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The Return of Weekly VEGAS Tutorials on Movie Studio Zen !

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Hello to everyone who is still here and reading !

It's been a very long time since I made any new tutorials for VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum. I am now back for good and will begin uploading regular weekly tutorials about using VEGAS Video Editing software and anything else that is closely related.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I will upload a personal video that explains why I have been away for so long.


How to Render High Quality Video from Vegas Pro to Handbrake

Right now though, I have my first new tutorial for anyone that is using VEGAS Pro. The tutorial is about How to Render High Quality Video from Vegas Pro to Handbrake. This is one of the most requested tutorials from the Movie Studio Zen community. It is a very advanced tutorial and not meant for an absolute beginner. 

The instructions for how to do this special rendering technique, were spread out on various websites and forums. In my new tutorial, I have collated all the best information on how to render video from Vegas Pro to Handbrake. I have written a Step by Step guide that includes download links to all the resources you will need to make it work correctly. I have also recorded a complete Video Tutorial Guide on YouTube that you can follow along with.

Plans for the rest of 2018

I know that I have a long list of tutorial requests to get through.
There are also some important tutorials and reviews that are missing from the Movie Studio Zen website and YouTube channels.
Over the next couple of weeks, I will upload a lot of new articles and videos, but I promise to only send one email newsletter each week, that summarizes any new tutorials available.

I also have a secret project I have been working on, that relates directly to learning Vegas Video Editing. It is something I should have done many, many years ago and I feel very embarrassed that it has taken me so long to manifest. I am really looking forward to finally sharing with you, an important tool for working with Vegas.

VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio Tutorial Requests

Please let me know about the topics you want to learn more about!
You can reply to this email newsletter.

Thank you to all the beautiful messages I receive each week, from appreciative Vegas Users I have helped.
Even though I have not been making any new tutorials recently, I have stayed very active on the Movie Studio Zen Forum, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Warm Regards
Derek Moran
Movie Studio Zen

10th June 2018

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