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The Action Plan


As I engaged this battle several months ago to stop Common Core, our legislators were in complete support for this insidious federal takeover of our education system.  With your help and the help of many organizations across Florida and nationally, the House and Senate leadership has asked Florida's Commissioner of Education, Tony Bennett to eliminate PARRC assessments from CCS for the very issues that we have been communicating. (Click Here to read letter).  This  could be problematic for Commissioner Bennett whereas he is on the board of PARCC.

 Your voice is being heard, however, we must not stop!  Now is the time that we must be heard even louder!  Our goal remains simple and clear. Our next plan for the next legislative session is to ultimately defeat Common Core Standards in the State of Florida.

The following is our "Action Plan":

  • Educate - We must continue educating the voters, parents, teachers, school board members, and our politicians. If you have a group or organization that is interested in someone speaking on Common Core, please let me know and we can schedule a speaker. 
  • Ask for open Public Debates on CCS. The proponents cannot win these debates.  
  • "Common Core Standards Policy Analysis", a 34 page report is currently being edited and will be available in copy later this week.  We encourage you to deliver a copy of this analysis to all legislators, school board members, Superintendent of Schools and County Commissioners.  
  • Engage - We must meet with our legislators and ask them to commit to support legislation that will repeal common core in Florida.  You need to leave their offices with a "yes, no, or maybe" (Click here for "rules of Engagement"). Please let me know your results.  We are working on writing legislation and sponsors to support it.

 With your help, we can stop this attack on our children and our future!

God Bless,
Randy Osborne
Heartland Research
Florida Eagle Forum


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