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On March 20, ECHS hosted Dr. Jane Goodall for a rare opportunity for students from ten local schools to interact, listen to and present their environmental projects in partnership with
Roots & Shoots, TreePeople, Generation Earth and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Dr. Goodall and her famous stuffed Gorilla, Mr. H, met with students and planted an Arbutus 'Marina' aka Strawberry Tree. ECHS 12th grade student Ogechi Hubert named the tree "Chi," meaning "Spiritual Being" in the Nigerian Igbo language.
ECS Students presented their environmental projects to Dr. Goodall, which included mapping toxic release in Los Angeles and researching alternative energy. Dr. Goodall then shared with the audience her story of never giving up on her dreams and shared how she finds hope in these complex times.  

"It's amazing that no matter what anyone said, Dr. Goodall never gave up. She helped me see how I myself can change the world with my spirit and my dreams." - Jessica Soto, ECMS-Gardena 6th grader

In the Press: ECS is featured in South Bay Magazine
"As future stewards of our planet, our kids will be entrusted with the protection and preservation of an environment already under siege. Despite the challenges that await them, many young people are eager to jump in and make an impact."

For Educators: Green Ambassadors Institute hosts Tools for Changemaking 
Join us May 6, 2017 for this free professional development event. Be inspired ​by examples of research​ ​and action on ​environmental issues in LA. ​Participate in hands-on workshops to amplify your voice.
ECS featured in Inaugural Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly  
As a recognized leader in the green schools movement, ECHS is proud of our seniors who shared about the impact of attending a green​ school. The new magazine addresses the need for ​a guidepost for the green schools movement.
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