Donate just $80 to gift a great quality bike to a refugee child

starting out on their Australian adventure

“My children are so happy to ride these bicycles. They find them very nice and comfortable.”

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This is Georgiy* and Liliya .They are 3 and 6 years old.

Three months ago they lived carefree lives with their mum and dad, around 15000km away in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, going to kindy and happily playing with friends.

Then their lives turned upside down.

As the bombs started raining down on their city, they had to say goodbye to their Dad Andrii and their grandparents.

They escaped with their mother, Taisiia, risking mines, advancing troops, and sporadic fighting, to drive to the border.

They were amongst the lucky ones to get a flight to Sydney as part of the Australian Government’s humanitarian program for Ukrainian refugees – and to start a new life in Australia.

Donate $80 or what you can to help children who have fled war zones and other horrors, make a positive, fresh start.

Give them the simple joy of their own bike, as a welcome gift.

Georgiy and Liliya’s dad Andrii is still in Ukraine, separated from the family he adores, living under martial law and caring for his in-laws. From afar, he has been closely following his children’s progress in their new land.

He is delighted with the great ‘new’ refurbished bikes his children received from Revolve ReCYCLING within weeks of arriving in Australia, and delighted with their positive experiences so far down under:

“Australia is a very comfortable and kid-friendly country. My family was very impressed how warmly a lot of people take part in its life. They were especially pleased with the heartful atmosphere in the school and kindergarten… and they love their new bikes!”

Help children like Georgiy and Liliya...

Donate now to welcome a refugee child to Australia with the gift of an excellent quality reconditioned bicycle.

Your $80 donation will pay for the collection and restoration of one child's bike for a refugee child. A $160 donation will pay for two bikes to be donated to two children.
A donation of $10 or $25 will help pay for parts to restore the bikes, such as tires or brakes.

*names of children have been changed to protect privacy

Revolve ReCYCLING - why are we here

Revolve ReCYCLING is here to improve the environment - we want to give old bikes new life, conserve resources and keep things out of landfill.

Revolve ReCYCLING is here to make a better society. We want to support refugees make the best start to their new life in Australia, we want to donate bikes to underprivileged kids and schools. We want to create jobs, including for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

After opening in the middle of the pandemic and with little more than some exciting ideas scrawled on a whiteboard and a few spreadsheets, we are starting to have the impact we are aiming for.

In nine months, Revolve ReCYCLING has:

· Collected 1800+ used, unwanted bikes and other Personal Transport Vehicles (PTVs) from Sydney homes, institutions, and Councils

· Diverted some 25 tonnes of metal and other material from landfill

· Saved some 23 tonnes of greenhouse gases;

· Created six jobs, including three for people from disadvantaged backgrounds

· Started providing bike maintenance courses

And we have collected, reconditioned, and tested some 80 kids bikes for charitable donation.

Help us donate another 80 bikes to children who are vulnerable and in need...

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Thank you and keep on cycling!


General Manager