September 2017

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We hope you've been enjoying meeting some of the members of our team at Web Key IT, and giving them the opportunity to share some of their thoughts, interests and experience in the world of website accessibility.
This month, we'd like you to meet our very own
lovely Rebecca Filippone.

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Rebecca currently works for Web Key IT, as a Website Analyst. With a degree in Psychology and Linguistics, Rebecca has worked in the Disability Sector for the last five years. She has had a variety of roles, including Support Worker and Regional Area Supervisor. She is passionate about disability advocacy and accessibility for all. Web accessibility is an area that is forgotten by many- Rebecca herself reports being shocked when she first began working for Web Key IT, as she had never considered before how the internet is often not usable for many people. While Rebecca is still learning about website analysis, she greatly enjoys her role and is committed to promoting Web Key IT and Web Accessibility for all. 
The Consideration of Live Captioning

In April 2017 I had the pleasure of attending the Web for All (W4A) 2017 Conference Dinner at Kailis Trigg. While it was a wonderful networking opportunity, the highlight for me as a Deaf Woman, was the live captioning services during the keynote speaker, Dr Scott Hollier's speech, kindly provided by event sponsor aiMedia.

Many event organisers have taken the first steps towards accessibility, by organising Auslan (sign) interpreters for their events. This is certainly a wonderful thing, but unfortunately it doesn't reach everyone with a hearing impairment. I have never learnt to sign, and so my main experience with conferences and similar events has been one of frustration, exclusion and disappointment at not being able to partake like everyone else. 

The live captioning at the dinner was a surprisingly simple service to access- I simply went to the web address provided and typed in a code, which allowed me to access the event page. Then, as the speech commenced, I had a transcript of the speech that I could read at the same time. It was very user friendly! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of the transcript. For those of you who might use the subtitle option while watching live events on television, this was nothing like that. Unlike live captioning on television, there were no unintelligible phrases, words out of context or sentences that made no sense.  I was able to follow the entirety of the speech, enjoying the same jokes everyone else did and really hearing the message of the speaker. I can honestly say that I have never had this experience before. 

This is a brilliant service, and I would encourage everyone to utilise it. The real world benefits are enormous. Not only does it increase accessibility for everyone (surely a goal we should all be aiming for) but it allows for a record to be created of all conversations or speeches made.  For university lectures, having a transcript of the class content would be hugely beneficial to all students. Instead of concentrating on taking notes and potentially missing key information, the student can pay greater attention in class and still have notes to look back on. In a business capacity, having an accurate transcript of meetings would remove issues of misinterpretation and reduce workload. 

The benefit of inclusivity and greater efficiency in the workplace and beyond is greater marketing potential- by opening up your events and services to more people, you increase your custom. This is something everyone can get behind! 

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For the diary...

DDD Perth
Saturday September 16th 2017
Perth Convention Centre
Perth, WA
Register for DDD Perth Here

Monthly Accessibility Meetup
Tuesday September 19th 2017, 7:30am
Dome Cafe
149 James Street
Northbridge, WA
Register for the Meetup Here

ACS WA September Branch Forum
Tuesday September 19th 2017, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Adina Apartment Hotel
33 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, WA
Register for the Forum Here

ACS Young IT September Event
Thursday September 28th 2017, 5:30pm-7:30pm
NIT Australia
251-255 Stirling Street
Perth, WA
Dr Vivienne Conway will be speaking about the benefits and challenges of digital accessibility, how to design inclusively and the ethics considerations in digital inclusion.
Register for ACS Young IT September Here

ACS Reimagination 2017
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Star
80 Pyrmont St
Pyrmont, NSW
Register for Reimagination Here

OZeWAI 2017
November 20th – 22nd 2017
Canberra, ACT
Register for OzeWAI Here
Keynote Speaker: Mike Paciello (founder of The Paciello Group)
Presentation proposals now being accepted.

ACS Annual Diversity Dinner
Friday December 8th 2017
Great Eastern Highway
Burswood, WA

Keynote Speaker: Dr Vivienne Conway
Registration is not open yet, but will be posted on this site

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