We won’t let the law change the way you want to vape
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The TPD might be forcing us to sell e-liquid in smaller bottles, but we’ve come up with multi-buy e-liquid deals that mean you won’t get kicked in the wallet because of it.

And despite the regulations on e-liquids that come into force on 20 May, when 2.4% nicotine e-liquids will no longer be available, there’s a simple solution: sub-ohm vaping.

The V2 range now includes a choice of sub-ohm vaping technology that puts you in complete control and will consistently deliver the vaping experience you desire.

In the last issue, we introduced you to the new V2 Trinity sub-ohm device. This month we reveal that you can sub-ohm using the sleek and ever-popular V2 Pro Series 3 with its new Ceramic Cartridge.

Better still – for you – we now need to clear out all the gear we can’t legally offer you after 20 May. So, we suggest you grab yourself a brilliant bargain today! But hurry, you really haven’t got much time…

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Same great flavours in smaller bottles

All V2’s 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8% nicotine e-liquids will only be available in 10 ML bottles from 20 May 2017. However, 0.0% nicotine e-liquids will still be available in 25 ML and 50 ML, as they don’t come under the legislation.

The clever way to buy e-liquid

Although V2 now has to pay more for packaging and to be TPD-compliant, we don’t see why you should suffer because of a law that few agree with. So, we will bundle the 10 ML bottles of V2 Platinum E-liquid together to give you better value and the absolute minimum possible price rise.

* 1 x 10 ML = £5.99
* 3 x 10 ML = £17.49
* 5 x 10 ML = £27.99

Put it this way, the old 50 ML bottle of e-liquid costs £26.75. From 20 May, you will be able to buy 5 x 10 ML for £27.99. That’s only marginally more and you do get the advantage of being able to keep your e-liquid fresher for longer by using five separate bottles instead of one.

Check out the 10 ML e-liquid range
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Sub-ohm like a pro with the V2 Pro Series 3

Okay, so you won’t be able to buy 2.4% nicotine strength e-liquid anymore because of the darn TPD. No worries, simply change to the Vapour2 Pro 3 Series with the new wickless ceramic e-liquid cartridge.

Pump up your vaping ohms

The new Pro 3 Series cartridge uses sub-ohm heating to vaporise your favourite e-liquid and gives the 1.8% e-liquid a kick that feels like 2.4%.

What’s more, the new Vapour2 Pro Series 3 ceramic e-liquid cartridge can be refilled up to 40 times before being replaced. Each cartridge has a 1.6 ML capacity and is capable of producing up to 800 puffs, delivering a rich, thick vapour and consistent flavour.


Order your Pro Series 3 here

The new Pro Series 3 ceramic e‑liquid cartridge uses sub-ohm heating to vaporise your e-juice and deliver a bigger nicotine hit.

Pro 3 Ceramic
I started vaping because my dad needs a machine to breathe

How to do ‘L'Inhalation Française’ (‘The French Inhale’)

The French Inhale, AKA the ‘Irish Waterfall’ (we can’t think why) is one of the more difficult vaping tricks to perfect. But we’re confident you’re up to it…

* Fill your mouth full of vapour but do not inhale. Let the vapour linger in your mouth. Drop your jaw and pull your tongue to the back of your mouth.

* Slowly open your mouth and push your bottom lip down and out – as if you are going to blow the vapour right up to your eyebrows. Do NOT exhale. Just let the thick cloud flow out slowly and naturally, gently encouraging it forward and upward from the back of your mouth with your tongue.

* As you feel the vapour wafting up to your nose, begin to carefully and SLOWLY inhale it through your nostrils. Continue to release the vapour from your mouth, letting it flow into your nose. This recycles the vapour from your mouth and brings it back into your throat.

* Continue to inhale through your nose until you've expelled all the vapour from your mouth.

French inhale

The 1 Second Survey

Do you know the difference between PG
and VG e-liquid?

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The results of April’s survey:

Will you become, or are you already, a sub-ohm vaper?

Yes 52%   4d9c783d-a2e9-433e-aa49-d95c22539acc.png

There’s only one way to give up the dangers of smoking


A recent study funded by Cancer Research UK, indicates that vaping can save lives by reducing the levels of cancer-causing toxins in the body by as much as 97% compared to smoking. But there’s a catch. Vapers must give up smoking completely if they want to achieve the desired health benefits. Dual use does not have the same beneficial effect.


What’s on this blogging May?

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 1 Sees the next instalment in our ‘Vaping 101’ series for new vapers. This time the focus is on how to choose your perfect starter kit.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 2 Gives you a run-down of the changes to V2’s product range due to the TPD's introduction on 20 May.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 3 We introduce you to four fruity-themed e-liquid blends that are a perfect match for the spring sunshine.

9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Week 4 Your celeb round-up of the world's most famous vaping advocates.

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NZ offers vapers a warmer welcome than OZ


The New Zealand government has announced that it will legalise the sale of e-cigs and e-liquids “sometime next year”.

But the Australian government still refuses to see the vaping light. Angry Australian doctors say that, by denying smokers access to a much safer alternative, the continued ban is “unethical and flawed”.


Smoking still the biggest cause of premature death

Although e-cig use is known to have helped reduce the number of smokers significantly, smoking remains the biggest cause of premature deaths in the country. Every year, over 100,000 Britons lose their lives to the habit.


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