Introducing Anchor + Episode 4 of The Intern

by betaworks

Get Talking with Anchor!

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Just launced: Anchor!

Let me guess, you love podcasts. And you’ve always thought about creating your own, but you don’t have the time. Well, good news! With Anchor, you can easily record bite-sized podcasts and share your voice with your friends. Anchor is a social platform for conversation, so anyone can add their voice to the discussion. So ask a question, argue your opinion, wonder about a topic, or (this one is a lot of fun) share your story about your first screen name


Episode 4: On the Chopping Block

One of the harsh realities of the startup world is that companies get shut down, all the time. In this episode of The Intern podcast, Allison documents the lifecycle of a startup and then finds her podcast in jeopardy too. 

Oh, and you know that social platform where you can have public conversations with your REAL voice? Allison's on Anchor talking about the latest episode, so get in there and ask her a question, give feedback, share your startup story, whatever you want! Join the conversation.

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Bloglovin’ – Sales Director

Dots – Backend Engineer

GIPHY – Full Stack Engineer

SocialFlow – Director of Business Operations

I'll stop referring to myself in the third person now.

– Allison (@betaworks)

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