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Home Visits Show We Care

A primary focus for Hope of the City has always been our home visits programmes. More than 160 volunteers have participated in home visits over the years, reaching out to some 65 households each month. We believe that personal relationships are the best way to bring love and care into the lives of those who may be facing isolation or discouraging life circumstances. That’s why we’re committed to expanding these programmes in the coming year. Beginning with the November re-launch of two monthly home-visits programmes, one in North Point and another in Sham Shui Po, we need to recruit new, long-term volunteers to serve in this vital area. Please contact us if you can help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hope of the City is currently recruiting volunteers for the following events:

Dec 6 Door-to-door Visits
2:30 - 5:30pm, Sham Shui Po
Dec 21 X'mas Home Visits
2:00 - 4:30pm, North Point

Dec 25 J-Life X'mas Party
12noon - 3pm, Sham Shui Po

Tutors / Coaches
Violin, Piano, Ukulele,
Badminton, Phonetics,
Chinese tutor (primary) etc. 

Please click here for a full-list of volunteer opportunities and registration. 
November 2014 - Hope of the City Newsletter

From Surviving to Thriving

It’s not uncommon to hear people living in poverty say things like, ‘We’re doing everything we can and yet we’re barely surviving.’ Hope of the City works to help people survive, of course, but we want to do much more than that. We want to see people move beyond surviving, to thriving! 

In line with this goal, we continue to work hard alongside our local partners to address basic life needs like food security, health and educational support. In addition, we seek to encourage long-term, ‘whole-life’ development by providing learning opportunities for children that nurture self-confidence, creativity and a sense of personal achievement and potential. This autumn, courses on offer in Sham Shui Po have included one-on-one piano lessons and group classes in drawing and hip-hop dancing. As well as bringing variety and heaps of fun into these children’s lives, these classes also help them to develop social skills, cooperation, coordination and other life skills. 

We’d like to add many new classes in the coming months, such as photography, computer skills, art and design, ukulele, badminton and more. Are you a dancer? A musician? A cartoonist? A jump-rope champion? Whatever your talents are, please consider sharing them with the kids we serve. Click here if you want to get involved.

IDEAL Birthday Party

What a joyful celebration it was on Oct 25 when 25 members of IDEAL held their joint birthday party in Sham Shui Po. There were games, dance moves and a whole lot of fun, with an enthusiastic bunch of Hope volunteers joining in to help IDEAL – an organisation providing support for people with intellectual disabilities – to make this a truly special day. Thanks go out to our volunteer party people as well as to the Islanders who helped prepare a gift pack for every birthday reveller.

Music Therapy

In November we began a trial run of music therapy workshops, organised in conjunction with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society’s North Point Centre. Our aim is to provide interim support for young children (age 6 and under) with special education needs (SEN), during their long wait for admission to government therapy programmes. There are currently 6 SEN children participating in the weekly sessions and the response so far has been very positive. 

Food Drive

Some 1,200 items of food were collected during Hope of the City’s October Food Drive at Island ECC. These donated goods went towards restocking the shelves of Feeding Hong Kong’s food bank to help them provide much-needed food assistance to low-income families throughout our city. Thank you to everyone who joined us in supporting this very meaningful cause.

Sensory Integration Talk for Parents

Hope of the City has undertaken to provide ongoing support for low-income families who have children with learning difficulties. On Oct 24, an experienced occupational therapist from Mindful Growth and Development Centre held a two-hour Sensory Integration Talk at St James Settlement’s Kowloon Kindness Centre. She introduced the concept of sensory integration (SI) and engaged the parents in trying out a variety of practical SI exercises. The session also provided a platform for the 20 parents in attendance to share their experiences and encourage each other.

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