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April 2016

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Submission to the Victorian gender equality strategy consultation, March 2016

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission provides a strong, evidence-based foundation for an effective and meaningful gender equality strategy for Victoria.

Section 1 provides an overview of the current state of gender inequality in Victoria and Australia, introduces key concepts relating to gender equality, and outlines current and former initiatives promoting gender equality at the state and national levels.

Section 2 puts forward six key principles that WHV recommends should underpin a Victorian gender equality strategy. Each principle is explained using models or diagrams and supported by evidence and case studies.

Access the WHV Submission to Victorian gender equality strategy consultation

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into domestic violence and gender inequality, April 2016

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission focuses on the role of the Commonwealth Government and opportunities for national reform. The Commonwealth Government has a critical role to play in driving the whole-of-society normative and structural change required to achieve gender equality. 

This submission sets out several strategies that the Government could adopt for the media setting, including strengthening the regulation of advertising that sexualises and objectifies women, and exploits harmful gender stereotypes.

Access the WHV Submission to Senate Inquiry into domestic violence and gender inequality 

Clearinghouse Connector - Medical abortion

The October Connector explores the issue of: Medical abortion

Safe access to abortion is good public health practice and plays an important role in supporting women’s health, agency and wellbeing. This Connector focuses on the introduction of medical abortion in Australia.

Available internationally since the late 1980s, medical (non-surgical) abortions have become available in Victoria since mifepristone was added to the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in 2013. Medical abortion offers an alternative to surgery for women in the early weeks of pregnancy. Access to medical abortion is associated with numerous potential benefits, including greater choice and access for women as well as lower costs. Registered GPs are able to provide medical abortions potentially improving access for women in regional and remote areas in particular. Research is currently underway in Victoria to examine the extent to which the provision of medical abortion has really increased access to abortion for women. 

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