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Awareness Video Night

Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet,the Extreme Ice Survey. With a band of young adventurers in tow, Balog began deploying revolutionary time-lapse cameras across the brutal Arctic to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.

December 11th, 2013
7 p.m.
EMCS School
Dear Members and Friends of Transition Sooke,
The Annual General Meeting of the Sooke Transition Town Society will be held
on Sunday, December 8th at the Reading Room Café (next to Western Foods) in
Sooke from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
As Chair of the Core Team, I will be giving a report on our activities in 2013 and
will comment on what lies in the future for our organization. There will be a
financial report. There will be an election of the next Board, which we call the
Core Team, to take us forward into 2014.
All members are entitled to vote on any motions brought forward at the meeting.
We hope you will join us and participate in this community initiative.
Our monthly café will start an hour later than usual at 3 p.m. and will go until 4
o’clock when the Reading Room Café usually closes to the public. You are
encouraged to come either for the café or arrive before 4 p.m. so you can avail
yourself of the beverages and goodies for purchase just before the formal
meeting gets under way.
We are grateful to Kathy and her staff for allowing us to use this very central
space for our monthly cafes and for this occasion.
Yours Sustainably,
Michael Tacon
Chair – Core Team
Meatless Monday
Report on GMO Talk
 Dr. Thierry Vrain, a former Agriculture Canada research scientist turned GMO whistleblower, spotlighted some of this newly emerging scientific literature during a Nov. 17 talk at the Sooke Harbour House presented by Transition Sooke and Sooke Region Food CHI in collaboration with GE-Free B.C. and Greenpeace Vancouver. 
In front of a full house of 60 people, Vrain acknowledged that in the 1990s he firmly believed in the then-orthodox view that GMOs were a magic bullet for farmers seeking high-yield, pest-resistant crops. This myth has slowly but surely been shattered on a variety of fronts over the last decade, he said. Superweeds have emerged that are resistant to the herbicide Roundup. Research dating back as early as 1996 shows that GMOs can cause brain and organ damage. Contamination from GMOs blowing in from one field to another has resulted in the loss of Canada’s flax and canola export markets in Europe.
Solutions? Know your farmer. Save seeds, trade them at Seedy Saturday events and grow your own food.  Educate yourself about what to avoid on supermarket shelves. And avoid known offenders like corn, soybeans, sugarbeets and papayas along with canola oil and products that replace sugar with aspartame.

More info needed? Watch the movie "Genetic Roulette", available at the Video-to-go or read the scientific articles in the Earth Open Source Report.
Harbourside Cohousing

Aging Well in Community: Harbourside Senior Cohousing

If your New Year's resolution is to get out of denial about aging where you live now, drop in to learn about a weekend Royal Roads U course that will help you plan and even have fun doing it! Information will also be available about Harbourside.
Juan de Fuca Library, Colwood.
Jan 5th 
1:30-3:30 pm.
Free Admission
 Learn about this waterfront  community that completely reframes what aging in place means. Glimpse the vision, see draft floor plans, enjoy the view, and learn how to become involved as Harbourside's design phase shifts into high gear. Maybe there will even be another ropes course like the one pictured here that followed the Nov information session -- our seniors'  activities are definitely beyond bingo! 
 Jan 12th
1:00 pm.
6669 Horne Rd., Sooke. 
Free Admission

Weekend Royal Roads University course in Sooke 
Aging Well in Community

Facilitators Andrew Moore and Margaret Critchlow, says one participant, can lead you "from the illusion of ‘self-reliance’ to the reality and joy of interdependence….. and the importance of planning.” You'll be surprised how much fun this is!

Jan 25-26th
6669 Horne Rd., Sooke
Click here to register
Dr. Thierry Vrain suspects the federal government won’t legislate GMO labeling until one or more U.S. states succeed in passing such initiatives!
Food for Thought

Food For Thought

Our current agricultural system uses taxpayer money to subsidize the planting of GMO's while organic farmers are required to pay fees for "certification".

Book of the Month

The Burning Question by M. Burners-Lee and D. Clark
We can't burn half the world's oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit?
A new book about energy, climate change and what it might take to leave fuel worth trillions of dollars in the ground.

Holistic Health Care

In this interview Rachel Naomi Remen gives her idea about health care: curing is not healing. A powerful woman with  a heartfelt vision of how life can be lived more fulfilling.  Author of "Kitchen Table Wisdom" and "My Grandfather's Blessings".
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