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"ECO-BiTs" is the newest newsletter format adopted by the Middle Park Conservation District to relay information regarding the activities of the MPCD Board, share opportunities for landowners to access funding for conservation projects on their property, and inform the public on current conservation issues.

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Meet our New District Manager

The Middle Park Conservation District proudly welcomes our new District Manager, Katlin Miller, daughter of Johnie and Tasha Miller of Granby.  She was born and raised in Middle Park and has a real passion for natural resources. After getting her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University in 2008, Katlin began travelling the world as a volunteer field assistant.  She's studied African wildlife in Namibia, sea turtles in Costa Rica, seals in the Netherlands, koalas in Australia, and even gone to Antarctica!

Annual Dinner: Big Success

67 people attended the Annual Dinner Meeting on February 23 at the Moose Café in Kremmling.  The food was delicious and Bob Chase and Jim Lynch, of the Lynch Mob, provided great western music for everyone’s entertainment.  The District would like to thank the Middle Park Stock Growers for their efforts in making this an enjoyable evening and all of the businesses that donated door prizes for attendees.  The Moose Café should be applauded for their hospitality and fine food.


Water Law Seminar

The Middle Park Conservation District & Grand County Extension are hosting a Water Law Seminar by Aaron Clay on May 3, 2013. Aaron is an Attorney of Law and former Water Referee for the Colorado Water Court, Division 4. This seminar will last from 8am to 5pm and include discussions ranging from  appropriation, perfection, use, abandonment and enforcement of various types of water rights to special rules for groundwater, public rights in appropriated water, and federal/interstate compacts.  The cost of the seminar is $50 and will include lunch. We welcome EVERYONE, including landowners, realtors,  water commissioners, and anyone else interested in water law. Continuing education credits are available for those who request them. Twenty individuals are needed to make this seminar a success. Click the following link for the registration form.

75% of Average

All Colorado river basins are reporting below average snowpack.  Snowpack in the high elevation mountains above Middle Park now ranges from 59% to 94% of the 30-year average, with the overall average for Middle Park at 75%. Last year at this time we were at 81% of average. Snow density is averaging 22%, which means that for one foot of snow there is only 2.6 inches of water. This is pretty low snow density for this time of year. Snow density for March 1st usually runs in the high 20’s. Snow stability remains weak.

Most of the snow courses around Middle Park have been read since the 1940s. Snow course readings are taken at the end of each month, beginning in January and continuing through April. March is historically the snowiest month, and the April 1 readings are the most critical for predicting runoff and summer water supplies, as most of our high country snowpack peaks around that time. 
For further information, including real-time snow and precipitation data for SNOTEL (automated Snow Telemetry) sites, visit the Automated SNOTEL page. You may all read our most recent snow report by clicking HERE!  

HPP Clover Seed

The MPCD will know in early April if the Middle Park Habitat Partnership Program will continue their Clover Seed interseeding project. 

 Since 2002, clover seed has been made available to ranchers, free of charge, for interseeding into irrigated hay and pastureland. The goal of the seeding is to increase the quantity and quality of forage for both livestock and big game.

The recommendation is to interseed the clover while dragging meadows in the spring. The local HPP committee believes that this is a very worthwhile program for both ranchers and wildlife.

The earliest our office will know about the decision to provide clover seed by the HPP is April 1st, so continue to call the MPCD office at 970.724.3456 for updates after that date.

Say Goodbye to Bonnie!

The Middle Park Conservation District is sadly saying goodbye to our wonderful District Manager, Bonnie Koblitz.  Bonnie served the MPCD for 6.5 years and did an amazing job during that time.  She has made the tough decision to retire from the MPCD, move somewhere warm, and travel the world.  After a 2 week vacation at the beginning of April, Bonnie will return to the office for her final 2 weeks on the job.  Make sure to stop by the office during that time and bid her farewell. 

Irrigation Cost-Share Program

Landowners who need to replace, upgrade or install irrigation structures can apply for cost-share money available from the Conservation District.  The District has $22,500 with which to fund projects that are eligible.  Landowners would have to provide 50% to match the funds they receive.  Our office has applications or you can download a copy from our website at  Applications must be received by May 1 and then our Board of Supervisor will pick which ones will receive funding.  Examples of eligible projects are diversion boxes, gated pipe, checks and turnouts or pipe lines.  The projects must be completed by November of 2013.  Click the following link for application and program criteria...

Tree Invasion

The MPCD currently has tree seedlings for sale from the Colorado State Forest Service. Customers may choose from 40 varieties of trees and shrubs in lots of 1 to 50, depending on the size of trees you choose. The final deadline for orders is April 15th; however, the CSFS nursery stock is dwindling, so ORDER FAST! Trees will be available for pick-up at the Grand County Fairgrounds on May 3rd. Click on the link below to print the order form.
Contact the MPCD office for more information. 970.724.3456
Tree Order Form

HURRY--EQIP Deadline Approaching!

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Colorado recently announced two application cutoff dates of Friday, February 15, and April 19, 2013, to sign up for fiscal year 2013 general Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Salinity Control Program, and Special Initiatives Program funding.  Click on the following link for the official announcement.
Official EQIP Announcment

The Need for Seed

The MPCD is once again selling seed mixes for all your landscaping or agricultural needs. Seed prices have gone up due to the drought conditions and limited availability of seed last year. Nevertheless, we still have the following seed mixes available for purchase:

1. short mix–Used for disturbed areas around buildings. Grows about 1 foot tall. Does NOT look like a lawn. Comes in 10 lb bags. Seeding rate: 10 lbs/acre.

2. smooth brome/pubescent wheatgrass mix– Used in areas where erosion control is needed. Good forage. Grows ~2 feet tall. Good competition for weeds. Comes in 50 lb bags. Seeding rate: 20-26 lbs/acre.

3. forest mix–Designed for areas of beetle kill tree removal. Good competition for weeds. Can grow waist high. Comes in 50 lb bags. Seeding rate: 10 lbs/acre.

4. irrigated meadow mix–for irrigated hay meadows. Contains meadow brome, orchardgrass, timothy, alsike and mammoth red clover. Comes in 50 lb bags.

5. wildflower mix–contains 8 different species of wildflowers, some annual, some perennial. 1/2 lb covers 3,000 sq. ft. Comes in 1/2 lb bags or 5 lb bags.

Contact the MPCD Office for more info!

Who's Who?

Middle Park Conservation District
Bonnie Koblitz (until May 1)
Katlin Miller (May 1+)
District Manager
Newsletter Editor
Board of Supervisors
John Kossler
Dave Abbott
Deb Wood
John Longhill
Johnie Miller
USDA-NRCS, Kremmling
Mark Volt,
District Conservationist
Noah Bates, Range Ecologist
Monthly Board of Supervisors meeting held first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm. The Public is invited to all Board of Supervisors Meetings.

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