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MicrophoneDream big!

Follow your dream!

Make your dream a reality!

If you can dream it, you can believe it, and if you believe it you can achieve it!

I've heard those maxims since I was a child. And I bought every one. I'm still buying! Because I am, without remorse or hesitation, a modern-day Walter Mitty. And as I write this newsletter to you, I am fully aware it reads ironically and with more than a little naïveté. "Who is Taylor kidding?" I'll tell you the answer:

I'm kidding myself.

I'm a world-class dreamer. To be bare-bones honest I might be the greatest dreamer in the history of the planet! How much of my life do I spend daydreaming? A lot of it. In fact, I think I fantasize now more than ever. Case-in-point: I'm not writing this while sitting on a plane somewhere over Missouri on a midnight flight to Dallas, surrounded by fellow travelers working on reports for their conference in the morning, or playing the latest game they downloaded from the App Store just before taking off. No, I'm rocking The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in New York, then sitting on the couch and bantering in a goodnatured way about current events. Wait! There I am on Comedy Central, in a jam-packed theater blowing the roof off the joint with heat-seeking punch lines and clever repartee with one of my ventriloquist "partners." No! Even better! I'm on location in Vancouver, Canada, filming the latest DIsney motion picture with a cast of superstars and celebrities.

Yeah, I always - ALWAYS - see myself working on a project with those impossible-not-to-like members of the Hollywood elite: Ben Stiller; Ellen Degeneres; Chris Rock. Here I am with a bit part in a new Jack Black movie - wait! I gotta pinch myself! Did I really just get asked to host the Emmy Awards?

I'm not bragging, but I'm not pulling some "motivational speaker" mojo on you either. I have work, and I hope I always will have work. One of the reasons I work is because I am a dreamer, and I can't seem to stop, and that has led to crazy ideas that eventually morph into some kind of performance piece I take on stage. I don't think of myself as being successful or as having failed. I've moved into some kind of limbo world where my professional career has taken on a life of its own.

The essential me is still here, and the problems of day-to-day life (family relationships; bills; a messy office and a hectic schedule) persist, but I'm in the same flux as you and every single body else in the USA: we're all relating to the universe in a much different way than we did in the 90s, or the last decade, or last year, or even last week....

Hence, my dreams get bigger and more elaborate. If this is a mistake, it's a benign one - maybe like penicillin? I'm not curing disease, obviously, but there are a lot worse things in life than making people laugh.

In some ways this "march to the drum machine in my head" is very cutting edge, even though I'm the first to acknowledge that one thing I will never be is "hip." Never have been. But life has become more dramatic, more energetic and more exciting as technology and information force us to live as if we're in a police car escorting a pregnant woman-about-to-give-birth on the San Diego Freeway. Which is to say we exist now at warp speed. Everywhere has become everything and anything, and anything is now everywhere and everything. And everyone.

So everything is anything. Everywhere.

Now what?

My response is to keep dreaming.

My crowdfunding project will be starting in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited. It's a product of much, much daydreaming. I can't wait to give you the details!

Thanks for reading!


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