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Some pictures need no headline. This beautiful, ingenious image simply says ‘FREEDOM’.

It’s how you feel when you’ve succeeded in giving up smoking or drinking… or anything addictive that’s bad for you.

And as January is traditionally the month of resolutions and good intentions, we suggest we all start the year as we mean to go on.

Here to help

So, if you’ve made a resolution, we wish you the very best of luck. And if it’s vaping or smoking related, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01733 555 555 or email We’re here to help you. V2 offers the pure taste and latest technology you can trust to vape safely. Just talk to us and we’ll give you the best advice we can.

In the meantime, enjoy your January issue of Vaping Good News and have a very happy New Year.

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“One of my friends had bought an e-cig to give up smoking, so I decided to do the same thing. A quick google showed me that V2 were the brand to go for. I ordered the starter pack with 2.4 Nicotine and tried out all the flavours. Congress and Sahara are fantastic, authentic flavours and the product worked incredibly. Within a couple of days I loved my V2 EX far more than I ever loved cigarettes. It was incredibly effective, and I would recommend this product to everyone. I'm now on 0.6 Nicotine and it’s still incredibly satisfying. If you want to give up smoking, buy this product, it will work wonders. Thank you V2!!”

Posted by Seth

jargon buster

Both perform the same basic function: they hold e-liquid, contain atomiser coils that heat up the liquid, and screw onto a battery. It’s how they do it that’s different.


A cartomiser contains a cotton or cotton-like filament within the tank that absorbs the e-liquid. The liquid is then fed to the coils through this material and evaporates when heated by the battery.

The TRINITY Tank, the new PRO Series 3X e-liquid cartridge and the PRO Series 3 VG e-liquid cartridge are all cartomisers.

A clearomiser doesn’t have any filament. Instead its atomiser coils have wicks attached to them. They absorb the e-liquid and feed it to the coils. Clearomisers also have large plastic e-liquid reservoirs that can hold various volumes of e-liquid.

The V2 EX Blank, PRO Series 7 e-liquid cartridge and the PRO Series 3 regular e-liquid cartridge are all clearomisers.


Rona and the battered battery

One of our valued customers, Rona Urquhart, was kind enough to post this entertaining story in praise of the V2 EX Battery…

“I lost one of my V2 EX batteries on a dark morning dog walk when it fell out of my pocket (I've since ordered a lanyard for them). It had been snowing and was frosty... I found the battery again a day and a half later by the side of the road. It had clearly been run over by a car as it has some scuffs, a few little dings and was no longer perfectly cylindrical but ever so slightly flattened. However, it still works! Despite the cold weather and a run-in with a car, the battery was still showing 4 lights when I found it. It still works perfectly and charges properly. I'm very impressed… Brilliant product. If you want an e-cig that can stand up to getting run over, this is for you!”

It’s a great story – thank you Rona. But however tough and amazing the EX Battery is, it’s best not to use any battery after it has been run over!

Rona has now moved on to the V2 PRO 3 Series, so we’ve sent her some V2 Platinum Grape E-Liquid to enjoy with it.

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What’s Shake ‘n’ Vape – and can you trust it?

Shake ‘n’ Vape has come about because the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD for short and a European law) says that e-liquid containing nicotine cannot be sold in bottles bigger than 10ml.

To get around the TPD, people have been selling larger bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid to which nicotine could be added later.

These bottles are called ‘short-fills’ because they are not filled right to the top – thereby allowing enough space for ‘shots’ of nicotine to be added according to the strength that the vaper wants to achieve. The bottle is then shaken to mix the two liquids, ready for vaping.

Typically, they come in 60ml bottles containing 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid with a separate 10ml nicotine shot.


The dangers

The practice of Shake ‘n’ Vape may be understandable given current legislation, but unfortunately it allows untested non-TPD standard liquid onto the UK market. This means you don’t know if it’s safe. Also, you need to add the nicotine – which is a poison if taken in too large amounts – so you must be 100% sure that the nicotine has been properly prepared.

The answer

Wait for a trusted, TPD-approved, supplier to provide everything you need to Shake ‘n’ Vape safely. The good news is that we will soon be able tell you where you can buy approved nicotine shots and e-liquid bottles as a bundle. So please watch this space…

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Why do V2 Platinum E-liquids have no nasty aftertaste?

It’s a question the V2 team get asked a lot by customers who buy V2 Platinum E-liquids in bottles and cartridges. And here’s the answer from Jacki at V2…

“It’s to do with the formula, the manufacturing process of the liquid, and the vaping temperature created by the battery output and voltage. That’s why we recommend using V2 devices, because they are designed to vape at the optimum temperature for V2 Platinum E-liquid.

Lab tested

Obviously, we can’t give away our exact manufacturing process and formula, but suffice to say V2 Platinum E-Liquids are laboratory tested to ensure consistency of strength, taste and purity. Which means you can rest assured that V2 e-liquid flavours are made from the best ingredients.

Ingredients you can trust

In fact, unlike some other vaping manufacturers before the Tobacco Products Directive made it illegal not to show your ingredients, V2 has always been happy to say what goes into every flavour. You can see the e-liquid ingredients for yourself on the side of every pack.”


Check out V2 Platinum E-liquids
no aftertastes
Far East Vaping Clampdown Backfires

UK academic study backs e-cigs as stop smoking devices

‘Changing behaviour: Electronic cigarettes’ is The latest report by the British Psychological Society about e-cigarettes.

“For smokers trying to quit, e-cigarettes are more attractive than traditional smoking cessation methods, such as nicotine replacement therapy, and at least as effective,” said lead author Dr. Lynne Dawkins, an Associate Professor at London South Bank University.

BPS logo

An easier transition

Other studies have already indicated that the devices are smokers’ preferred smoking cessation tools. This is because the hand to mouth motion required to vape, closely imitates the action of smoking, making the transition from smoking to not-smoking a smoother one for addicts.

“There is also mounting evidence that they are much safer than tobacco smoking. As a consumer product, although most Stop Smoking Services are not currently able to supply these, we recommend that they endorse them and support their use by smokers trying to quit,” added Dr. Dawkins.


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The 1 Second Survey

How long have you been vaping for?


9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png Less than a year
9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png More than a year
9c8fc382-91cd-45dd-9319-0974d24dc3f8.png More than two years

The results of December’s survey:

Which types of flavour e-liquids do you prefer?

Tobacco and menthol
Sweet and fruity
I like them all!

Looking for life insurance?
We’ve got vapers covered

Life insurance just got better value – thanks to vaping.

V2 have teamed up with award winning life insurance broker, Cura Financial Services, to offer near-non-smoker rates for e-cig users.

The premiums offered can be as much as half the price when compared to smoker rates!*

If you would like to see a price for cover, please request a quote direct from Cura.

Get your quote now
*Premiums and availability of cover are subject to full underwriting. Lower rates for e-cigarette users require that no tobacco has been used within the last 12 months.
V2Cigs and 1111 EC SERVICES LIMITED act as an introducer to Cura Financial Services and do not provide advice on life insurance or other regulated products.
Cura Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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