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My Project


This newsletter has been a long time coming. I am planning a big project for the fall.
When I say "big project," I mean a major event for my career. Maybe the biggest thing I'll ever do, and now that the process is underway, I want to share a couple of basic ideas.
It's an ambitious venture, and it's been in the works for more than a year.
I'm going to make a new video, release my second book, and record an album of comedy songs. One of these three by itself is a lot of work, but to put together all three - at once - is a huge undertaking.
I'm up for it. I think I've been working toward this for years. And, as with my live presentations, I want some interactivity with my audience.
The video will be a standard video shoot in most ways: a venue with a large crowd, three cameras capturing the action, all featuring my act with comedy, ventriloquism and music. But I'm taking this one step further in the age of YouTube, Snapchat and downloadable content. I'm hoping not only to release the video in its full entirety, but also release short web-friendly spots to promote it.
Secondly, there is a good chance for people who cannot attend the live taping to be part of the show! I will be asking for "advice," getting ideas from you, the people who follow me online and at live performances, for your thoughts. What would you like to see? Have a funny bit you think I should do with one of the cast (Romeo, Paco, or a puppet YOU think I should create for this event)?! You can email me and give me your thoughts.
This will be at least partially crowdfunded, and there will be all kinds of opportunities for you to get your name, or a family member's name, or your comedy routine suggestions into my act. I'll have more on that in an upcoming email, describing the crowdfunding we'll be doing.
The book has a working title of "TAYLOR MASON: IRREVERSIBLE" (people sometimes call me "Mason Taylor". And "Taylor Dayne." And "Mason Williams." And "Taylor Hicks." And "Taylor Swift." And a bunch of other names…. But my name is irreversible in my mind, hence the title!). It's a memoir, and I've had a blast writing it over the last two-three years.
The music album will include studio and live recordings of the "hits" I've written over the years, including The World's Worst Blues Song, Heavy Metal Lullaby, The Audience Performs for Me, and more.
An email and spam-like message will be coming to you soon, begging you for help with the crowdfunding. I hope you'll at least look over the pricing (I'll basically take anything!) and the many ways you can contribute to this enterprise.

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