Annual Honey Harvest Workshop, HoneyLove Outreach Volunteer Training, Advanced Beek Meeting

LA Times plea - "legalize beekeeping, L.A." 

HoneyLove's President, Rob McFarland, recently appeared in a Los Angeles Times editorial about the urban beekeeping legalization measure to be voted on by the City Council in the coming months. Having advocated for motions in support of urban beekeeping (passed in 16 neighborhood councils thus far), we are pleased to see the press coverage in support of the motion.

The LA Times explains, "Los Angeles is honeybee heaven. The warm Southern California climate and long growing seasons provide year-round food for bees. The city's trees, flowers and flora are largely free of pesticides. It's the perfect place for backyard beekeeping — except that beekeeping is not legal here."

With the growing threat of colony collapse disorder on agricultural bee populations, legalization may be essential to avoiding total calamity.

Following the recent decision by the P.L.U.M. Committee to research management of residential beekeeping, we are hopeful about the upcoming City Council vote. 

Read the full LA Times article here!


Happy New Year HoneyLovers! 2014 is going to be a SWEET year for urban beekeeping in Los Angeles—we can just TASTE it!! 

Join us for this month's 2nd Saturday Workshop: HONEY HARVESTING! 
Learn (and taste!) the basics of DIY Honey Extraction! All ages welcome, FREE!

Saturday Jan 11th (1-2:30pm) @HoneyLove HQ
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The forum is a place to ask questions, share your knowledge, and convene with a community of beekeepers. 

Whether you're a new-bee or a seasoned pro, your participation goes a long way towards educating and inspiring urban beekeepers (HoneyLove's core mission!)

Recent topics:
- Hello from Berlin
Unusual new hive box.
Honeybee Calendar?
Interested in helping HoneyLove to spread the buzz for bees?
Sat, Jan 15th (7-8pm) 
@HoneyLove HQ
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We would LOVE for you to attend our monthly outreach volunteer training session and get all set up with the supplies and tools you need to do event/school outreach! No experience necessary, just a passion for bees. We’ll teach you what you need to know.
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Annual Honey Harvest Workshop
Sat, Jan 11th (1-2:30pm)
@ HoneyLove HQ
Meetup | Facebook

HONEYLOVE OUTREACH Volunteer Training!
Sat, Jan 15th (7-8pm)
@ HoneyLove HQ
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Advanced Beek Meeting
Sun, Jan 26th (11-12:30pm)
@ HoneyLove HQ
Meetup | Facebook
Advanced Beek Meeting
Sun, Jan 26th
Meetup | Facebook

Join us from 11-12:30pm as Ruth Askren leads us in a discussion and round table about what our hives are doing right now and how to best help our bees along in this Southern California Winter.... which looks a lot like Spring!

We will talk about inspection techniques, equipment needs, pest management, and survival strategies for our LA environment.

Bring your enthusiasm, questions and suggestions! 
Help us SAVE the HONEY BEES!!

1. JOIN HONEYLOVE! Purchase your annual MEMBERSHIP!

2. Plant an organic garden (with no pesticides).

3. Provide a water source for bees.

4. Put a swarm box in your garden.

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