August’s Vaping Good News and a little bit of history
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In this issue of Vaping Good News, we talk about the history of vaping, including the inventor of the e‑cig, and about the importance of making smoking history in your life.

And when you go on holiday (thanks, of course, to all that money you saved by giving up smoking!) there’s a vaping checklist for your luggage.

Whatever you’re doing, have a vaping lovely August!

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22% of you still smoke

That was the surprising finding of June’s ‘1 Second Survey’ which asked for the usual YES / NO answer to the question: ‘Do you smoke tobacco as well as vape?’


If you’re part of that percentage, then we’d love to know the reason: is it the hit, the taste, the feel of the cigarette… or, as they would say in Monty Python, something completely different?

Please share with us on Facebook. You never know, you might start a conversation with like-minds that will help you and the rest of the vaping community.

In the meantime, here’s a fact that might help you give up the inhalation of burning leaves altogether...

And now for something completely different
According to Cancer Research UK...
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Want to watch the brilliant Monty Python firing squad sketch? You can here.


The 1 Second Survey

Do other vapers annoy you by their behaviour in public?

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The results of July’s survey:

Do you know, in vaping terms, what a ‘mod’ is?

Yes 54%   3a6e0f3b-28b8-4837-94e0-398131e496ac.png
When you only have a little bit of juice left

Who saved our vaping lives?

Who save our vaping lives?

When asked who invented the electronic cigarette, many vapers would answer Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who came up with the idea of using ultrasound to vaporise a pressurised jet of liquid containing nicotine. The patent was filed in 2003 and manufactured the following year in Beijing. But Mr Lik was not the first.

Our hero Herbert

Way back in1960s USA, Herbert Gilbert developed a smokeless cigarette. On 17 April, 1963 he filed the very first e-cig patent for what he called the “Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette”. And cinnamon was the first ever vaping flavour he developed.

When asked what gave him the idea, Herb replied: “Cinnamon is like tree bark and it doesn’t hurt you, but if you set it on fire the result would be nothing you’d want in your lungs!”

That problem could not occur without combustion. Then came his ‘eureka moment’: he remembered how tea is brewed and realised he could replace burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavoured air. Finally, he concluded that a battery powered heat source would do the job and the first electric cigarette was born.

Herbet A Gilbert

Herbert A. Gilbert is considered by many to be the inventor of the modern electronic cigarette.

Herb’s original prototypes…


Patent greed

Unfortunately, the patent was never put into production because Herb was “stonewalled”.

“Those I showed it to could have done it, but they chose to wait for the patent to expire and then filed their own versions. I showed it to chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies, and they did what they did to try to protect their markets.”

Vaping and Herb Gilbert’s part in its invention, might very possibly have saved your life. But think how many millions – if not billions – of lives could have also been saved if Herb’s invention had been successfully manufactured and marketed 54 years ago. The tobacco companies have a lot to answer for.


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