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We’ve all heard how vaping is over 95% safer than smoking tobacco. That’s wonderful news. But it’s based on the assumption that you vape e-liquids made by a reputable manufacturer who uses proper, fresh ingredients in their pure, unadulterated form.

Be safe. Be sure.

Put it this way: would you eat something if you didn’t know what it was and couldn’t be sure that it hadn’t passed its ‘use by’ date? No, of course not. That would be ‘illogical’!

And yet it’s amazing just how many people inhale vapour without knowing anything about it, often buying their e‑liquid from random street and online vendors who can’t legitimately give such essential reassurance about ingredients and freshness.

Which is why we’d like to share our 3 Golden Rules to vape and live long by…

3 Golden Rules to vape and live long by
V2 is one of the few suppliers who tells you exactly what’s in all our e-liquids.
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Every V2 Platinum E-liquid you buy has a batch number that you can check online to see when it was made.
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You can trust V2. We’ve been setting industry standards in e-liquids and vaping hardware for years.
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We hope you find these facts reassuring.
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Have e-cigs helped you to quit tobacco?

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Brave Lords battle bonkers
e-cig regulations

Following the savaging of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (for its unnecessary regulation of vaping) in the House of Lords last month, Lord Callanan put down a potentially ‘fatal’ motion which, if passed will stop implementation of the Directive in the UK.

As a result, there will be a further debate in the House of Lords. The debate will be followed by a vote. If the Lords vote in favour of the motion, the Tobacco Products Directive cannot be implemented in the UK.

What can you do?

That’s easy. You can show politicians just how many people in the UK think that this legislation is not merely daft but dangerous – threatening the health of the nation and the liberty of its citizens.

Sign the petition to ‘block crazy
e-cigarette regulations’

Goodbye smoke rings. Hello ‘Cloud Chasing’

It’s amazing what you can do with an e-cig (and a lot of practice). And this new art form is getting very competitive. There’s even a ‘World Series of Cloud Chasing’.

Check out what these guys can do… it’s worth watching for the ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ clip alone!


Nottingham Hospitals are the first to lift vaping ban

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is the first in England to allow restricted use of e-cigs on the grounds of its two hospitals. E-cigs are still banned inside, whilst smoking tobacco remains banned everywhere.

no smoking sign

"We have a duty to help our patients and staff make healthy life choices, and can't ignore the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes as a nicotine replacement therapy,” explained Dr. Stephen Fowlie, Medical Director.


Nicotine joins the fight against memory loss

There's evidence that nicotine can help patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.

After an initial 2012 study indicated that non-smokers wearing nicotine patches saw improvements in their memory, attention and reaction times, the USA’s National Institute on Aging is funding a larger trial.

Long term testing

300 non-smoking patients, all of whom suffer from the mild cognitive impairment that heralds Alzheimer's Disease, are being randomly given nicotine patches or placebo patches. Then they will undergo regular health checks, as well as memory and cognition tests.

However, although nicotine could help people who already have impaired memory, there's no evidence (yet) that it will help the rest of us remember where we left the f#$%!!ng car keys!


V2 reveals future plans at ‘Sensory Theatre’

V2 sensory theatre

In May, V2 customers, colleagues, journalists and bloggers sipped cocktails while testing our latest products in a luxury London hotel, enjoying a very good taste of how V2 sees the vaping future.

What do you think – and want?

The Sensory Theatre is just part of our ongoing drive to create a dialogue with customers like you. The more we know about what you want and expect from V2, the better we can serve you now and in the future. We really value your input – both positive and negative.

Talk to the V2 Team



It’s official: e-cigs are better for your heart

According to Bristol University boffins, smoking an e-cig puts less stress your heart than a conventional cigarette.

Heart & stethoscope

The University’s Medical Research Council Integrative Epidemiology Unit investigated how the same type of cells as those found in the arteries of the heart responded when they were exposed to e-cigarette aerosol and conventional cigarette smoke.

"We found the cells showed a stress response from the cigarette smoke extract, but not from the electronic cigarette aerosol extract,” said Professor Marcus Munafò. “This result suggests tobacco smokers may be able to reduce immediate tobacco-related harm by switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes."


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