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Hello Transitioners,
Welcome to our first newsletter. We hope you will enjoy this monthly update of what's going on in your community. Please feel free to send any comments, suggestions, ideas... to We are always interested in your thoughts! Speaking about that...

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Open Space Meeting

Thursday April 25th

7 p.m.

Reading Room Cafe 

Transition Sooke wants to hear from you! What should Sooke focus on in the next year? Bring all your ideas to our Open Space Meeting, be part of the "dotmocracy" and brainstorm  with like-minded people about all your ideas. No ideas yet? No worries, we are sure that after this evening your head will be buzzing with inspiration!
Spring Has Sprung

Time to plant your garden !!

Companion Planting

Companion planting is an age-old technique in which specific crops are planted together. They aid each other in important ways like nutrient uptake, pest control and pollination. An excellent example  is the combination of bush beans and potatoes. They protect each other from insect pests, and the beans provide extra nitrogen to the potatoes. result: a better yield for both crops!
Companion planting also exists in a physical way: tall-growing, sun-loving plants may share space with lower-growing, shade-tolerant species, resulting in higher total yields from the land. Another type of  companion planting is called nurse cropping, where tall or dense-canopied plants may protect more vulnerable plants through shading or by providing a windbreak.
Since this is a complex system with many variables, the opinions of good and bad companions can vary from source to source. On this website I found a good overview of a comparison of three well-known books. Worth a look.

Want to create your own companion planting garden plan? This free garden planner can help you with that!
Sooke Region Food and Farm Guide

Food-CHI presents the updated Sooke Region Food and Farm Guide.

Salmon Confidential

Watch This!

Salmon Confidential is a new documentary on the government cover up of what is killing BC's wild salmon. Biologist Alexandra Morton explains in clear language what causes the problem and what can solve it. You can watch the documentary here, a must see!

If you are just as upset about it as us and you want to do something about it, you can find some ideas on the website:
  • Write your MLA, John Horgan at
  • Contact MLA electoral candidates in your riding (find his/her email address here). Tell them in order to get your vote you want them to stand up for the wild salmon economy and remove farms from the migration routes of wild salmon
  • Write Adrian Dix  at, the man most likely to be the next premier of BC, and explain that you will use your vote to make sure wild salmon gets protected in the next legislature
  • Go to this website to get heard
  • Forward the link to the movie to as many people as possible. The more people are aware of this issue, the more chance we have to make an impact
  • Sign the petition here
  • Boycott farm salmon here
  • Volunteer
  • Donate at Salmon Are Sacred
Aging Well in Community

Wake up before you’re cooked! Jump out to develop your own aging scenario.

Canadian Senior Cohousing Society 
presents a weekend course in which they introduce a way of life where seniors plan their futures now.

Aging Well in Community: Senior Cohousing
May 25 & 26, 2013
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Royal Roads University
PEHL 3080
Want more info first? Join them 
for a
Saturday May 4th
1-3 p.m.
Royal Roads University
1 p.m. Information about "Aging Well in Community"
2 p.m. Harbourside Senior Cohousing Presentation, followed by Q&A


Vancouver Island is declared a GE free zone!

We joined 60 countries around the world and many municipalities to become a GE free zone! A big THANK YOU to all who were involved in the rally at the Prestige last Saturday, to all who signed the petition and spread the news. Our native pollinators are grateful to you!
Why this is so important for us all you can find out via this short video or more in depth via this article. Want more info on safe and healthy food? Then you might be interested in following the free Food Revolution Summit.

 Streetbank shows you all the things and skills your neighbours are offering. It’s a giant garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, book and DVD library and skills bank for your neighbourhood. You can sign up for free and start sharing!
Transition Town Cafe
Share your ideas or get up to date with what's all going on in Sooke. Join us for coffee or tea at the last Transition Town Cafe of this season.  

Sunday May 5th
2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Reading Room Cafe
Suggested theme: elections
Juan de Fuca Cycling Coalition
Meeting of the Juan De Fuca Cycling Coalition

We need your input to help direct our efforts and determine the direction of the JDFCC.
If you want to see improvement for cycling in this area ... come on out!

Sunday April 28th
1 p.m.
The Stick in the Mud Cafe
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