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This is the digest for 2 May 2013

  • 2 May 2013

    WTF Australia?

    Thanks to Fiona Katauskas

  • federal politics 2 May 2013

    Disability Levy Serves The Common Good

    Ben Eltham

    Disability Care won't just help people living with disabilities, it will boost the economy. Not many reforms are such good news. So why the nonsensical outcry about the levy, asks Ben Eltham

  • labour 1 May 2013

    Why Do We Stand For Sweatshop Labour?

    Ged Kearney

    The Rana factory disaster in Bangladesh wasn't the first of its kind - and it won't be the last while workers in the developing world are denied basic rights, writes ACTU president Ged Kearney

  • west papua 2 May 2013

    Deaths Mark 50 Years Of West Papua Occupation

    Alex Rayfield

    West Papuans marched against 50 years of Indonesian occupation yesterday, despite a brutal response from security forces and the killing of two young organisers. Alex Rayfield reports

  • media 1 May 2013

    Can A Human Be Illegal?

    Violeta Politoff

    A number of US media outlets have stopped using the term 'illegal immigrant' to avoid bias – but can journos avoid taking sides in a debate about bias? What's really at stake, asks Violeta Politoff

  • labour 1 May 2013

    Workers Take To Melbourne Streets

    Dannika Bonser

    Ten thousand construction workers rallied against construction giant Grocon in Melbourne yesterday. Dannika Bonser was there and she filed these photos for NM

  • fiji 1 May 2013

    Democracy In Fiji Takes A Hit

    Nic Maclellan

    Frank Bainimarama's government has scuttled a push for progressive constitutional reform in Fiji - a major setback in the country's return to free and fair elections, writes Nic Maclellan

  • nuclear power 2 May 2013

    Uranium Industry Dreams Of Paydirt

    Jim Green

    Uranium industry boosters converged in Adelaide this week. They claim uranium is a good investment - but the fact is, milk and cream deliver more better export dollars, writes Jim Green

  • science 1 May 2013

    The Curious Case Of CSIRO's GM Field-Pea

    Katherine Wilson

    CSIRO abandoned costly development of a GM pea over safety concerns - but research continued overseas. Katherine Wilson examines the questions of political and commercial bias raised by the case

  • science 1 May 2013

    CSIRO Has Questions To Answer

    Katherine Wilson

    Is CSIRO looking to Europe to pave the way to commercialise its GM legumes? Katherine Wilson sought comment from CSIRO about its GM field-pea research. Here are the questions they didn't answer

  • superannuation 2 May 2013

    Is Your Super Funding Big Coal?

    Alison Potter

    Lots of people would be shocked to find that their super is invested in coal. New disclosure requirements will make it much easier to make ethical super choices. It's about time, writes Alison Potter

  • 1 May 2013

    Ecuador Puts A Price On Press Freedom

    Paris Ling

    On Monday Ecuadorians rallied in the streets to demand an inquiry into public officials' corrupt use of public funds. Their demands were granted in a victory for people power and citizen journalism, writes Paris Ling

  • broadband 2 May 2013

    How The US Gets Its Fibre

    Gabrielle Jackson

    Australians aren't the only ones battling over broadband. The US has its own debate underway. Yes, Google is a player - but the city of Chattanooga is the fastest, writes Gabrielle Jackson

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