Revolve Recycling's story through the eyes of Sarah, our Operations Manager

Revolve ReCYCLING gives new life to old rides. And, there’s sustainability goals for what we do. Like saving bikes from landfill, conserving resources, minimising greenhouse emissions, creating jobs for people of disadvantage, and contributing to more equitable communities. Since starting in September 2021, this is our impact:

● 31010 kilograms of material diverted from landfill

● 39648 kilograms of CO2 avoided through bike reuse

● 2215 bicycles recycled

● 413 bicycles redeployed

● 3 roles created for people of disadvantage

● 70 bicycles donated to kids’ charities


Donating bikes to Revolve ReCYCLING

● Drop off bikes on Mon, Tues, Wed & Sat at our WheelsShop at 84 Burrows Road in Alexandria

Drop off at our regular market stalls at Bondi every 3rd Sunday and Blacktown every 1st Sunday

● Get bikes picked up from household by booking on

Buying affordable, quality, safe, 6 months warrantied and redeployed bikes from Revolve ReCYCLING

● Check out our WheelsShop on Mons, Tues, Wed & Sat at 84 Burrows Road in Alexandria

● Drop by our regular market stalls at Bondi every 3rd Sunday and Blacktown every 1st Sunday

● Buy on-line at

Looking cool in a Revolve ReCYCLING t-shirt

Buy on-line at for $40 (delivery included)

Buy at our WheelsShop for $30

Buy parts, accessories and vintage bikes for your DIY project

Buy good quality spare parts for $5 to $20 at our WheelsShop

● Check out our unique supply of oldies and quirkies - usually under $100 - at our WheelsShop

● Use of our Repair Cafe, eg, full access to a pro bike mechanic’s stand and toolset - and the occasional tip! - for $60 per hour


Revolve ReCYCLING strongly believes that bikes and personal mobility can help communities become fairer and happier places. It’s why we’re committed to what we call “bike equity” through our actions:

● Donating all salvageable kids’ bikes to charitable causes, including a collaboration with AusCycling to provide a “bike library” for disadvantaged kids in Maitland and soon elsewhere

● Providing free bikes and scooters to refugee kids, recently including 12 kids from war-torn Ukraine

Partnering with Benevolent Society to donate kids bikes to children of families who struggle financially

● Partnering with Bikes 4 Life, a charity which gets quality bikes to impoverished families here and overseas (where they can make a massive economic difference)


A redeployed bike from Revolve ReCYCLING is a bike that didn’t get wasted and did help create employment opportunity.

But it’s also a really smart purchase. We price our bikes to be affordable and competitive to those you might buy from a big general retailer in a shopping mall or on-line. Here’s how our bikes compare:


Riders are very much human - no two are alike and each has specific needs. It’s the Rule of One and we follow it at Revolve ReCYCLING by making sure our customers have the right bike and are supported.

This is Ian. His health team recommended a low impact exercise like cycling to help rehab his legs. He found us on-line and we chatted about what’s best for him. Eg, together we picked out this cool Specialized hybrid bike for exercise riding near his retirement village. Then, Ian reached out to Anglicare and they helped organise the purchase of the bike through his NDIS support package.

We delivered the bike to his residence and helped:

● make sure the size and seat height were right;

● fitted safety lights that he’d bought;

● adjusted his new helmet;

● explained the gear system;

● pumped his tyres to the right pressure, and;

● had a great chat!

Ian’s a keen guitarist and lights up the get-togethers at the retirement village with his jazz musings. A cool guy with a cool, safe, and branded bike for less than the ones at the big shopping mall retailers.