Isn’t it time you took a vaping flavour holiday?
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V2 is always in the best possible taste

If you are of a certain age, you will be lucky enough to remember the brilliant Kenny Everett and his array of comic characters, including ‘Cupid Stunt’ with her catchphrase “It’s all done in the best possible taste”.

V2 is always in the best possible taste

Fortunately, V2 Platinum E-liquids really are ‘all done in the best possible taste’ – and the highest quality, freshness and purity – whether you buy our prefilled cartridges or the bottles of e-liquid.

Crucially, you get genuine flavours with no bitter after-taste. And with V2 you can even check the batch number online to find out exactly when your e-liquid was made.

The other great news is that, in the next issue, we will be announcing the arrival of two new delicious V2 Platinum E-liquid flavours. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a ‘flavour holiday’ and take a new e-juice for a test drive? Read on to check out what you’ve been missing in our current flavour range – as well as the usual entertaining cocktail of vaping views, ‘how-tos’, fascinating facts and giggles.


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Vapers are getting fruity

According to UK sales figures, we vapers are being more adventurous and trying new flavours. Tobacco and menthol are still top sellers, but the fruity flavours are, in particular, growing in popularity.

Fancy a bite?

Which begs the question: have you given fruit flavoured e-liquid a go? V2 Platinum E-liquid comes in Cherry, Grape and Vanilla. Or, if you’ve already had your five a day, you could try Cola, Chocolate or Coffee.

Probably the best way of discovering which one turns on your tastebuds, is by buying our sweet and fruity sample pack which gives you a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in all six of the above flavours.

I see you shiver with antici... pation

How to get a bigger hit with less nicotine

Although 2.4 nicotine is no longer legally available, you can still get the big nicotine hit you want.

Consider buying a sub-ohm device like the V2 Trinity or a V2 Pro Series 3 with its new Ceramic Cartridge. Both use sub-ohm heating to vaporise your e-juice and deliver a bigger nicotine hit.

TrinitySub-ohming quote

More than half of UK vapers have given up smoking.

No smoking

1.5 million vapers are ex-smokers. 1.3 million vapers still use tobacco. Of the 9 million smokers left in the UK, more than one third have yet to try vaping. 26% wrongly think e-cigs are at least as harmful as smoking. Only 13% believe vaping is a lot less harmful.

Bike shed cartoon

Great Balls of Vape! Watch how to make them…

Vape trick

You just need some bubble mixture (or watereddown washing up liquid), a toilet roll tube and your vape.

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The 1 Second Survey

Do you smoke tobacco as well as vape?

50121b40-b3a5-4ecd-96d4-b235053d1bb7.gif   bc37c6d4-f0ba-4e07-8dd5-b3000bb9f204.gif

The results of May’s survey:

Do you know the difference between PG and VG e‑liquid?

Yes 44%   4d9c783d-a2e9-433e-aa49-d95c22539acc.png

Smoking and vaping to be banned in UK council homes?

There is talk in government circles about making no smoking part of the tenancy agreement in new or refurbished council housing. If so, will vaping be included under that new rule? Let’s hope they are not so foolish.

In the USA, all public housing agencies MUST provide smoke-free environments by the end of July 2018.

Council homes

What’s on this blogging June?

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 1: In this month's instalment in our Vaping 101 Series, we're sharing a beginner’s guide to sub-ohm vaping.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 2: Five of the top FAQs about one of the most talked about elements of vaping. Nicotine.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 3: ‘The global state of vaping’ will update you on the biggest international news stories about vaping.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 4: Prepare your tastebuds, we're looking at 10 of the strangest e-liquid flavours ever created.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 5:: We asked, you answered, giving your thoughts on some of the vaping community's biggest questions.

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