Vaping Good News – Reasons to be Cheerful: Part 2
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The news from around the world is so mind-bogglingly bad that it’s tempting to block it all out by shutting your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears and going “LA LA LA” very loudly.

But if you did that, you’d miss out on the joyous fact that V2 has introduced some stylish new designer colours to the EX battery range. Better still, these cool new batteries are the perfect match for our excellent mini-tank Shisha pens featured below. And that’s just a taste of the Vaping Good News to follow!


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Our best batteries now come in more glorious colours

V2 EX batteries were previously available in either Carbon Fibre or Brushed Steel. Now you can choose from four more: Rose Gold, Blue Pearl, Matt Black and Opal. All six cool colours are available in auto (automatically switches on when you inhale) or manual (you push a button on the battery when you inhale).

So now you can better reflect your own style and mood while vaping. Or simply choose a colour that marks your gear as your own – especially if you’ve got friends and family who are EX fans. And so they should be. These are V2’s top end batteries, consistently producing more vapour for longer.

Slim Shisha pens deliver big tank performance

If you’re looking for a reliable, rechargeable and refillable vaping experience – but without the bulk of larger tank pens – then think ‘Shisha-style’.

Our powerful mini-tank Shisha pens are surprisingly compact and light, delivering clouds of delicious vapour – thanks to the EX Batteries they are partnered with.

What’s more, think about buying a V2 Shisha Kit and a Platinum E-Liquid Kit. Together they give you just about everything you need to vape without hassle and in considerable style. And you’ll find it’s much cheaper than buying items separately.


The 1 Second Survey

It takes approximately 6-7 minutes to smoke a tobacco cigarette. Do you vape for more than 7 minutes at a time?

Results of July's 1 Second Survey:

Does vaping have a positive effect on your health?

Yes 85%  
Cartoon: Must you vape in bed Derek? You stink of fresh mint green tea!

One tobacco cigarette reduces a life by 14 minutes

…The good news is that you vape!



Employers urged to distinguish vapers from smokers

In another major milestone on the road to the acceptance of vaping, Public Health England has produced new guidelines that advise employers to stop vapers from mixing with traditional smokers. The respected UK watchdog also stated that vapers should also be given more frequent work breaks.

Room to vape

The recommendation includes the designation of ‘vaping rooms’, so that vapers no longer have to go outdoors with tobacco smokers which, according to PHE, “undermines their ability to quit smoking.”

Companies have also been told to give staff who vape extra breaks because “vaping provides a generally lower blood nicotine level and takes longer to reach a desired level, requiring frequent interim top-ups.” Workplace policies should take account of the evidence of the difference between the two habits and “clearly distinguish vaping from smoking.”


Together we can change opinions

As e-cigs grow in popularity, the number of people you see vaping in public has also grown substantially – especially on those rare occasions when the sun comes out.

At V2 we believe it’s crucial that vapers take personal responsibility for making sure they don’t give vaping a bad name. It’s in all our interests to behave considerately to others. If public opinion goes against vaping, the law will follow. And although we’re sure you don’t do any of the following :-), please encourage anyone you know who vapes to obey these 7 vaping don’ts…

The V2 Guide to Considerate Vaping

Don’t leave your vaping gear where a child or pet could get hold of it. Not only is it a choking hazard but e‑liquid can be fatal if swallowed.
Don’t vape at family gatherings, near children or outside schools.
Don’t make huge clouds of vapour in confined public places. Cloud chasing doesn’t look cool to the wrong audience.
Don’t litter with your cartridges or e-liquid bottles. Bin them safely.
Don’t ‘toilet vape’. The more we behave like smokers the more people will associate us with smokers.
Don’t vape indoors or in a car without asking those present if it’s okay by them.
Don’t vape when it says ‘Don’t Vape’! Obey the signs even if we all know it’s ridiculous that vaping has been put in the same legal boat as tobacco.

Major health bodies issue ground-breaking statement

We all agree that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking… but we must continue to study the long-term effects.
And yet, millions of smokers have the impression that e-cigarettes are at least as harmful as tobacco.
Over 1.3 million UK e-cigarette users have completely stopped smoking.
The public health opportunity is in helping smokers to quit, so we may encourage smokers to try vaping… We share a commitment to provide up-to-date information on the emerging evidence on e-cigarettes.
We know e-cigarettes are the most popular quitting tool in the country with more than 10 times as many people using them than using local stop smoking services.
Regular e-cigarette use among youth is almost exclusively confined to those young people who have already smoked, and youth smoking prevalence is continuing to fall.

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