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Mid-Autumn Festival Home Visits

At Hope of the City, we love festivals because they are the perfect time to share extra love and hope with our city’s less fortunate residents. This month, we once again sent out volunteers to deliver mooncakes and shine some joy on low-income families and elderly. On Sep 19, 18 volunteers visited eight families in Sham Shui Po with the Yan Kei Church, and on Sep 20, we were delighted to have 41 volunteers, including 12 kids, team up with the North Point Family Welfare Society to visit 13 homes. Want to sign up for our next round of festival visits? Find out more here.

SEN Early Intervention Pilot Program

To better serve children with special educational needs (SEN), Hope of the City recently organized an early intervention group therapy program led by an Educational Psychologist. Eleven primary-aged children who were observed to have learning difficulties were placed in two groups to participate in a 4-session program designed to enhance their learning skills, co-operation and interaction with classmates, and to help them understand and follow rules and direction in a classroom setting. After the sessions, each parent was given individualized advice to help them provide ongoing support for their children.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Oct 21 (Wed)
Chung Yeung Festival Outing
Nov 8 & 15 (Sun)
Food Drive at Island ECC
Nov 21 (Sat)
Sham Shui Po Carnival 
Please click here for the full list of volunteer opportunities and registration.


Sep 2015 - Hope of the City Newsletter

Launch of ‘On the Mount’ Home Visits
After three joyful years of monthly home visits to 40+ elderly in Shek Kip Mei, Hope of the City’s local partner St James Settlement (SJS) asked us to expand our home visit program to Ngau Tau Kok. This district, spread over a hillside in East Kowloon that we’ve affectionately nick-named ‘the Mount”, is home to some of Hong Kong’s poorest neighborhoods, with many elderly people living alone. We are thrilled to report that, following a recent recruitment drive, we now have 41 new volunteers to make this ‘On the Mount’ home visit program possible!

Fifty-four volunteers attended pre-visit training sessions on Sep 13 and 20 to prepare them for meaningful engagement with those they will be visiting. Then, on Sat, Sep 26, the home visits kicked off with a dim sum lunch briefing, where 41 volunteers (some soaking wet after a sudden downpour!) got to know their team members. After lunch, the teams fanned out to visit 43 elderly in their homes, carrying with them goodie bags of Chinese pears, mooncakes, dried mushrooms and cooking oil. The response to these inaugural meetings was overwhelmingly positive, with many stories and much merriment shared between volunteers and their elderly hosts.

As this monthly home visits program progresses, occasional group outings will also be planned. If you are interested in joining the program – there are many more elderly waiting for visitors – please contact us for more information.

Discovering ‘unlimited possibilities’

From Jul 23 to Aug 9, it was our privilege to partner with Outward Bound to offer nine secondary students the experience of a lifetime – the chance to participate in an 18-day adventure course. To prepare these young people for the camp, our staff led a leadership and team-building session at United Christian College in Shek Kip Mei. The course itself, held at Plover Cove Country Park, was filled with ’unexpected challenges and new experiences,’ designed to help participants learn what they are truly capable of. Following the camp, students shared that some of the most valuable life lessons they took away were the importance of collaboration and of considering the needs of others rather than always putting themselves first. Valuable lessons indeed!

Basketball Training Camp

Over the summer, 8 secondary students from United Christian College and China Holiness College were invited to join a basketball training camp at Noah’s Ark. Fully funded by a private donor, these lucky boys got to spend three days, from
Aug 3-5, developing their basketball skills and undergoing intense physical training by a sports team from Brown University in the US. They were paired up with students from other Hong Kong schools and so also got to experience the team work required to excel in sport and life. 

SSP’s Got Talent!

There was noise, there was excitement, but most of all – there was talent!
A quiet Saturday afternoon in Sham Shui Po turned into a buzz of nerves and a swirl of dance moves as the Hub HK hosted a two-hour talent show on Aug 29. The featured performers were more than 30 children from Hope of the City-sponsored special interest classes. Performances ranged from hip-hop dancing to choral speaking to musical solos – even a spectacularly-executed Mom and Son magic show. With plenty of lucky draw prizes to round out the day, a great time was had by all. Congratulations, kids, on a grand display of your budding talents!

Up Close and
Personal Caring

Many of us dread trips to the dentist, but for a group of ethnic minority families in North Point, Sep 19 brought a rare and much-anticipated chance to get a free dental check-up. Seventy moms and kids began queueing up early at the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to be seen by our five capable volunteer dentists, Drs Kit Ho, Meika Cheong, Jack Lee, Iris Cheung and Karissa Yip. We, along with the many patients they served that day, are so grateful for their generosity and care. They not only donated their time and expertise, but also lots of dental products. Thank you so much for your hard work, Doctors!
Do you have special skills to offer those in need? If so, we’d love to hear from you. 
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