Vaping Good News: September’s cocktail of informative fun
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There are lots of good things to toast this month. For starters, the heroic performance by Great Britain’s athletes in Rio. Also the fact that there’s yet more medical research revealing the health advantages of vaping over smoking. Plus, of course, the thousands of pounds a year that can be saved by saying no to tobacco and yes to e-liquid.

So we decided to celebrate by creating cocktails. This month we have three delicious coffee-based creations to share with you. And that’s just a taste of what follows.


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Time for a vaping cocktail?

If you’ve been shying away from the less traditional vaping tastes, here’s an exciting way to discover what delicious results can be achieved by combining complementary flavours. Our e-liquid mixologists have come up with three coffee-based cocktails.

You will need a V2 pen with a refillable blank cartridge – preferably the superior V2 Ex Blank. Our excellent Shisha Kits come with EX Blanks. And if you have a V2 PRO Series 3 or a V2 PRO Series 7 then just add the e-liquids to their tanks in the same ratios as described below. It’s really easy.

You’ll also require four V2 Platinum E-liquids: Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cola – yes, Cola! Trust us, it works. You can order all of them here.

In all cases, simply measure out your ingredients into the Ex Blank or tank. Agitate gently with the cap on, and let the wick soak for at least five minutes. It’ll be worth the wait.

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Excellent reasons to be an

Did you know that a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes now costs around £9?! Some brands are even more. So a smoker with a 20 a day habit spends over £3,200 per year. About £63 per week.

Vaping V2 E-Liquid for an equivalent amount of time (each tobacco cigarette lasts for around 6 minutes) costs less than £20 per week. A saving of well over £2000 per year.

And things are going to get even tougher for smokers. New regulations mean that cigarettes will have to be sold in white packs from May 2017. Packs of 10 will no longer be available.

Aren’t you glad you’re a vaper now?


The 1 Second Survey

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The results of last month’s survey

Do you vape for than 7 minutes at a time?

Yes 51%  

Vape safe with V2


V2 is one of the few manufacturers to tell you exactly what’s in its Platinum E-Liquid.


Enlightened shire sees the vaping light

Lincolnshire has one of the highest levels of smoking in England. On average, every hospital in the county admits six people a day with smoking related illnesses.

In a pilot project, 10 long-term smokers were provided with an e-cigarette starter pack. After 12 weeks, four had succeeded in switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes and eight had cut down their tobacco consumption by a half or more.

They said that they were coughing less, breathing easier and felt more energetic. Better still, their sense of taste and smell was improved. Some reported that the move to e-cigarettes had saved them £50 a week.

Well done Lincolnshire. We can't wait to see how the county takes this forward.

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University study supports health findings

An online survey by Queen Mary University London strongly indicates that respiratory infections decrease when smokers become vapers. The study was carried out by assessing 941 subjects who switched to vaping for at least two months. The results were published in the Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy with 66% of participants


No doubt about it

“The study provides a reasonable reassurance that vaping does not promote respiratory infections and may in fact reduce them… there is no doubt that vaping is a much healthier option than smoking,” said Peter Hajek, a Senior Professor at the University.

The findings are in line with previous studies, such as those published by the Royal College of Physicians, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (US) and Roswell Park Cancer Institute (US).


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