February 2016

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Principal’s Corner

February 2016

Dear Presidio Family:

We had an outstanding Multicultural Festival February 19th. Flags of many countries adorned the campus, students participated in international games, arts and crafts, and everyone had a great time! Congratulations to Victoria Allen, this year’s salsa contest winner. The salsas were just amazing; some had fruit in them, others had a kick of chile, some were smooth, and some were chunky. Diverse, just like our Presidio family. The staff put in a lot of sweat and hard work to make this festival special.

The Tucson Festival of Books is occurring March 12th and 13th at the University of Arizona mall. There are many fun activities for your family to enjoy. Presidio will have a booth, with information, games, and prizes. It is a great opportunity to let the community know about our awesome school. Various competitions have occurred as part of the Festival, and we are proud that three Presidio students had winning entries:  Jasmine Simon Trujillo (2nd grade) for her fiction piece “Missing Popcorn”, Khalid Kauran (2nd grade, recently moved away from Tucson), also for fiction, and Kyla Oetting (12th grade) for her Day of the Dead artwork. We are proud of these students!

Congratulations as well to 5th grader Ian Cuson, our Presidio Spelling Bee chamption. Ian represented Presidio at the Pima County Spelling Bee February 20th. Although he did not advance, he performed well under tough competition.

Please remember to turn in your continuation registration forms for next year. The due date is March 14th. Forms are available at the front desk. 

We are happy that our Pre-Kindergarten is growing and the children are learning and thriving under Ms. Marguax’s leadership!

It’s official: our new library at the 1615 campus has a name: the “Dreamscape Library”. In addition, the library has a mobile cart called the “book nook” that travels to each classroom in grades K through second on a regular schedule. This is yet another way to increase the love of reading and get quality books into our students’ hands!

I was honored to represent Presidio on February 24th at a meeting of the state legislature in Phoenix. The meeting was sponsored by the “A for Arizona” group that visited Presidio in the Fall and which works to spread the practices of top schools in our state. 

Warm greetings to you and your family as we move into Spring.


Mark Saliba, Ed.D.


Continuation Forms

It is that time of year again - we need you to complete Continuation Forms for the next school year. Charter schools must obtain registrations for students on an annual basis. In order to facilitate that process, we have sent home Continuation Registration forms. We need the 2016/2017 Continuation form on file by March 14th in order to guarantee enrollment for next school year. After March 14th continuing, re-enrolling, and new students desiring to attend Presidio will receive equal status and will be enrolled on a "first come, first served" basis. We are receiving record enrollment requests for next year, so please don't miss the March 14th deadline. If your child is not planning on attending Presidio, please let us know as soon as possible. Notification of the school will allow us to let prospective students know if we have openings for them. 

Pop Tab Pandemonium

Presidio once again will be participating in the Ronald McDonald House's annual Pop Tab Pandemonium, collecting aluminum pop tabs to be recycled. The program is an excellent vehicle to teach philanthropy, as well as math and estimating skills. 

Our official start date was November 2nd, collections will continue through April 15th, 2016. The class who collects the most pop tabs by weight will receive a class reward!!

Science Fair

We had a very successful science fair--over 80 projects were represented from the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. The following are the students that won the middle school judging and will go on to SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research Science Engineering Foundation) at the beginning of March:

1st: Kyra Szabo
2nd: Wrex Watson
3rd: Jacob Peterson
4th: Hope Greenwald
5th: Eva Schmidt
6th: Andy Schaffer
7th: Kanene Taylor
8th: Alexa Lopez

The following was the order for the class awards:
1st:  2nd Grade Toucans
2nd: 4th grade AZ Rangers
3rd: 5th Grade Broncos


The Toucan's learned about suffixes by creating suffix trees. They wrote down a word on a leaf, then decided which suffix tree (word ending) to add it to in order to change the meaning of that root word. This week we are exploring different kinds of poetry about dinosaurs and fossils. The students have begun writing their own free-verse poem on a topic chosen from our weekly stories in our unit on fossils. I'm enjoying the creativity and humor that the students are showing in their poems.

High School Social Studies

The sophomore class has been reading Things Fall Apart as part of their imperialism unit in AP World History, and have had 2 successful book club meetings where the students take on the role of engaging each other and asking and answering each other’s questions.
The juniors have been working on SAT preparation with Ms. Moreno.  Twice a week they meet to work on practice tests, grade them, and calculate their scaled score. This gives them the opportunity to prepare for their time management and view the types of questions that will appear on the new test.  Many juniors are registered for the March 5th test, but there is also a May 7th test, and students are welcome to continue their preparation on Tuesday and Thursdays.

High School Science

The 9th grade Environmental Science students have been busy this month monitoring the effect of alcohol on blackworm health, and learning about environmental issues surrounding freshwater and marine ecosystems. They are currently designing magazines and writing articles about a marine species of their choice. The 10th grade Biology students have been answering important questions related to evolution and ecology, such as "are chickens dinosaurs?" and "how do angler fish reproduce?" It's been a lab-filled month for the 11th grade Chemistry students, as they have explored the properties of non-Newtonian oobleck, calculated the molar enthalpy of fusion of water, and smooshed marshmellows to learn about Boyle's Law. Finally, the 12th grade AP Biology students have been answering complex questions related to evolution and ecology. 

High School Field Trip

The sophomores and juniors visited the University of Arizona this month to learn about the campus and attend a career fair. The students touched a human heart, held chickens, controlled robots, and had the opportunity to speak with dozens of professionals about their careers! 


The Bulldogs are showing three new art shows! In the art room we have Magritte style pen drawings by the 2nd grade Tamarin Lions. In the library there is a middle school Holocaust studies display featuring black felt with pencil drawings. The library also has a show of the Edgar Allen Poe inspired pen and ink works created for Tucson’s local “Big Read” contest. 

Please remember you can also view the latest student art shows on Artsonia! Click here and enjoy!!

Amazon Smile

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Supply and Volunteer Requests

  • Ms. Nelson's Toucans are in need of pencils, tissue paper, and band-aids.