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The COVID-19 vaccines are safe for adults.
Getting COVID-19 can kill you.

*Information available in: English, Españolአማርኛ한국어Tiếng Việt, Français中文.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is a lot like getting the flu vaccine. It works in a similar way by teaching your immune system to recognize and fight the virus. The vaccines are very effective for most people. Even if you still get COVID, the vaccine may help keep you from getting seriously ill. It takes your body a few weeks after vaccination doses to build up immunity so it is important to continue to take precautions. Most health professionals recommend continuing to use a facemask when out in public even after you are fully vaccinated.

Most people have few side effects from COVID vaccines.

Before COVID vaccines could be given to people in the U.S., they were carefully tested, first in the lab, then in animals, and finally in people who signed up to try the vaccine in clinical trials. Tens of thousands of people, including senior citizens, African Americans, Latinos, and Asians registered and participated in the trials. Clinic trials are performed by organizations that are independent from the biomedical companies that make the vaccines. Rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality have to be met before the U.S. FDA approves their use. Many public figures from all ages, races, and ethnicities have been safely vaccinated.

Speak with your trusted health professional or visit these sites for more information:

Many people are now eligible to pre-register for the COVID vaccine.
Maryland provides vaccine doses to Montgomery County vaccine sites each week. The number being provided is still small but will increase as more vaccine is available.
Montgomery County is vaccinating groups and tiers through those 60+ years old, and will soon move to additional front line workers, or anyone 16 – 64 with high-risk medical conditions. These groups can and should pre-register now.

Find that information and pre-register here:
Maryland Mass Vaccine Sites/State of Maryland Info: (vaccinating those 65+ years old)
1-855-MDGOVAX (1-855-634-6829)




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