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Batteries. They are a bit of a preoccupation for us vapers aren’t they? We’re either charging them, or wondering if we remembered to charge them, or cursing ourselves, the world and the cat because we forgot to charge them!

Admittedly, the V2 Batteries are excellent at holding charge – especially the EX batteries – but they can’t plug themselves in when we forget to. No doubt, in our increasingly connected world, that technology will be along soon but, for now, it’s our job to remember.

So, apart from a tying a knot in the poor cat, is there an alternative? Well, actually there is a failsafe, a vaping lifesaver with no battery required: the V2 Power Cig. Think of it as your plug-in peace of mind. And it’s not just for emergencies either.

For more info about this and other great vaping solutions from V2, plus your usual monthly fill of news, views and smiles, read on and, as ever, enjoy!

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Don't be a battery chicken

Ideal when working or playing at your PC, the battery-free V2 Classic Power Cig simply plugs into a USB port.

It can also be powered by a V2 Car Adapter. You can puff away as often as you like without worrying about losing charge. Which means it’s great for long journeys too.

Better still, the Power Cig can be used with V2 Classic Cartridges, EX Cartridges or EX Blanks with V2 Platinum E-liquid.

This is considered to be one of V2’s best and most reliable devices. Just read the reviews below…

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“I have two of the V2 long batteries that I keep for out and about, but the V2 Power Cig is my standard at-home kit. If working at the PC it’s by the side of my keyboard, ready to give me my hit. If relaxing, it plugs in to the wall adapter and I can watch TV without wasting my batteries.”

Posted by Lynda

“This little gadget has become an integral part of my day. It is employed non-stop while I potter about on my laptop and has been a great aid in my quest to quit smoking (now 35 days without a cigar).”

Posted by David Theobald


“I actually have two of these Power Cigs, one of which I use in the car all the time with the menthol liquid. Into fourth week now without a cigarette and without this I would not have managed.”

Posted by Peter Ward

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The results of February’s survey:

As a vaper, would you date a smoker?

The great flavour v vapour debate

The most experienced vapers, especially cloud chasers who want loads of thick, smoke-like vapour, know precisely what their preferred ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is.

Indeed, most cloud chasers use a nicotine-free VG-heavy liquid (because it produces thicker and fuller clouds than PG) so they can practise their tricks without getting a nicotine overload.

But there is a trade-off. And if you are an everyday vaper, you should know that PG is better at delivering all the complex flavours of e-liquids.

On the other hand, e-liquids with extremely high PG can be quite harsh on the old throat hit. Which is why you’ll rarely see an e-liquid with 80% PG or above.

The best of both worlds

Consequently, most e-liquids are a combination of VG and PG, usually about about 50/50. However, the more flavour-conscious types of e-liquid come in at around 60% / 80% PG… like our oh so tasty V2 Platinum E-liquids.

But if you want 100% VG to create BIG clouds of vapour, then our friends at VSAVI have a wide range.

What’s your ideal PG: VG ratio? Share with us on Facebook
Fact, Menthol
Prescription e-cigs

Because e-cigs have been so successful in helping people give up smoking, Public Health England (PHE) wants them to be prescribed on the NHS.

An independent review of the latest evidence, published by PHE, suggests that at least 20,000 people a year are quitting with the help of e-cigs. The report also says they are at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

Hospitals and employers should get on board

PHE also wants hospitals to be able to sell e-cigs and have areas where patients can vape. This

could even be in private rooms for patients on long hospital stays. It also believes employers should provide vaping areas.

"Anything that the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency can do to make it easier for manufacturers to provide e-cigs on prescription would be helpful," explained PHE Health Improvement Director John Newton. He added that there is “overwhelming evidence" e-cigs are far safer than smoking and "of negligible risk to bystanders".


Looking for life insurance?
We’ve got vapers covered

Life insurance just got better value – thanks to vaping.

V2 have teamed up with award winning life insurance broker, Cura Financial Services, to offer near-non-smoker rates for e-cig users.

The premiums offered can be as much as half the price when compared to smoker rates!*

If you would like to see a price for cover, please request a quote direct from Cura.

Get your quote now
*Premiums and availability of cover are subject to full underwriting. Lower rates for e-cigarette users require that no tobacco has been used within the last 12 months.
V2Cigs and 1111 EC SERVICES LIMITED act as an introducer to Cura Financial Services and do not provide advice on life insurance or other regulated products.
Cura Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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