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Dear reader,

the big news first: The Local Agenda 21 has landed in Favoriten. Over 180.000 additional citizens are now receiving assistance with realizing their ideas for a sustainable development in their district.

Furthermore the exhibition on the city development plan 2025 is starting, the LA21 Vienna visited Copenhagen and Malmö and initiated numerous action to improve the situation for pedestrians in Vienna.

A great time reading our newsletter wishes yor LA21 team!


Local Agenda 21 in Favoriten
Exhibition STEP 2025
Walking in Vienna
Maps Maps Maps
Excursion to Malmö and Copenhagen


Lokale Agenda 21 in Favoriten

On the 16th of October the Agenda office Favoriten opened it's doors. From now on a multi professional team supports citizens to develop and realize their visions and requests.

The Agendaoffice is centrally located in the Bürgergasse 14 close to the U1 station Reumanplatz and offers multi lingual counselling in German, Turkish and B/K/S.

Everyone interested is invited to the big opening event on the 13th of November, 6 pm in the district exchange Favoriten. Together with the Agendateam and local politicians ideas are going to be discussed and new projects are going to be developed.

Everyone who is interested in joint gardening, may contact the Agendaoffice right now. ( Everyone is needed to let the idea of a community garden become true! Right now ideas for a possible locatre are especially looked for.


AgendaTeam with the local politician Gerhard Blöschl

Exhibition STEP 2025

On the 5th of November the exhibition about the city development plan 2013 starts in the Wiener Planungswerkstatt. In a first step the numerous inputs of the city society – including the ones of the Local Agenda 21 – are presented. In phase 2 the city development plan itself will be the topic.

The LA21 Vienna organized two events: In the LA21 Lab citizens and local politicians discussed their visions and ideas for the future of the city. In a wisdom council 24 coincidentally chosen citizens worked on the topic “Vienna is growing! How can we shape the city for a prosperously living?”

Additionally the LA21 invites everyone interested to a discussion on the 5th of December. The topic will be “Citizens are shaping their city?” We are happy to welcome Frank Zimmermann from Heidelberg to present their ambitious guidelines on civil participation. From there on the situation in Vienna will be discussed.

LA21 and STEP 2025
Exhibition "Wien 2025 - Stadt im Dialog entwickeln"
Civic participation in Heidelberg

Through Vienna per Zu Fuß durch Wien

Some people are riding the bike, some are using public transport – everyone is walking! However this most sustainable of all modes of mobility isn't in the eye of the public at all and walking in Vienna isn't still as attractive as it could be. The LA21 tries to push this topic through different initiatives:

City walks help to explore the city, to identify problems and to jointly develop new ideas. In Josefstadt Markus Mondre organizes district walks for everyone who is interested.

In the 3
rd district a “Geh-Café” in cooperation with the mobility agency Vienna was organized. The main focus were the needs of different generations. In Alsergrund a tour is planned to gather calm places and beautiful walking paths.

Playstreets are another possibility to make public space accessible especially for young pedestrians. Children can run and play to their heart's content in a street which is closed to traffic. The great success of such projects in the 3rd and 4th district show the importance of this initiatives.

Zu Fuß im Achten
Spielen auf der Wieden
Video: Gehen und Spielen in Wien

District walk in Josefstadt

Maps Maps Maps

Some LA21 districts are offering digital maps as participation tools. They allow to leave ideas and suggestions to improve the life quality and draw the attention to interesting places and activities in the district.

In Hot Spots Josefstadt different symbols can be used to mark suggestions for improvement on a map of the district. Furthermore through a simple rating problematic or beautiful places can be marked.

The application 100 reasons covers the 4th district as well as parts of the 22nd district where interesting activities and places can be marked.

Both applications can be used after a short registration process.

Hot Spots Josefstadt
100 Gründe


Exkursion nach Malmö und Kopenhagen

The LA21 excursion 2013 led from the 9th to the 11th of September to Malmö and Copenhagen. Both cities are growing fast and try to deal with this development through agglomeration. At the same time they are worldwide leading in the area of clycling.

The participants visited the administration of both cities, gathered information at local institutions and explored the cities by food, bike and public transport.

The documentation of the trip can be found here.


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