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We love Christmas. That’s why we were a little sad to see some cynical retailers begin the season way back in September when the country was still basking in a late, great summer and Santa was taking a well-earned break in the Maldives.

At V2, we’re more traditional about these things and believe that festivities should only begin when the first door of our office Advent Calendar is opened.

At that point we start thinking ‘Xmas Party’. And what better way to celebrate the fact that most of us have only got a couple of weeks before we break up for the hols, than by mixing a few Vaping Good cocktails with a seasonal twist?

chocolate cocktail

The recipes below are genuinely yummy, so do try them. And if you’re short of any V2 Platinum E-liquid flavours, you can stock up here.

What’s more, we’d like to introduce you to a sub-ohm device that will create even more vapour and bring even more taste to your cocktail experience: the XEO VOID. You can read all about it below.

On a more serious – but very positive note – the Royal College of General Practitioners has just given GPs the thumbs up to recommend e-cigs as a way to stop smoking. It’s brilliant to see that yet another respected medical body has seen the vaping light.

And that’s just a tiny taste of the great stuff to follow…


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Fancy an ‘elfy Christmas cocktail?

This time of the year always provides the perfect excuse for being a little different, trying new things and generally mixing it up! And we believe these seasonal vaping cocktails will impress your tastebuds.

You’ll need a V2 pen with a refillable blank cartridge – preferably the superior V2 Ex Blank. Our excellent Shisha Kits also come with EX Blanks.

And if you have a V2 PRO Series 3 or a V2 PRO Series 7 then just add the e-liquids to their tanks in the same ratios as described below. It’s really easy.

To make all the cocktails, get your hands on six V2 Platinum E-liquids: Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Peppermint, Sahara and Vanilla.

Simply measure out your ingredients into the Ex Blank or tank. Agitate gently with the cap on, and let the wick soak for at least five minutes. That’s it.

elfy dog

The 1 Second Survey

Have you put any vaping kit on your Xmas list?


The results of November’s survey

Have you lost weight since you started vaping?

Yes 24%  

Thinking of going sub-ohm?
Then think XEO VOID

The XEO VOID is a quality all-in-one device of
German design, capable of sub-ohm and normal
vaping. So, it’s perfect for beginners and
experienced vapers.

Equipped with a high performance
1500 mAH battery.
100% leak-proof and outstanding
2ml e-liquid capacity.
Optimised for both normal and high VG ratio

You’ll find the XEO VOID at Purest E-Liquid, a
company V2 is very happy to recommend for
sub-ohming devices and cloud chasing e-liquids.

Vapican City  

What’s blogging on this blogging December?

Week 1 saw us sharing more cocktail

Week 2 delivers a round-up of the state of vaping in 2016, covering some particularly exciting research projects and innovations.

Week 3 will feature a short but sweet ‘Christmas message’ from the team (a bit like the Queen’s but without any corgis and maybe a tad less serious).

Week 4 will be the perfect time to set goals for the year ahead. So we’ve decided to share a list of achievable resolutions for vapers.
Read blogs past and present

The Royal College of General Practitioners, RCGP to its friends, has delivered its recommendations to health professionals about how e-cigs can help stop smoking.

This comes after a survey this year which revealed that a disappointing number (17%) of British GPs backed the idea of prescribing e-cigs to stop smoking, while 14% said they weren’t sure.

Crucially, the RCGP agrees with the Royal College of Physicians that GPs should include the e-cig as a valid weapon in the fight against smoking.


The Last Orders for Xmas!

If you don’t want to run out of V2 Platinum E-liquid and other vaping necessities, then please order online on or before 3pm on the 21 December to guarantee delivery by 24 December.

Give yourself a second chance

Should you miss that deadline, then you can opt for next day delivery. But you must do it no later than the 22 December 2016 to ensure that supplies arrive pre-Xmas.

And speed it up

Here’s the fastest, no-nonsense way to order: sign in to ‘My account’ and select COMPLETED. Choose the order that has your regular items by selecting View Order Details. Then tick the items you want and click the re-order button… Job done!


ORDER before 3pm on the
21 December to guarantee delivery by 24 December.


FACT: Scientists have created synthetic nicotine


Will this mean that anti-vaping legislation based on ‘tobacco derived products’ will no longer be able to treat vapers as smokers if the nicotine used in their e-liquid is synthetic? Watch this legal space…


FACT: Your DNA is safer vaping

Scientists at British American Tobacco have revealed that, unlike tobacco smoke, vapour does not cause genetic mutations which may be linked to cancer.


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