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Student spotlight

A medical journey comes full circle

As a student intern at Children's Health of Orange County, senior Rosa Rodríguez spent the summer shadowing a pediatric surgeon—the same surgeon who performed lifesaving surgery on her as an infant. "I don't even have the words to describe the feeling. It was inspiring and exhilarating and kind of trippy, to be honest," she says.

In other news  


Webb reveals unprecedented glimpse of merging galaxies

Using the James Webb Space Telescope to look back in time at the early universe, astronomers discovered a surprise: a cluster of galaxies merging around a rare red quasar within a massive black hole. The findings offer an unprecedented opportunity to observe how billions of years ago galaxies coalesced into the modern universe.


Faculty honors

Two assistant professors win Packard Fellowships

Astronomer Danielle Speller and biomedical engineer Justus Kebschull have each been awarded a 2022 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, a prestigious early-career award for scientists that provides "flexible funding and the freedom to take risks and explore new frontiers in their fields of study." Each recipient receives $875,000 over five years.


Public Health


A national commission recommends stitching together the patchwork of local, state, and federal agencies responsible for managing chronic and emerging diseases



U.S. COVID hospital admissions decline

Even as the numbers of daily cases and deaths in the U.S. continue to decline, experts caution that a spike in infections in Europe could foretell a rise in U.S. cases as winter approaches



Student team earns second place

They received $5,000 for their work on Dynamic Brace, a simpler and more comfortable brace to treat kids born with clubfoot 



Collection highlights lives of early women

Selected pieces from the Sheridan Libraries' Women of the Book collection are now on display at the George Peabody Library's exhibit gallery through January 2023

Hopkins in the News  

USA Today

Move aside, BA.5: These new COVID variants are gaining ground

"They're doing what viruses do," said Andrew Pekosz, a Bloomberg School virologist and professor. The "parent BA.5 seems to be dropping off in numbers, but what's taking its place is second and third generations of it."


Los Angeles Times

Parents want more school security, but student activists push back

"There is a safety tax that all students pay in those schools," said Odis Johnson, a professor of education and health policy at Johns Hopkins who studies policing in schools.


The New York Times

In the face of inflation, give everyone a lift

"Economists for a long time have thought that indexation is clearly a good thing," says economist Laurence Ball


Oct. 25

Space Surgery

Hopkins at Home presents a virtual mini symposium at 2 p.m. EDT featuring a keynote speaker, panel discussion, and audience interaction. Hosted by bioastronautics@hopkins and the Commercial and Government Program Office of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering; registration required


Nov. 3

Virtual museum tour

Meet the Caribbean species that live in a 200,000-gallon habitat at the New England Aquarium from the comfort of your home with a virtual tour at 4 p.m. EST; registration required


Nov. 3

Health Equity Discussion Group

Join a virtual conversation at noon EST with the Johns Hopkins Health Equity Group, a solutions-driven group working to create healthier communities through advocacy, policy review and reform, and community empowerment; registration required