UP NEXT: HoneyLove's annual HARVEST WORKSHOP!!
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Making It With Honey: Recipes
Thank you to all the HoneyLovers who came out to our last workshop: "Making it With Honey" (Recipe Exchange)
Click here to download the recipes (pdf)

RECIPES: Honey Spice Cake, Honey Whipped Cream, Honey & Spice Apple Chips, Roasted Figs w/ Blue Cheese, Herb Infused Honey, Spicy Honey Roasted Almonds, Honey Glazed French Crullers, Honey Lemon Juice, Winter Fruit Salad, Watermelon Frozen Yogurt, Sweet Honey Mint Green Tea, Lavender Honey Soda, Honey-Dijon Roasted Potatoes, Lemon Curd.

Making It With Honey
Making It With Honey
Making It With Honey
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January 2013

Happy New Year 2013
HoneyLove Founders Rob & Chelsea McFarland

Happy New Year HoneyLovers!!
Is learning to be a beekeeper on your list of resolutions for 2013? If so... this is the perfect moment to start getting ready!! By this time next year you could be feasting on your own delicious honey, toasting your friends and family with homemade mead, and treating yourself to DIY beeswax balms, lotions, soaps and candles! Not to mention all the epic tales you will have to tell about your adventures in beekeeping ♥!!!

Join us for our awesome lineup of monthly workshops and mentoring sessions - click below to join our meetup group for our full schedule of events:
HoneyLove HQ
ATTENTION HONEYLOVERS!! We have some amazing news... 

HoneyLove has a new official HEADQUARTERS!! 
5950 W. Jefferson Blvd. #8, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Excited to show it to you at our next event! See you there --->
Harvest Workshop
HARVEST Workshop
Saturday, January 12th (1-2:30pm)

Join us this month for our annual HONEY HARVEST workshop at our NEW HONEYLOVE HEADQUARTERS! 

Come learn (and taste!) the basics of DIY Honey Extraction!

More details:
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HoneyLove Events

HARVEST Workshop
Sat 1/12 (1-2:30pm)
@ HoneyLove HQ
facebook | meetup

Mentoring w/ Kirkobeeo 
Sun 1/20 (10-11:30am) 
@ HoneyLove Sanctuary
facebook | meetup

Swarm Box Workshop 
Sat 2/9 (1-2:30pm)
@ HoneyLove HQ
facebook | meetup

Mentoring w/ Kirkobeeo 
Sun 2/17 (10-11:30am) 
@ HoneyLove Sanctuary
facebook | meetup

NEW-BEE Workshop
Sat 3/9 (2-3pm)
@ Grow Native Nursery 
facebook | meetup
HoneyLover of the Month: ROBERTA
HoneyLover of the month: ROBERTA

"Beekeeping started out just as way to improve my crops. Seemed easy enough to just get some free bees off a tree limb and stick them in a box and voila, more fruit. Well there was something about my first day that was just magical...The excitement of being able to work with these little but powerful creatures took a hold and I had bee fever..."

Click here to read more about Roberta!
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3. Provide a water source for bees.

4. Plant an organic garden (with no pesticides).

5. Put a swarm box in your garden.

6. Become an urban beekeeper!!

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