Second stage for the second time in history!
32 bands already confirmed.
Tickets are available right... Now!
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Two stages!

more music! 

For the second time in history dunk!festival will have a second stage with lots of great music.
(In 2006 we already had an edition with two stages.)
Two stages means more work for us but most of all more fun for everyone!
Every year we have lots of bands asking if they can be part of the next edition. Even previous headliners are in the line to come back. That means a lot to us!
Now we are very happy to be able to present more bands than ever. But we are also sad that we still need to disappoint a lot of good bands because the line up is already complete again...

We also understand that all this can be pretty intense for our visitors. That's why we will have a chill out zone now.
The second stage, a chill out zone with restaurant and bar and a merch zone will be upstairs in the same hall where dunk!festival took place in its earlier years.
The schedule of the two stages will fit perfectly into each other. That means there will be music all the time! Or silence, depending on how you use the schedule :-).
Interesting detail: the sound system of last year will move to the second stage and the main stage will have a new, even better sound system. Quality guaranteed!

The stage you are used to enjoy will be called 'downstairs' and the new stage with chill out zone and everything upstairs is called 'upstairs'. Makes sense right :-)?
And don't worry! There is an elevator to conquer the one floor level difference :-).

32 bands (and counting)

New confirmations!

At this moment we have 32 bands confirmed for dunk!festival2013. We expect to add one or two more bands asap!

These ones were already confirmed:
Kokomo, Kwoon, Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, The Pirate Ship Quintet, Ilydaen, Lost In Kiev, Toundra, Arms And Sleepers, Celestial Wolves, Labirinto.
Unfortunately Jakob had to cancel their tour...

But, ladies and gentlemen. Here are 22 new confirmations!

What The Blood Revealed: Instrumental rock band from Scotland. Formed in 2004. They find their "inspiration in science, and the truths it reveals." We Stood Like Kings: "Belgian postrock band playing a live original soundtrack on a 1927 silent movie" [BOLT]: abstracted. ambient. deep. drone. experimental. hauling. low. noise. opaque. ponderous. repetitious. slow. tenebrous. From Germany. Stephen O'Malley: Is a founding member of Sunn O))). He will be coming to dunk!festival2013 with his solo project. Valerinne: Atmospheric, haunting, loud and emotional music from Bucharest. Formed in 2011. Ikebana: Ikebana is a four-piece postrock combo from France making emotional, sharp and melancholic music Fire Walk With Us: "Heavyweight instrumentalists" from The Netherlands. Formed in 2007. Petrels: The solo project of Oliver Barrett of Bleeding Heart Narrative. Maserati: "...Is as sleek, sexy and sophisticated as the legendary Italian sports car it takes its name from." The Black Heart Rebellion: "TBHR has changed, sheds its old skin, and slowly but shurely reshaped its original mold." Made in Belgium. Afformance: "Instrumental soundscapes inspired by post rock, alternative, ambient and postcore scenes." From Greece. My Education: They create "sweeping, cinematic music that soars in violent and epic waves". Heirs: Instrumental darkwave industrial gothic music from Australia. Released 3 albums with Denovali. My Empty Phantom: Jesse Beaman "melds multiple genre's, fusing instrumental, indie, classical, ambient and minimalist techniques to create 'visual rock'." Balmorhea: Their rich and layered music continues to be simultaneously concise and complex, uniting a collection of ideas, textures and sounds into one genre-defying landscape. Formed in 2006 in the US. Syndrome: Ambient, soundscape, drone solo-project of Mathieu Vandekerckhove, known from Amen Ra, Kingdom and other bands. Made in Belgium. I Like Trains: "Haunting instrumentation and broken, world weary vocals portray a tender depiction of tragedy, past, present and future." Dorena: Played at dunk!cinema two years ago. They are from Sweden and make music about love, dreams and warm nights. Le seul élément: He is alone. Luckily because he plays in a cube of two square meter. Have.To.Be.Distanced: Post hardcore, sludge from Czech Republic. The Shaking Sensations: Instrumental post rock from Denmark with a mind blowing new album. Joy Wants Eternity: Their idea is to express their compositions into a sort of narrative psychology, a metamorphosis of both equal parts of subtle and explosive moments.


Tickets are available right... now!

For this edition we are using a new ticket system. It is not an external ticketing service anymore.
That means you can contact us directly in case of questions or problems, and not an external company.

We tested the system and it is online right now. Tickets are a little more expensive. But we're sure you understand.
Two stages is not only twice the fun but also twice the costs for bands and gear.
Two stages does not mean a crowd that is twice as big. There will be only as much tickets available as last year so everyone can always go everywhere :-).

One combi ticket costs 85€. A ticket for Friday is 30€, Saturday is 40€ and Sunday is also 40€.

Tickets can easily be paid with paypal and will automatically be sent to your mailbox. If you don't have paypal you can order tickets via and we will send your tickets manually.
The tickets will contain a QR code which we will scan at the entrance. Each code can only be scanned once. It is important that you print your ticket on an A4 sheet and you don't damage the QR code by folding the paper. Save the pdf to your phone so you can use that as backup.

Find the ticket form here.

Stay tuned for the last confirmations!
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