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If in reach of this email, you have shared an idea with me at some point and I dig that about you.  I publish this newsletter as a primer so we can keep the conversation going.

// Entrepreneur life, tools, and know-how, creates a landing page for your ideas and gathers data from early customers
How to build a site prototype without technical chops

Web based comedic series "Leap Year" chronicles a Silicon Valley startup

/// Product discovery

A visual display of inspired magazine covers
Trend spotters whet consumer appetite @ 
Stuff awesome ladies buy for their well to do gentleman @

//// Feature: Classic business models made new

Have an interest that seems to be of a past generation?  A cue from these startups suggests that an old thing is due to reappear along with opportunity to make modern business of it.

The newest Forbes list; World's Highest-Paid DJs
Churchkey Can Company sells beer in 100 year old cans
Startup cuts the time it takes to plan a vacation from 30 hours to 5 minutes
Ministry Of Supply is building the next generation of dress shirts

As it were, the same tools making these businesses current again are also pioneering in their own space.  For example, there is a growing movement of people who are more interested in renting and not buying: accessing and not owning.  So will the future be novel or vintage seems a topic worth exploring.

-  Janco