


Exhibition and Dates:  “Branching Out” Exhibition with the Surface Art Association, November 12, 2016 through December 3, 2016.




Loan Period: November 4, 2016 through December 9, 2016.


Address:___________________________________________        Phone:__________________________

              ___________________________________________        Email:___________________________







May amateaur photographers take pictures of this work if they agree not to use the pictures for commercial purposes?

            ____ Yes         ____ No

            ____ Yes, with the exception of the following pieces:______________________


Unless permission to do so has been specifically denied in writing by the Lender prior to this agreement, Branch Gallery is authorized to photograph and/or reproduce in any media the loaned objects for archival and publicity purposes.


Insurance Value of Loan (U.S. Currency):________________________________________________

            Do you elect to maintain your insurance?        ____ Yes         ____ No


Anticipated date of shipment:___________________            Method of shipment:___________________









Branch Gallery

1031 W. Manchester Blvd, #3

Inglewood, CA 90301


Loan Agreement - Form Two (object information)*


The following information will be used for labeling and publication purposes.


Item No. ____






Date:____________________________        _____  Medium:______________________________________     


Dimensions:___________________________  Includes: __ Frame __ Mat __ Base


                                                                        Excludes: __ Frame __ Mat __ Base



Are color photographs available? ____ Yes    ____ No

            If Yes, are you willing to send them?  ____ Yes  ____No

If Lender agrees to send photographs, the Branch Gallery is authorized to reproduce in

any media the object listed above for archival and publicity purposes. Please be sure to

send images with at least 300dpi and jpg format.


Is the work for sale? ____ Yes  ____ No        If Yes, what is Selling Price?____________________

What is the insurance value?____________________


Shipping instructions:_________________________________________________________________


Other information regarding the object:__________________________________________________








*Please fill out one “Loan Agreement - Form Two” per object that will be on loan to the Gallery

Conditions Governing Artwork Loan Agreement



Loaned objects shall remain in the possession of the Branch Gallery for the time specified in this loan agreement, and may be withdrawn from exhibition at any time by the Gallery. Unless the Gallery is notified in writing to the contrary, loans will be returned only to the owner at the address stated in the agreement.


Loans may be removed from the Gallery by the Lender or his or her authorized agent or successor in interest after reasonable notice and the delivery of the Lender’s written order. In the case of the death of a Lender, the legal representative of the deceased is required to notify the Gallery giving his full name and address, including a certified copy of his authority.


In the event that an object has changed ownership through sale, bequest or gift, and is not to be returned to the original Lender, the new owner must establish, in advance of such return, his authority to receive the work by proof satisfactory to the Gallery.


The Gallery will give reasonable notice in writing if it desires to have any object taken back by the Lender, and the Gallery will make reasonable efforts to return the objects to the Lender. If such efforts are unavailing for any reason, the right of the Gallery to require the Lender to withdraw such object shall accrue absolutely on the date of and by mailing a notice to the Lender for any of the following reasons: it is declined by the Gallery, the loan period has terminated or the Gallery no longer desires the loan thereof. If the Lender shall not withdraw such property within sixty (60) days from the date of such notice, then the Gallery shall have the absolute right to dispose of such property in any manner it may elect.



The Lender will pay for the cost of packing, crating, transportation and customs formalities when shipping the loaned objects to the Gallery.


The Gallery will pay for the cost of packing, crating, transportation and customs formalities when shipping the loaned objects to the Lender, new owner, or the Lender’s legal representative.


If the address of the new owner should be a greater distance than the location from which the loan was borrowed, the new owner will be required to pay any difference in the charges for the delivery of the work.



Unless the Lender expressly uses his or her own insurance coverage, Brunette Molinete, LLC. (DBA The Knitting Tree, L.A.) will insure this loan under its policy for the amount indicated on this loan agreement against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause while in transit and on location during the period of the loan. The Lender agrees to U.S. Government Indemnity, if applicable to this loan, at U.S. dollar value as of the date of this loan agreement.


If the Lender decides to use his or her own insurance, the Branch Gallery must be supplied with a certificate of insurance naming the borrower as additionally assured or waiving subrogation against the borrower. Otherwise, this loan agreement shall constitute a release of the borrower from any liability in connection with the loaned property. The Branch Gallery can accept no responsibility for any error or deficiency in information given to the Lender’s insurers or for lapses in coverage.


The Lender agrees that in the event of loss or damage, recovery if any, shall be limited to such amount as may be paid by the insurer, hereby releasing the Gallery and its employees from liability for any and all claims arising out of such loss or damage.



The Branch Gallery will exercise the same care with respect to the loans as it does in the safekeeping of comparable property of its own.


If damaged or deterioration is noted, the Lender will be notified immediately. Should damage occur in transit, the carrier will also be notified.


Loaned objects shall remain in the condition in which they are received. There shall not be any changes or repairs made to the objects unless:

a.       with the express written permission of the Lender

b.      when the safety of the work makes such action imperative.


The loaned objects will be identified by the use of the information in this agreement, including the Lender’s identification as listed.



If the work is for sale and is sold during the period of this loan, the Lender shall pay twenty-five (25%) of the selling price to the Gallery.


The Lender warrants that it has all right, title and ownership interest in the loaned objects, and that the loans are not subject to any ownership, lien, encumbrance, copyright infringement or other claim by any other person or entity. The Lender agrees that it shall not take any action to limit or affect this warranty during the term of this agreement.


Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party 30 calendar days written notice.





The signatures below indicate the conditions of this loan as stated above are accepted.


Borrower (representative of the Branch Gallery):


Signature:_________________________________   Date:_________________________







Lender (authorized representative):


Signature:_________________________________   Date:_________________________





Copyright © 2016 Surface Art Association, All rights reserved.

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