A look back at the blessings of 2013 at Vision for Chile.
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2013: A look back

With Grateful Hearts

Dear friend,
I pray that you have been enjoying this time of the year - the anticipation that Advent brings of our coming Savior. It is an anticipation of celebrating that first Christmas, but also of His return - the Word made flesh come to bring His Truth and Light!

As we celebrate, we pause to give thanks for this year and we praise God for His many blessings
. 2013 has been a year of blessing upon blessing, and grace upon grace. We see the hand of God at work in Chile, in the girls at the House of Hope, and in our hearts as well. We wanted to share with you some of those blessings and give the Lord the praise He deserves.

We know that you receive a lot of requests for your time, attention, love and your wallets at this time of the year.  As you evaluate your opportunities - will you remember us?  We need your prayer, we need your service on our work teams, we need your financial support, we need your advocacy on our behalf. We praise God for the blessing of you!

We have that same "Advent excitement" as we prepare to turn the last page in our 2013 planners and look forward in anticipation to the great things He will do in 2014.

Merry Christmas,
Tom Orme, Founder and Director

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For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.
John 1:16 (ESV)

House of Hope

This year we supported a total of 14 young women at The House of Hope (HOH) in Santiago. Two have graduated from higher education: Damaris (Damy) in Technical Nursing and Cynthia as a History Teacher. Both are the first generation in their families to complete this level of education. They are also the first graduates at the HOH, and we are so proud of them for reaching this major milestone!

In the Castillo La Pintana community where the HOH is located, only 30% of young people finish high school. To change lives, and break the cycle of poverty - all must work together. Damy, Cynthia, and the other girls at the HOH have been diligent in their studies this year - and we know that the Lord will continue to honor their hard work. Our  assistance is not just to give these young women "fish", but to teach how to "fish" and to grow in every sense and share their "fish" with others. We know that in time the work of God gives fruit, and our mission of offering integral education and valuable direction will help break this poverty cycle as these women change their outlook and look to Christ. We praise God for the blessing that each of these young ladies are, and for the hope that the Lord is growing in each of them.

This year we had several interns come and join us at the HOH and bless us with their amazing talents. We praise God for the blessing of their immense contributions and for their meaningful friendships.

<<More about our interns' experiences>>

We had several of you join us this year on work teams as well, and are always so grateful to have you with us!  If you haven't been on one of our trips or want to join us again - we would love to have you! Our next trip deadline is coming up soon, so come start your 2014 off with some warm Chilean weather! We praise God for the blessing of all our 2013 work team volunteers - for their hard work and hearts of service.

<<Upcoming Trip Info>>


In the 2013, Vision for Chile has held various workshops in a local hogar/orphanage - teaching English and the Bible, and spending time connecting with the children that live there. There was a lot of learning and laughter. We praise God for the blessing that the hogar fulfills in providing shelter and protection for children in our community.

Forjadores del Futuro School

We continued to work in the Forjadores del Futuro School - preaching the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ, helping with English and music classes, and wherever else the school need assistance. This year 10 children from the school accepted the Lord as their Savior! We praise God for the blessing of allowing us to participate in the work He is already doing at the school.

<<More about VFC at the school>>
 <<A current need for instruments>>

Accesorios Esperanza

2013 saw continued growth in our micro business project, Accesorios Esperanza. The purpose of the project is to focus on providing valuable work and life skills for the girls at the HOH. It offers work experience, training for all levels and functions of a business, and prepares them for common realities of being in the workforce.

This year we expanded the product line into copper - offering bracelets, earrings, and other items common in the Chilean/Latin American culture. Thanks to the hard work of our work teams this year, we will soon officially inaugurate the workshop area that will be a designated place to continue to develop this program. Below are just a few of the products we have available for sale.

We praise God for the blessing for the practical experience and life lessons we are learning through this program that will help the girls continue to prepare for life after the HOH.                                                           

<<To make a purchase>>

Vision for Children

In 2011, it was decided that we should become an independent nonprofit in the United States.  And in 2013, we saw that vision come to fruition as our application to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was approved by the IRS and Vision for Children, Inc was born!

Does that mean Vision for Chile goes away? Definitely not! Vision for Chile will be a ministry underneath the "umbrella" of Vision for Children. What it means is that our ministry is growing as the Lord directs and we are open to follow anywhere in the world He may lead. We like to say "New name. New logo. Same ministry. Bigger impact."

Stay tuned for more updates about what Vision for Children is doing in the coming year.  We praise God for the blessing of His favor with the IRS during the application process and we praise Him in advance for the things He will accomplish through Vision for Children!
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