Holding onto hope!
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One Touch Awakening, Inc.
PO Box 16838
Lake Charles, LA  70616
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Email Susan

Our Outreaches

  • Addiction Centers
  • Orphanages
  • Shelters
  • Troops
  • Human Trafficking
  • and many more
Now in over 30 countries and 5 languages!

3-Fold Purpose

of One Touch Pillowcases
Your One Touch pillowcase is your secret meeting place with your Creator each night
Our prayer network is praying for all who sleep on One Touch Pillowcases, One Touch Snuggle Pillows, and under One Touch blankets & mosquito nets
Nightly reminder: One Touch from God is greater than all the world can offer (tag inside pillowcase and 
One Touch embroidered outside)

Board of Directors

Susan Lana Hafner
Patsy Bellard
Sue Broussard
Margie Fontenot
Beth Morris
Sonji Roth
Marcia Schexnider
Lisa Simien
Laura Stawecki


Individuals can order our resources too! Visit our website for info or call
Thank you for your generous support! Your donation is tax deductible. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 all-volunteer organization.

Can a Pillowcase Make a Difference?

A Letter from Shirley

Afraid? No, I was terrified when I heard the doctor say I had early stages of Alzheimer's. My daughter knew of your program and gave me a One Touch Pillow. I sleep with it every night and I take it with me everywhere. I know it’s not a “magic” pillow, BUT it has been life changing for me and my family. I wound up getting one for all my children as well. It gives me unexplainable security; reminding me that God is right here with me every step of the way.

I can’t thank you enough for the prayer team throughout the world that faithfully prays for me as I sleep on my One Touch Pillow. My children and I seem to have this peaceful connection with God each night, reminding us HE is in charge. We’ve talked about what the future may hold for me. They have assured me they will keep my pillow with me always.  

The time will come that I may not mentally understand, but my heart and spirit (the real me inside) will know! I will know God is with me; my children also are with me.   Regardless of what awaits us, we are snuggled together in God’s love. We each lay down at night and trust God like we never have before. It has brought us closer as we pray together each night while we each sleep on our One Touch pillows. Even though we are not physically together we feel like we are right there with each other.  

In Memory of Michael Hafner

The past seven years, Michael and I walked side by side overseeing this global outreach. Michael kept our prayer requests in his One Touch Pillowcase.  He would say, “Lord I want You to know that we need your help 24/7.  While I’m sleeping I want You to continue to take care of us and these requests.”

Now, I will continue to travel and speak throughout the U.S. I will continue giving away One Touch resources to provide hope to the multitudes and a private meeting place with our Creator.
Thank you to the many precious ones who donated In Memory of my husband. We were able to do several New Outreaches to continue his memory: Cambodia, four shelters for those with Life-Challenging addictions, and even more Military Families.
When I speak I often quote Michael: 
“When you were a child you had a blankie or teddy bear, but when you became an adult they took it away from you when you needed it the most (smile). Now, with One Touch Pillows, we adults have our snuggly meeting place with God too!”
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