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November 2015

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Clearinghouse Connector - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's health

The November Connector explores the issue of:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women continue to have poorer health outcomes compared to non-Aboriginal women in Australia. The life expectancy for Aboriginal women is 73.7 compared to 83.1 for non-Aboriginal women. Aboriginal women are more likely to have one or more chronic health conditions compared to Aboriginal men, and are 34 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence. Though they make up 0.9% of the Victorian population, Aboriginal women are the fastest growing segment of the Victorian prison population, representing 8.9% of Victorian female prisoners. Most Aboriginal women in prison have experienced family violence and many are incarcerated for offences relating to homelessness and financial hardship.

There is a need for more Aboriginal women-focused research as much of the research on Aboriginal health is gender blind and does not explore the impact of gender on the health and wellbeing outcomes of Aboriginal women in addition to the trauma of colonization, forced removal, racism and socio-economic disadvantage.

Equality and safety for women : preventing violence before it occurs - website

Equality and safety for women is a practice-informed and accessible guide that supports and further strengthens the work of Women's Health Services in collaborating with partners, building community and organisational capacity, coordinating and integrating efforts, and measuring and sharing successes to achieve equality and safety for all Victorian women.  It sets out the principles for action on preventing violence against women, and seven steps for action planning, implementing and measuring primary prevention efforts in the regional context. It includes a planning template designed to support planning process decisions.

Development of the guide is an initiative of the Women's Health Association of Victoria (WHAV).

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