Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, and we’ve got a LOT to talk about. With The Hunt nearing its end, we’ve got a few surprises on the way next, but before I dig into that, I’d like to talk about Rowan for a moment. If you’re reading this before reading our latest update, go do that first. Otherwise: SPOILER WARNING for Page 20 of The Hunt.

As is clear from our latest page, Rowan is trans. She has been since Valentine and I started this series, and her identity is crucial to us and the stories we want to tell as GNC creatives. It’s rare to find trans narratives that aren’t built around transphobia, and that’s understandable given the increasing nightmares thrown at us around the world, but it isn’t something we wanted to do with Blade Maidens. Rowan’s identity as a woman will never be denied. She is who she is, and that’s how it works, and, personally, I get enough of that shit in my real life that I don’t feel the need to bring it into Telos. However, her struggle to find what kind of woman she wants to be, on her own terms, is a process that will be messy and exciting that we’re incredibly excited to tell.

The Hunt’s not done yet, but it’s close enough that you’re probably wondering what’s on the horizon. Our next arc, Strays, will follow Ser and Rowan as they encounter their most dangerous and unpredictable challenge yet: a bisexual disaster of a werewolf named Mel Havensbrook. Before Strays, however, we’ll have a few shorts for you. We’ve been kicking around the idea for ages and will have a handful of them between each major storyline. Some will be goofy. Some will have worldbuilding. Some might be flashbacks, and you’ll just have to read and find out what you’re getting.

new items in our merch store!

We’ve added some more merch to our store, if you missed it! A couple of Mel pin-ups to get you ready for Strays, a print of Page 14 (The “Swords up, assholes” Ser page that made me run around my room when Valentine first sent it to me) and a new button set featuring Ser, Rowan and Mel. I’ve got all three pinned on my ratty denim jacket and have never felt gayer or more powerful.

If you’d rather just support us directly, something we would both greatly appreciate, you can do so at:

This first story of Blade Maidens has been incredible to tell, and both Valentine and I are incredibly proud of it and grateful to you all for following along with us. We’ve got so much more planned for Ser, Rowan, Mel, and a bunch of folks we’re dying to introduce to you. We’re not going to give anything away, but the promise that was made on our website the day we launched is as accurate now as it was then: It’s gonna be queer, it’s gonna be hot, and things may get messy, but they’ll work out in the end.

We’ll see you next week, folks, but before you go, Valentine had some inks and extras they wanted to throw in for all y’all. They’re GORGEOUS.

- Zoe