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Even the bumbling Inspector Clouseau couldn’t fail to find the flavours, service and technology you can trust at the V2 Shop. The only thing he might miss is that our high quality – and incredibly popular – CBD oil is now at our VSAVI sister website.

The cool, proven qualities of the EX Series also come under the spotlight in our new ‘From the Horse’s Mouth’ feature, where happy customers pour on the praise for everything EX.

Indeed, from the powerful, long-lasting EX Batteries that come in a range of stylish metallic colours, including pink (well, ‘Rose Gold’ to be precise) to the oh-so-reliable EX Blanks, this is one range you should try, if you haven’t done so already.

We also explain why you should, in the near’ish future (fingers crossed), be getting a little less hot under the collar about vaping policies at your work.

And we do our best to inform and entertain you with the hippest happenings in the vaping world.

…Oh yes, and we have a laugh too. Which, cool or not, is more important than anything else.


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Is Groundhog Day nearly over for vapers at work?

Day-in-day-out, it’s the same old story for vapers at work. Lumped together with our tobacco smoking colleagues, we huddle like lepers in the dingy, dank side-returns of workplaces nationwide. But are employer attitudes to vaping changing at last?

According to the Government’s Tobacco Control Plan, vaping should be allowed in offices and enclosed public spaces to maximise access to safer alternatives to smoking. The Government also pledges to “maximise the availability of safer alternatives to smoking” and to support smokers turning to nicotine substitutes.

One of the Plan’s primary goals is to reduce the number of tobacco smoking adults in England from 15.5% to 12% by 2022. The aim is also to cut smoking amongst 15-year-olds from 8% to 3% or less.

Groundhog Day

Employers encouraged to think again

Public Health England has already recommended a ‘lighter’ approach to e-cig rules and regulations in order to support vaping as a means to quit cancer sticks. In particular, it has reminded employers that e-cig use is not covered by smoke-free legislation, so shouldn’t automatically be included in corporate policies that ban smoking.

Announcing their vision to create a “smoke-free generation” the Government says it will “seek to support consumers in stopping smoking and adopting the use of less harmful nicotine products. The evidence is increasingly clear that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than smoking tobacco.”

The Department of Health has also pledged to monitor evidence about the safety of ‘nicotine delivery products’, publishing it on an annual basis, with messages about the relative safety of e-cigs included in stop-smoking campaigns.


“I bought the V2 EX and Power Cig to augment the V2 Classic batteries I already had when I gave up smoking cigars 37 days and 16 hours ago! The finest compliment I can pay the V2 EX is that, with my other V2 items, it has made giving up almost a pleasure. I save my EX for after meals as a treat and really look forward to it. Added to this, the service received from V2 is very good.”

Posted by David Theobald on 08.03.2017

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The 1 Second Survey

Do you vape more at the weekend?

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The results of August’s survey:

Do other vapers annoy you by their behaviour in public?

Yes 54%   3a6e0f3b-28b8-4837-94e0-398131e496ac.png

Stop smoking the Allen Carr way

The late Allen Carr was – and still is – to smoking what Donald Trump is to diplomacy.

BBC Radio 4’s intimate documentary about his famously successful stop-smoking methodology is well worth 30 minutes of your time. It might even change your life.

You can listen here
Allen Carr

FACT: ‘Vaping’
Who said it first?

Dr. Norman Jacobson pioneered the use of the term ‘vaping’ in the early 1980s. It was in reference to a pure nicotine inhalation device he helped to develop with clever fellow American, Phil Ray.


Isn’t it strange how killing yourself can look so cool…


Back in 2011, a research team from Imperial College London, led by Dr Christopher Millett, senior lecturer at Imperial’s School of Public Health, revealed that young people really do mimic what they see on the big screen.

It’s time Bridget gave up

From ‘Basic Instinct’ to ‘Bridget Jones’, there are hundreds of famous smoking scenes. The report by Dr Christopher Millett’s team, published in PLoS Medicine, stated that exposure to tobacco imagery in movies is a “potent cause of youth experimentation and progression to established smoking”.

That conclusion has been backed up by research published in the Journal of Neuroscience, which revealed that reward circuits in the brains of smokers are fired up whenever a cigarette in a film is lit.

And the World Health Organisation has recommended to governments that films with smoking scenes should contain an adult rating. Sadly, few have followed that advice.

Maybe we should have more vaping in films?

What do you think?

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“These EX Blanks really are the highest quality, can't fault them at all. Probably gone through about 50 by now with not a single fault. Even after refilling 30-35 times, I can't find any degradation in use. Excellent value for money. And as usual, excellent service and delivery from V2.”

Posted by Chris Brown on 26.06.2017

4 seconds

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