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Last issue highlighted free online courses offered from top universities.  A few friends and I enrolled in various classes and the experience has been truly insightful thus far.  For this issue, I tested more open source tools and featured entrepreneurs who used similar platforms to launch brands expressive of their interests.

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For starters, Programming Basics from Kahn Academy offers streaming iterations where the results from each line of practiced code is displayed in a side screen.  When the string of readable code is broken, it's obvious since the side screen crashes.  The interactive settings encourage one to tinker until the code is readable again.  I found this platform easiest among others.

Behind the DIY philosophy is the recollection of my bad experience hiring a web developer for design thinking.  $2000 was spent and there remained only remnants of the design and functionality I asked for.  I've been testing which allows users to build wireframes, or functional website drawings. This is much like penciling in features but with the ability to hyperlink pages together and click-to-drop common interface buttons.  The output is a shareable blueprint for a website or mobile app.  

Lastly, for those attracted to the allure of creating a print product, MagCloud is a friendly interface for DIY publishing.  I wondered what Classically Current might look like in print form and was able to generate a mockup, have it saddle stitch bound, and mailed.  It turned out lovely, you can view my sample here.  Or browse a library of other startup magazines being published for free through Magcloud.

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A new paradigm for peculiar interests has gone mainstream.  Audiences are pervasively tending toward niche products so long as the founder is authentic in the presentation. To that end; three internet outliers reaching kinfolk who like it.

Eephus League baseball scorecard revival - makes incredibly well branded baseball artifacts.

City Prints Map Art - is carving out a niche delivering map prints of university campuses, stadiums, and major cities.

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