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There’s so much good news this month that we’ve had to list it…

Vaping helps you to avoid the curse of the ex-smoker and actually lose weight!
The majority of people are pro vaping in public – according to the BBC.
Anti-vaping scaremongers have been branded as talking “alarmist nonsense” by scientists and doctors.
3 dynamite reasons why your decision to choose V2 has been proved right.
Why it’s never too late to stop smoking.
PLUS 5 ways to live your life to the full.


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Yippeeeee! Vaping helps you lose weight

In their commentary ‘Could vaping be a new weapon in the battle of the bulge?’, Professors at Massey University, New Zealand, have suggested that it could help with weight loss.

"Vaping's use of e-liquids with food flavours, along with the mouth-feel and aroma of the vapour, and the hand-to-mouth actions of vaping, could play a role in helping people eat less." Explained Professor Marewa Glover. Professor Bernhard Breier added that the role of taste and smell in feeling full "shows considerable promise".

Nicotine is also a known appetite suppressant, whilst stimulating the metabolism. Vaping delivers nicotine without


The 1 Second Survey

Have you lost weight since you started vaping?


The results of October’s survey

Is it right that vaping is banned in the same places as tobacco?

Yes 24%  

BBC asks: should vaping be
allowed in public spaces?

That was the question posed by respected broadcaster Michael Mosley of BBC iWonder.

He explained that there are 2.6 million current or ex-smokers in the UK who vape. Some healthcare experts and groups like Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) think vaping should be encouraged as a tobacco substitute. But other institutions, like the British Medical Association, want it banned from enclosed public spaces.

The public’s answer to the
question, was…

Yes 56% No 35% need more evidence 9%

…which, given that this was not a vaping audience, shows how receptive the public is becoming to the idea of vaping as socially acceptable. Result!



What’s on the V2 Blog?

The V2 Blog is fast becoming the hub of UK vaping news and views. This month alone it’ll be covering:

Vaping for beginners – the basics
(and all that blooming jargon) explained
Pets and vaping – what you need to know
How to care for your vaping hardware and
e-liquid in cold weather
The Vaping Good Christmas Gift Guide –
watch out for some very festive offers!
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5 ways

Quitting after cancer diagnosis isn’t too late

“Stopping smoking appears to be equally effective as chemotherapy in terms of improving a patient’s prognosis,” says Sanjay Agrawal, a British Thoracic Society Stop Smoking Champion for University Hospitals of Leicester.

But how do you convince the patient to give up tobacco whilst not giving up hope? Louise Ross, Manager at a Stop Smoking Service in Leicester believes that vaping is the answer. Apparently, the overall success rate of people trying to quit increases by 20% when they use vaping devices.

Stopping smoking

Doctor contracts a bad case of foot in mouth

A doctor who compared the risks of vaping to that of Thalidomide has been accused of "alarmist nonsense".

Dr Phil Banfield, Chairman of the British Medical Association's Welsh Council, made his highly controversial comparison with Thalidomide (the 1960s anti-morning sickness drug that caused birth deformities) during an interview on BBC Radio Wales's ‘Eye on Wales’.


No evidence

Tom Pruen, a scientific officer from the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, said Banfield was
unjustifiably using the topic to elicit “an emotional response that's quite simply not justified by the evidence”.
He cited organisations such as the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England which have
endorsed the benefits of using e-cigs to quit smoking.

Vaping has divided opinion in Wales. A move to ban e-cigs from some public places was rejected by the
Welsh Assembly in March.


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