Welcome, Spring!

The spring semester is underway!  Welcome back to all of our students, faculty, and staff.  Below you will find highlights from last semester and important information for the new year.  We had a record number of students on the Dean's list earning honors.  Students will be interested in the number of exciting classes we are adding to the Summer 2016 course schedule.  We also are interested in having alumni update their contact information and share their professional success stories with us here.

The Department of Communication held its annual Professional-Amateur Day on Friday, November 15th.  Communication students and professionals met at the Hilary J. Boone Center for a lunch and networking session where students received career advice from local professionals.  The keynote speaker was Carol Barr, communication alumnus, Pfizer pharmaceutical representative and wife of Congressman, Andy Barr.  Read about a communication student's experience at the event here.
In December, three Department of Communication faculty traveled to China as part of a delegation from the College of Communication and Information to expand relations and discuss the department's health communication program with their Chinese counterparts.  Shown (left to right), Zixue Tai, Kevin Real, Shari Veil, Al Cross, and Douglas Boyd.  More information about their trip can be found here.

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Department of Communication Summer Course Offerings
The Department of Communication will be offering several online and classroom courses for Summer Session I and II.  For the latest course information, visit

Summer I 2016 Course Offerings
COM 249:  Mass Media and Culture (Online)
COM 252:  Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (Online)
COM 313:  Interpersonal Communication in Close Relationships* (Online)
COM 314:  The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication and Relationships* (Online)
COM 315:  Understanding Workplace Communication in a Diverse U.S. Society* (Online)
COM 318:  Sports Communication
COM 350:  Language and Communication
COM 453:  Digital and Mass Media Literacy
COM 471:  Introduction to Health Communication (Online)
COM 482:  Studies in Persuasion (Online)

Summer II 2016 Course Offerings
COM 101:  Introduction to Communication*
COM 249:  Mass Media and Culture (Online)
COM 252:  Interpersonal Communication (Online)
COM 287:  Persuasive Speaking (Online)
COM 311:  Taking Control of Your Health:  Patient/Provider Communication
COM 313:  Interpersonal Communication in Close Relationships* (Online)
COM 315:  Understanding Workplace Communication in a Diverse U.S. Society* (Online)
COM 325:  Introduction to Organizational Communication
COM 326:  Communication Strategies for Professional Excellence
COM 399:  Internship in Communication
COM 449:  Social Processes and Effects of Mass Communication (Online)
COM 482:  Studies in Persuasion  
COM 572:  Health Communication Campaigns and Communities (Online)

*Meets UK Core requirements.

Congratulations to Our Fall 2015 Dean's List Students:

Jenna Rebecca Abele
Evan Tollers Avery
Leigha Marie Barfield
Caitlyn Marie Barnes
Phillip Aaron Barnett
Steven Chase Barnett
Lauren M. Begley
Michelle Elizabeth Behm
Kari Lyn Bentley
Shelby Marie Blakeman
Kyle R. Bluhm
Rebecca Gibbs Boland
Stephannie Marie Bostick
Jennifer R. Branscum
Emilia Leigh Bustle
Marcus Allen Carson
Sarah Ann Casserly
Allison Mackenzie Clark
Christine Marie Clark
Hannah Grace Clendenin
Hollis Marie Clinkinbeard
Candace DiOrio Cochran
Kyle D. Cody
Megan Marie Connolly
Duncan McGuffin Cooper
Ryan Douglas Crace
Katherine Helen Crawford
Andrew Crum
Lindsey Marie Cullen
Cylia Damerau
Brianna Nicole Damron
Sydney Michele Darwin
Katia Marie Davis
Haylie Dean Dennis
Nathan Christian Dollins
Kristian Marie Dudgeon
Dylan Patrick Dwyer
Erika Lauren Edwards
Josephine Ann Elder
Kendal Renee Enoch
Harrison Mark Shane Evans
Leslie Brooke Fannin
Graham J. Fessler
Natalie K. Ficke
Emily S. Gano
Christen Marie Garland
Lauren Marie Gottsacker
Meghan M. Griffith
John Clark Griffith
Brittany Kaylyn Hackworth
Michala Maude Handy
Alyssa Marie Hankins
Jessica A. Hardin
Connor J. Heady
Sarah Heaslip
Emily Nicole Held
Nicole Marie Henlein
Natalya Jean Herndon
Dylan Patrick Higgins
Brandyn R. Hill
AnneMarie Victoria Hoopes
Hadley Durham Horton
Ashlyn Nicole Huffman
Katherine Claire Huffman
Truston Wayne Humphries
Noelle Jean Hutter
Natalie M. Itrich
Emily Lauren Jackson
Haley B. Jacobs
Lauren Paige Johnson
Ashley Lynne Jones
Kaitlyn Rebecca Keen
Caran Kennedy
Kiley M. Kinnison
Mitchell Lee Kraus
Robert Maxwell Kuhn
Bettelee M. Lambeth
Skylar Holiday Lanham
Michael Harrison Lester
Sarah A. Lohr
Kelly R. Lyons
Susan Porter Mann
Erika L. Martin
Ashley Elizabeth Mason
Kaelin Marie Massey
Nathaniel Wallace McCombs
Tara McGinnis
Mackenzie Sloan McIntyre
Sara L. McManus
Emma Anne McVay
Elisha Marie Merideth
Andrew W. Mills
Kelli Morgan Mitchuson
Mackenzie Ann Mize
Kate Katsuko Morris
Zachary Myers
Amanda Sue Nelson
Savanna Jo Noe
Victoria Lynn Northcutt
Kelsey Jane Nunley
Taylor Lane Oldham
Courtney Madison Owens
Margaret Vimont Owens
Courtney E. Page
Alexandria Carol Patrick
Thomas Beck Pennington
Alicia Deandra Perkins
Kelli Jordan Phillips
Maria Pienkowski
Mackenzie Leigh Pierce
Symfhani D. Pitts
Bradley Justin Polivka
Timothy Alexander Priar
Dallas R. Pringle
Alexis Pullia
Courtney R. Raetzman
Henry William Rand
Madison Chase Rexroat
Kennedy Ann Schlich
Morgan Noelle Sheehy
Sara Nicole Shipley
Celia Shoffner
Summer Simmons
Lesley Renee Smith
Brenton Merrill Smith
Anne Kathryn Spalding
Savannah Lee Stow
Zachary Patrick Straub
Ryan Patrick Studer
Nigel Marcellus Taylor
Lauren Frances Thomas
Konner McCarthy Thompson
Sunee Ann Tyson
Christina Nicole Vazquez
Erin Renee Wainwright
Christina Walker
Brenna F. Walsh
Emily Angela Weston
Jacob S. Westover
Sidney B. White
Brooke Ashley White
Kennedy Morrell Williams
Adam Wilson
Evan Winchester
Breeona Janay Zachary
Robert Trent Zeigler