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Hello all Zen Members who love to Edit with Sony Vegas and Movie Studio!

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The response to my new Sony Vegas Zen Tips Series has been overwhelmingly POSITIVE !

I have managed to stick to my word and have been uploading a NEW VIDEO and ARTICLE every single day.

Not only do I want to share up to date and useful information, I am also trying to win back confidence with everyone, after my inconsistent output over the last 2 years. Anyone that has been a subscriber for a long time, will know that I had some pretty serious health issues going on 2 years ago. It's been a long road to recovery and now I want to give something back to you all.

I sincerely thank everyone who has stuck with me and also welcome all the new people who have only recently found Zen.

Even though I am uploading one new video EVERY SINGLE DAY, I thought it was best not to spam you with daily newsletters. So instead I will send a quick summary every 3 to 4 days. I do however send out daily notifications via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. So if you are subscribed to any of these services, you will know immediately when the next video and article is LIVE!

Here are all the new videos and articles uploaded in the last 4 days

#6 Sony Vegas Zen Tips: How to Synchronize Audio and Video

#5 Sony Vegas Zen Tips: Keyboard Shortcuts for Vegas Pro and Movie Studio

#4 Sony Vegas Zen Tips: Why Has The Colour Changed In My Video

#3 Sony Vegas Zen Tips: Why Is The Preview Window Lagging So Much?

#2 Sony Vegas Zen Tips: How To Restore Sony Vegas & Movie Studio?

#1 Sony Vegas Zen Tips: Why Does My Video Look Blurry?


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