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March 2018

We hope you've had a lovely start to 2018, it's going so fast already!  As we previously mentioned, we will be continuing this year to circulate our newsletter topics through our team here at Web Key IT, so you will be hearing from someone different every month. We've had some very positive feedback on this newsletter style so look forward to continuing it on. 

This month is our newest employee's turn, let me introduce you to our lovely Christie O'Brien. photograph of Christie smiling in a corporate settingChristie only joined us in September last year, and works for us as a Website Analyst. Christie was introduced to the concept of website accessibility and inclusive design through a friend and it quickly became a passion for her. She is a Website Analyst at Web Key IT, performing technical audits on websites and mobile testing for apps. Christie has dealt with significant deafness in one ear for many years and truly understands the frustration inaccessible digital products. She is driven by her desire to ensure that everyone has equal access to online services. This month she will be discussing some issues with colour and branding that you may not have thought about before.

Colour Contrast and Branding

There are many things that occur in our day to day lives that stir up emotions and feelings; like how seeing a beautiful sunset can make you feel at peace, how the smell of a perfume can remind you of a loved one or a time and place you remember being, how watching someone, yet again, refuse to indicate before pulling out in front of you can fill you with blinding rage, and how the smell of fresh coffee beans can lead you to heaven and back as you pretend you don’t have a serious caffeine addiction (hey, I’m not judging here).

But what about colour? When you’re angry you “see red”, when you’re sad you are “feeling blue”, when you see someone walking across the street with a coffee and you are stuck at the lights you are probably “green with envy”. Colours are emotive, different colour combinations inspire different emotions in people, these feelings are not by any means universal as personal preferences and experiences will also have an effect but there is no denying the effectiveness of using colour as a marketing tool. Think of McDonalds, what colours come to mind when you think of that brand alone? Most of you will be thinking of yellow and red. What about Ford? They make lots of different coloured cars but you are probably thinking of the Blue badge, and Cadbury’s chocolate? We all know that chocolate is brown (or white) but most of us think of purple when it comes to that particular company.

Colour is an important part of creating a brand, companies spend a lot of money and resources getting their branding just right but, in the pursuit of the perfect colour combinations or even just personal preferences, are some companies excluding significant numbers of potential customers and clientele?

Colour blindness is not a topic most people think about but current figures show that around 1 in 10 men and 1 in 200 women are affected by colour blindness. These are staggering figures when you consider that these people are potential clients or customers. Do you want your brand seen by some people or by all? By limiting the scope of your brand you are limiting your potential customer base and profits however, with a little research and playing around with a colour contrast analyser, you can ensure that the colours you choose for your brand can be seen by as many people as possible and isn’t that what everyone wants? Colours invoke feeling and emotion, so choosing your colours carefully with colour contrast in mind will ensure that everyone is getting the message that you want to send.

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New Kuwait Office

We are excited to announce that Web Key IT Pty Ltd has recently opened an office in Kuwait City, located on the 4th Floor of the Panasonic Tower.  The office is staffed by our local agents and headed up by Muhammad Saleem who has completed his Master’s Degree (have a look at his thesis, Web accessibility compliance for e-Government websites in the Gulf Region), and is currently working on his PhD.  Muhammad and the staff in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Office will be working closely with the Australian office to fulfill our joint goals of improving digital accessibility around the world,  making life better for people with disabilities and seniors.   

Very shortly, you will see Arabic content under the ‘GCC’ tab on the top navigation of our website and we encourage our customers to take a look.  Because of the enormity of this undertaking, Vivienne will be doing some travel over the next few months to and from Kuwait, UAE and Qatar.  Amanda Mace, our Operations Manager is always available to assist you with your accessibility needs (as Vivienne is only ever a phone call or email away). Our Administrator, Emma Murray, is happy to answer email enquiries. Please note we have recently updated our Contact Us page to provide easier email access to our staff.

Outback Air Race 2018

What is the Outback Air Race?
The outback air race is a time-trial style race across the country, held every 3 years. In 2018, the Outback Air Race will commence in Brisbane QLD on August 18, ending in Broome WA. The race is a fund-raising event for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).  The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the world’s largest aeromedical services. They pro-vide Emergency and Primary medical care to regional and remote areas across the country.

Team ZIC
Team ZIC consists of Caleb Duggan and Scott Palmer. The team is named after the callsign of the aircraft that the team will be using to compete in the race. Scott and Caleb are re-spectively President and Vice President of not-for-profit University Flying Club, aimed at providing affordable entry into aviation for the WA public.

How you can help
Team ZIC hopes to raise $10,000 for the RFDS. You can help us achieve this goal by donating, or sharing our social media pages. Team ZIC has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. In the lead up to and, during the race, we will be posting regular updates to all of these pages. You can find us by simply searching “Team ZIC Outback Air Race”. Donations can be made via our everyday hero page below. Donations are tax deductable and, 100% goes to the RFDS. Click here to donate today.

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ACS WA Digital Leaders Breakfast

28th of March 2018
Perth, WA
Our own Dr. Vivienne Conway will be speaking
Purchase tickets here

Perth Web Accessibility Meetup

17th  of April 2018
Dome Cafe, 149 James Street, Northbridge.
Read more about the Accessibility Meetup group

W4A 2018

22nd-24th of April 2018
Lyon, France
Click here for information on W4A & registration

The WEB Conference 2018

23rd-27th of April 2018
Lyon, France

Click here for information on The WEB & registration

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Please do remember to take a moment to look at our website and as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and any feedback you may have!
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