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January 2018

We hope you've had a lovely Christmas and wish all our clients, friends and families a very Happy New Year! We hope 2018 is a healthy and prosperous year for you all. We will be continuing this year to circulate our newsletter topics through our team here at Web Key IT, so you will be hearing from someone different every month. We've had some very positive feedback on this newsletter style so look forward to continuing it on in 2018. For the staff you've met before, you won't need an introduction, but for our new ones we will provide a short bio and picture for you.

This month's author will be no stranger to you, it's our Project Manager, the wonderful Amanda Mace.

Document Hurdles

There are various hurdles to jump when a company or organisation is on the road of their accessibility journey, one of those hurdles is digital documents. PDF Documents are associated with a number of misconceptions, which prompt organisations to continue using them.


We have been sold on the idea that PDFs are safer, but in truth PDF files are as capable of being corrupted with malware as any other file.
There is a notion that PDFs are more securely locked down. No organisation wants their clients and users making unauthorised changes to company documents. However, users are only a (insert your favourite search engine here) search away from unlocking and editing any document. There is also editing software which makes it easy to change and copy PDF content.

Easy Print

Printing is easier with PDFs. Or is it? HTML5 offers an easy print button or a print link. You can add this little bit of code and a print button or link will be available on any web page. HTML even allows you strip out the unnecessary content, such as ads contained on your site or the ability for users to print specific parts of a web page, so they only print the information needed. 

Why go HTML?

Being mobile friendly would be at top of the list for most. In an age where almost everything is seen firstly from the mobile view. HTML documents and forms being mobile responsive is a great advantage over PDF. Let’s not forget by using HTML, your documents will be more search engine and browser friendly too. There are a host of other reasons for switching your documents to HTML. Consider these advantages:
  • Enriched interactive content
  • Easy to share by link (even when a file is large)
  • Easy to maintain up-to-date and linked content
  • Link to data, product specific images etc. repositories
  • Less CPU intensive on server
  • No need to save or delete files
  • Can be formatted with the same CSS as the website
  • CMS controlled rules for structure and programmatically defined code
  • Smaller file size than PDFs allowing for a more direct translation of the content
  • Auto fill form fields
Most importantly, HTML is accessible! Properly code HTML semantic markup makes it the most accessible way to provide digital documents to your clients and users.
Although still gaining traction in the digital document world is ePub3. ePub is e-book file format which is HTML5 based and can be made fully accessible. ePub3 files have all the downloadable advantages of PDF as well as all the accessibility advantages of HTML.

Where do PDFs fit?

There is no doubt that PDFs are a widely accepted standard. They do have the advantage of being easily saved by the user in order to be available offline. If PDFs need to continue to play a part in your business’s digital documents remember to make them as accessible as possible and provide an accessible alternative.

Did you know we provide document training, consulting and remediation?

Contact Web Key IT to find out how we can help you with the digital document hurdle.

W4A 2018 Call for Papers W4A Logo

Save the date for the 15th International Web for All Conference (W4A’18, which is to convene in Lyon, France, April 23-25th ( Co-located with The Web Conference 2018 (www2018).

The conference focuses on all aspect of web accessibility. Areas of general interest include, but are not limited to the following: age, cognition, culture, education, emotions, dexterity, disability, diversity, health, hearing, income, infrastructure, language, learning, literacy, mobility, situation, society, and vision.

Submit 10-page technical or 4-page communication papers detailing engineering solutions and scientific insights into Web and Mobile technologies addressing diverse user needs. Submit 2-page extended abstracts to enter the The Paciello Group Web Accessibility Challenge or for consideration for inclusion in the Google Doctoral Consortium. All submissions will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

The 2018 theme is “Internet of Accessible Things”. In addition to work in the traditional core areas of W4A, we are also interested in work that explores the use, potential, and perils of the Internet of Things phenomenon for accessibility. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Events Green Calendar Icon Graphic

Perth Web Accessibility Camp
15th of February 2018
Perth, WA
Purchase Tickets Here

Monthly Perth Web Accessibility Meetup
20th of February 2017
Perth, WA
Read more about the Accessibility Meetup group here

ACS CIO Breakfast
28th of March 2018
Perth, WA
Contact Alexandra Mollo here for details and registration
W4A 2018
22nd-24th of April 2018
Lyon, France
Click here for information on W4A & registration

The WEB Conference 2018
(previously known as WWW Conference)
23rd-27th of April 2018
Lyon, France
Click here for information on The WEB & registration


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