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No Fuss, No HollerMicrophone

I was gonna raise a fuss and I was gonna raise a holler, but those are the summertime blues. And summer's over.
For me, summer was crazed. I was in 14 states and 4 countries between June 1 and August 31, everywhere from Salt Lake City to northern Ontario, Canada and The Bahamas. I played a casino, a couple of theaters, 3 comedy clubs, a few churches and some outdoor music festivals.

Music festivals are always a lot of fun, because truth-be-known, I see my live appearances as being very musical anyway. The crowds are always "up" and the vibe is incredible. Thank you everyone who came out to see the gigs in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin! Like my song goes, "the audience does a show for me!"
One of the many, many perks that come with the blessing of following the career path I have chosen (or has the career followed my path, lost as it may be?) is working for Disney. This summer was no exception, I did 5 3-day runs with the line and it's always such a pleasure. I was in Mexico and The Bahamas, and every trip was pretty cool. You can't beat the Walt Disney Theater, or the islands and beaches we visit! And the audiences are incredible!

One of the highlights this summer was performing at the Ventriloquist conVENTion in Cincinnati, OH, honoring my friend Clinton Detweiler and his wonderful family. THANK YOU ALL WHO CAME TO THE PROGRAM!
Another big moment? My brother Tony is a musician living in Toronto, so I got to visit with him and my 2 beautiful nieces (Rachel and Roxanne) when we all went to Muskoka, Ontario and rocked the world on a beautiful summer evening. Toronto is an amazing "world city," and I always love visiting.

As many of you know, we own a home on the Jersey shore that was ransacked by Sandy last October. It took a full 10 months to repair the damage caused by 18 inches of flood waters, but I'm happy to report that we got back in at the end of July. Friends and family visited, the weather in August was great, and we enjoyed the beach along with thousands of others from across the country.

We have neighbors who were less fortunate. But, like everyone around us and most Americans, they dealt with their losses and rebounded, coming back with a better plan and a different home. Here's a pic of their new house, 2 doors down from us. There are many in the New York/New Jersey area who need your prayers. It's been a long, hard recovery.

Our family dog, LuLu, took a break on a hot summer afternoon in the laundry basket. SHE IS A TRIP!


I really hope we can meet this fall - somewhere down the road. My September-October-November and December schedule is jam-packed. Go to and check the schedule for dates near you.
For now, fall is back. It's the 50-year anniversary of the lava lamp, where people used to sit and watch blobs slowly move back and forth. Today I am the blob, going from my computer to my laptop!
Hope your summer was amazing! See you down the road!

Thanks for reading!

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