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Thank you if you are still reading this message, because now I can explain about some important changes I have made to the website and how I can assist you with those changes.

Everyone that has an Account on (this includes the Forum), is now also on Newsletter List.

New Members have been asking me about this for a long time and now I have made the change. This makes it easier for me to communicate with everyone, instead of only a select few. If you are not happy about this change, please read further and I can help you unsubscribe from the Newsletter and/or the Website as well. is almost 4 years old, which means it's time to clean the cupboards and check to see who still wants to be here and who doesn't.

Some of you reading this maybe original members of and have forgotten that you have an account on the website.

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Reasons for KEEPING Your Account

1. Movie Studio Zen now has a Free Forum - you can ask any question you like on the Forum, especially if it is complicated and requires screen shots to explain.

2. Free Downloads - there is now a Free Download section for Account Owners only. Login to your account and go to Support/Free Downloads. Here you will find some free eBooks about all the Keyboard Shortcuts for Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum. I will also be adding more bonus content for Subscribers and Movie Studio Zen Members very soon.

3. Posting Comments - you can post comments & ask questions underneath any article on the website.


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Final Message for my regular subscribers

4 months ago I released the free Keyboard Shortcuts Guides and was ready to begin uploading new tutorials again. Then nothing happened until now.
4 months ago I took a couple of plane flights within a few days of each other, to go to my youngest Sister's wedding. When I got back home I felt very sick, because the pressurization from the plane flight stuffed up the equilibrium of my shunt. Some of you know that I had brain surgery within the last 2 years and this is what has be making me unwell.

I still get headaches all the time, but I'm ready and eager to finish something I started a long time ago now. You will see some new tutorials being uploaded within the next week.

Thank you for the continued support and appreciation I get, from all the regulars at Movie Studio Zen Forum.

Make sure to enjoy the rest of your Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and stay warm in the Southern Regions of Earth.

All the best.
Derek Moran
Movie Studio Zen

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